Adama of Telos: Decide With Your Heart

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Where are you, beloved human? You need no longer hide or cover up your light. You have awakened, and legions from the light are by your side so that you can live your life in this world and fulfill your missions.

It’s time: Act out of love, and everything else is taken care of.

I am your brother ADAMA

We from the realms of Telos are among you, and we never leave you out of sight or on your own. We accomplish the great missions on Upper Earth together, and even the shift is lifted into reality by us all. Some time will still pass until the union of Upper and Inner Earth. But we’ll only measure a short time span until it takes place. You will recognize us as brothers and sisters in light, and as such we will be the united founders of a new mankind on the star of love.

As your heart commands

Until then, gather strength, gather courage, and gather yourselves. No more compromises – feel your heart and act as your heart commands.

Avoid comfortable paths just because you want to continue and preserve the life you know.

Feel into your heart in every small or big decision, engage your mind and reflect your gut feeling – and if your heart, which is calibrated to goodness and light, says YES, then don’t resist – follow, always.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be fearful! Who are you afraid of, what causes your fear?

Get to the bottom of this, and you will realize how unfounded most of your fears are.

Get on track with yourself every day!

Decide with your heart

If you give up hope and don’t know how to go on, call on me and call on your brothers and sisters of the realms of light to be present with you. We are waiting for it, we’re ready, and we bring options for healing with us that are unknown to you. In fact, everything is possible – and it is up to you if you choose to allow that: we may if you so choose, we can if you invite us.

Your inner readiness and your heart that opens to any and all healing are the best basis for quick and clear solutions required of you in your daily life.

What I am trying to convey to you is: Make every decision with your heart. Consider everything, and in the end, let your heart decide.

That is where your true strength and power lie – in your heart lies everything you need to become lighter.

In order to look upon mankind lovingly, you need a heart that has healed.

Dedicate yourself to this necessity. Resolve what ties you to this world, and allow to enter what reminds you of the glory of the New Days.

We all return to where we came from – a path that for now takes us to the reunion of Inner and Upper Earth and consequently completes itself in the ascension into God’s love.

I am the life, I am the light.

I am with you for as long as you need me and for as far as you want to walk with me.

We are one great cosmic family that is in the process of reuniting. With endless love,

» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl