Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree: Shifting Between Dimensions

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomBeloveds , We are now at this time , in a new cycle of dings where we reside in the 12th hour moving into Ding 3/4. As the clock Has struck in the 12th positio; in alignment with the Galactic Centre of this galaxy and the all the central Suns. 

Currently we are weaving between two versions of Earth that co-exist Simultaneously side by side. The Multi-dimensional New Earth and the lower dimensional Alternate Earth, since the 3rd Dimensional Earth no longer exists only in a Perceptional limited awareness .

All that is perceived of the old 3rd Dimensional Earth , is the mental mind of a complex “ matrix ‘ …

of external and internal programs “ that are running side-by-side , inside & outside the human experience we call the

“ super synapsis complexity of the Matrix reality ‘

( An Alternate-paradox ‘ so to speak) .

“ The Lifting Of the vale “simply means … Moving into the heart space ‘ in all your earthly expressions into the Oneness Of  love , it means that you are living the 5th Dimensional experience when you shift “fully “ into the heart space …. where separation and polarisation does Not exist….

As your Planetary-mother operates in all dimensions Simultaneously at the same time , remembering she is a multidimensional realm‘ as so are you…..

many of you are able to see now , Two Suns in the sky , a multitude and an a array of auroras all over the planet , magenta pink skies and beautiful rainbow cloud formations , Orbs ectoplasm magnetic energy & elementals ….

why are you seeing this …. it is because your planetary mother is shifting dimensions , And you beloveds are shifting with her , with your feet on the physical ground….

and you are seeing her and embracing her in all multidimensional glorious forms …

Remember you are shifting to ‘ The Multi-dimensional New Earth and the lower dimensional Alternate Earth Matrix is falling away , since the 3rd Dimensional Earth no longer exists.

All that is perceived of the old 3rd Dimensional Earth , is the mental mind matrix of an old programmed Synapsis Paradigm , That separates you from your heart space’ Where in-lies True zero point & the fifth dimension…..

As We tap in to the chaos at the Matrix level, Part of the chaos you and others are experiencing at this time ‘ is this shifting between dimensions , and what with the 27-72 light codes poring into the planetary Mother from the Solar systems alignment with Centre of the Galaxy the Galactic Centre …..hence we call this – the 12 o’clock position…:

Most people beloveds ‘ still have an unconscious understanding of what is happening , many are in the internal & external programs of the Alternate Earth Matrix “ still” , And are unaware that they are standing on a multidimensional planet with 1 foot in an alternate paradox of separation and polarisation , and the other foot in the true reality of Oneness and love with all creation ‘we call True ( Zero point) Higher Kingdom of God or Nirvana….

As beloveds you are Shifting your consciousness in your Human Form…. So Love the Avatar you are in , because it is this avatar and the Dimond Golden Christ light within you , is on this incredible journey together as “One “ , so send love and blessings to your avatar ‘ and to your soul expressions as you are a creator in embodiment , and to the wonderful creation that you are…

You are a “ divine Energetic and geometric Universal Hu’Man Adam Kadmon , divine Template Of Christed Light…. Choosing an earthly expression of its multidimensional self ….

‘ Form is not a detriment ‘

it is an expression…..

a teaching….

a leaning….

And Know that we , your multidimensional & Hyper dimensional Galactic & Corporeal Counterparts are with you ‘ for there is no separation beyond the Matrix , We have been Lowering our vibration and frequency of our Merkaba lightships to come into your Field of perceptional awareness , more and more , and many of you are seeing us and feeling us at the heart level now , seeing us with your third eye and also seeing us with your human multidimensional eyes,

As we are now in the Green light stages nearing completion of the next Cycle…

There is Still work to do beloveds , as we move through the dings of the 12th hour… Moving into position of dings three and four

….. diligence and staying vigilant and grounded into your heart space is key right now , as the shifting of the 2 Realms is taken place ,…

As the matrix alternate Earth reality chaos around you is falling, remember a lot of the matrix chaos you are seeing in the media is necessary optics ….

Tap into the energy at your heart level , not your mental ego mind , Use your discernment wisely , send love and light to situations that require healing , instead of casting judgement on the situation , as you are only lowering yourself in doing so…

sending light and love to defuse the situation is more powerful than casting judgement upon the situation that is out of your controls a physical level but on an energetic level you can send light and love …

Ebb and flow ‘ is key here , with all the matrix illusions that are presented to you….

And know we are with you always, For the day comes when we can walk beside you hand-in-hand arm in arm .. brother and brother ‘sister and sister , in unity … in Oneness … galactic and human…. in togetherness 🌈🔥🌟

All my boundless love to you all from your brother –

“ Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’ree “

Of The Jupiter Command & Ashtar Command/ Councils of light. ⭐️

Telepathically channelled in light language by

Ria Aurora Athena Ash


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