Truths from the Ever Changing Universe

the event jumping vibrations era of light dotcomAs we exit the month of the human heart and all that involves we enter places of emotion we are not prepared for. All places and times merge together in a patchwork of feelings that cannot be explained away. Spontaneous eruptions of tears and fears come to the surface as we walk forward into more light and enlightenment. As we entered this year a heavy dense feeling entered many of us. We wept and mourned for things that had not even occurred. We felt the presence of the ‘great comforter’, the one that holds the hearts and hands of Earth.

The biggest part of being human is feeling. It is all the senses wrapped around each other in a perfect DNA spiral. Feeling is what makes us human and vulnerable and yet at the same time holy. We as human try to run and escape the feelings by whatever means is necessary. But like a Wiley coyote they turn around and bit us in the butt. We should have figured it out by now, but we cannot escape emotions and feelings no matter how hard we try. Like a shadow at high noon, they are always in our face and under our skin. Pushing prodding making us irritable. Life is already demanding asking more of us than we think is possible. The effect is a like a planetary Saturn return all go in front to the cosmic principle.

We all keep doing good deeds, every day in every way. We follow all the rules of light and life playing accordingly. We accrue blessings left and right that seem to fall into a sinkhole not to be retrieved again. Karmic interruptions of life and others keep one on bended knee. What do we as a planet need to do to get the big bad energetic storms to subside and move away. Time is quickened karma is quickened and nerves are quickened. This new playing field and cosmic chess set keeps us hopping like the Easter bunny eating his own bounty. We seek the sweetness and simplicity of life.

We feel time running unrestrained, as it demands more and more from our already tired humanness. Our list of things ‘to do’ is getting longer and longer, no matter how fast we hurry. Our personal and family dramas are self-consuming. Emotions run amuck, making a jumble of things. Our logical brain seems to stop as we ride our animal brain. It is at this point that many will just sit down and let go. Free-will seems to have left the building.

It is not that we are doing anything wrong it is that we are trying to connect with what was and what should be. Like your smart phone dialing a 1950’s phone number, no matter how hard you try there is no connection. Allow the Light to escort you thru this new playing field. There is not a wrong or right way but there is a more efficient way. Trust is the elephant in the room, as we all will walk through the many mansions in our heart. Emotions will spring forth from the inner abyss. Hand over what is heavy in your life and heart to that which we once sprang from. Whatever your beliefs let go and allow the light to drive this segment of the cosmic highway.


As dimensional Fissures become an everyday occurrence we find ourselves sailing down new passages of time in our homemade flotation devices. What was long sought within history now slowly unveils itself and comes to the surface to be seen and recognized. We have become light Navigators in striations of light that we never knew existed. We ALL sit at a collective point of Light.

Days and nights dance together as 24 hours seems to have condensed like tomato soup. Just Like lights that slowly dim in a great hall, one does not always feel or sense the shift. What we see in this new venue of light is yet to be formed. Each human is developing bifocal lens, allowing them to see dimensionally and past time. Love and forgiveness are a great Salve and should be applied generously. The Child of Light that lives within each person seeks to glide to the surface effortlessly like an island that surfaces in the night.

The skin of the soul is thin and sensitive, seeking seclusion. The being of Light within wishes to come to the surface, like a message in a bottle but the humanness is not comfortable sharing the life raft with another. Save our souls, SOS, means so much more than can written in time or sand.

Humanity is truly and deeply loved by that which first gave it light and life. As the good within humanities heart flails about in its own Sea of Misperception, ancient ciphers come to the surface, codes of Honor, codes of Truth, codes of the heart and great promises that seek to be kept. The very word promise itself has the vibration of two joining hands joining hearts and joining lights in a comradeship that should hold Through Time. Promises we made to ourselves from Years Gone by now fly by higher than our ability to see. No longer are we bound to what we once promised our god and ourselves. We are set free to ignite a new line of light, a new passion a new creative fire and Drive.

We all come around the blind corner of self, face-to-face with dimensional aspects of our own being. Everything mirrors what we need to express. Most days we would like to just stay home and board the windows shut, but Life demands more from us and she always gets what she wants. Is seeing believing or is the believing in the seeing? So many truths from so many eras come forth to display themselves.

Within the vacuum of Time and Space, there are those who move thru zero point into place where matter and antimatter co-occur. It is the place where the positive and negative collide, destroying and creating simultaneously. It is a place of awakening and a place of forgetfulness. It is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. It is home to the creational forces that can bend and shape worlds with a wink!

The ancient texts have always insisted humanity was destined to “become as gods.’ According to ancient legends, such beings are to return at the beginning and end of each time cycle. The truths written by the ancients imply that earth was meant to evolve beyond its present form. Particles of infinite light from numerous universes are the source of all new worlds. Within the very word ‘center’ lives the word ‘enter’. To find the center of the universe you must Enter you first.

We as Light exist at a point of time that sees both a probable and impossible future. We exist in timetables of uninterrupted elements that force natural laws to bend. We seek to know the choices you juggle on a daily basis, and to learn about the power of earth and its natural laws. Hidden within all are elements are truths that seek to be known. We enter that which is porous and particle of structure, a structure that continually circumvents itself. An emptiness has filled your abyss for even your creations no longer bring you joy. A deep sadness fills your Galactic heart, which lives in the center of every cell of your body.

Evolution is not a puddle but a watercourse that seeks to be a river. We invite you to fly beyond the boundaries of space and time ‘Creating portals of Choice’. We exist at a place of light that light bends upon itself. We have waited long for this connection of human. Let our pure intelligence shine bright in your world for we are a light that seeks a new heart to enter. We seek to guide as a rope that escorts one up a snowy mountain, allowing one to ascend and descend safely. Our heart beats as does yours from a place of knowing.


As we all move thru the frozen restructurings of powerful earth changes, we come to a deep Abyss of prehistoric fears. Fears that have been like a jack in the box, escaping, running rampant like children on a sugar high at Halloween. Survival Fears float to a surface that runs deeper than time itself. Fear of life and death, fear of no control over anything, from the government, to the weather, and the future in all of her forms. So many groundless Fears drift to the surface, like an inner tube that refuses to sink. Why do these thoughts and fears rise to the surface now? What encoding do they hold that needs released for the greater good? What are we being forced to let go of?

Everyday some unforeseen situation is flung our way. Whether it comes from a work situation, a family member, deep space or out of the vapors every day we all deal with new players in our personal light field. Many have become weary as they fight battle after battle, like sailor on a life raft, surrounded by sharks, waiting on a rescue ship. One thing after another steals our peace, leaving our bodies on high alert, restless and worn out. Adrenaline runs excessive as the loop of dread tightens around our very human necks. We try hard to honor each and every day and circumstance but it is like drinking through a straw with a hole in it. Fear steals our peace and often our prosperity. It lowers our immune system and leads us astray. Fear also serves it purpose. It gives us a strength we did not know we had, the strength to survive and adapt, like many a creature before us. The courage to move thru the darkness and seek the Light. The courage to examine all we believe, and when that fails, the courage to go deeper into our soul, diving deep like a pearl diver and retrieving the treasure.


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