Next Steps on this Journey of Embodiment

lightworker eraoflightdotcomSomething that is being asked of us now is can we trust ourselves. This sounds simple, but it is not. Let me explain. Recently I held a group healing that was designed to work on Breaking through the blocks and limitations that we hold. I like to listen to the sessions after because while I am a channel to bring that energy through, my human layers often need to hear it and release as well.

After I listened to the healing session I was cranky and uncomfortable. I knew that the healing frequencies had stirred up long-held, hidden patterns.  As much as we want healing sessions to be warm and fuzzy, and they can be, some sessions are meant to dig deep in the layers and drag out the programming. I went to sit outside to sort through it, to find some reason for the way I felt.  All it took was one mention of money needing to be spent, for all these financial fears to bubble up. We have some financial changes coming so I thought that is what I was feeling… yet that didn’t feel right.

I talked to my husband and he helped by talking me through my fears and this usually fixes anything going on. It only helped some, there was something more, something I was missing. So often our fears present themselves as one thing, but the true issue is hidden and we must excavate it until nothing is left to be seen. I could have completely stopped there, but that was just surface layer stuff and unless I dug deep nothing would be cleared.

I went to my room to really connect and talk with my guidance team. I knew that financial fears are me not really trusting, trusting that I will be provided for in all ways. So I said aloud “Please help me to trust the universe.” as I hit my knees. What I heard next shook me to my core. “You are the universe, Can you trust you?”

We have heard from so many sources that it is all in fact inside of us. All of it. Nothing is separate or outside of us. I have known this, felt the truth of it, but when it was presented to me like this, I realized I hadn’t fully integrated it in.

I was struck with the absurdity of it all. I have been focused on the embodiment of all that I AM. Yet how can that happen if I do not trust deeply the one that I am embodying?  No longer can we look outside ourselves for our path, our direction, our truth. It all has to come from within now. So  “Can you trust you?” is an essential question.

As we become embodied meaning we hold the human and the soul we must ask: Can I trust me?  Can I trust where my heart leads me?  Can I trust my connection?

It feels so much easier to be able to trust the universe, God, Source, whatever word I want to use when it is something outside of me. We have been trained to give power away outside of ourselves from the moment we were born to parents, religion, teachers, bosses, even our spouses, and children. We have been working on empowering ourselves and the stopping of giving away of our power, but with that must come absolute trust for ourselves.

Now what is being asked is for us to have a deep abiding trust in ourselves, not only as humans but as the totality of what we are.  So I will leave you with what rocked my world:

“You are the universe, Can you trust you?”

Love to all of you and a big giant thank you’s to all that share and support this work.



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