8 Things You Probably Don’t Know Affecting Your Health

did you know eraoflightdotcomOur personal health is one of those things that we might take for granted until it’s not around anymore. Because of this many people in the modern day are taking it a lot more seriously. 

If you’re noticing you’re not feeling the greatest and you’re not sure why, there may be some things going on affecting your health you probably don’t even know about. 

Living on your own

After escaping from the Alcatraz that is your parents’ home, living on your own sounds like the optimal ideal. Tons of free time to yourself, you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes immediately, and no ones pestering you for sleeping in until the late afternoon. However, recent research has suggested that living on your own can have some detrimental health consequences. People who live alone are far more likely to feel socially isolated, suffer from obesity, and depression. Stop yourself from posting an ad seeking a roommate though, studies show something as simple as having a pet can help you avoid these problems.

Sitting is the new smoking

Sitting for extended periods of time is shown to be nearly as bad as smoking. It can lead to increased blood pressure, increased weight gain, as well as abnormal cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Sometimes we’re stuck in a job that leads to us sitting for 8 hours a day and there’s not much that we can do about that. See if your workplace might be okay with introducing a standing desk in these instances. When that’s not possible, try to go for a 20 minute walk everyday, this is shown to elevate mood and reduce health risks. If you have any health problems, there are numerous modern and classical interventions that can assist you. It’s just a matter of finding a methodology to maximize your health, and finding ways to do this.

Too much coffee

Coffee is a guilty pleasure for a great deal of people. It has numerous benefits associated with its consumption, such as increased productivity and alertness. The downside to the ingestion of too much coffee, is a reduction in how well you’re sleeping at night. Even if you are sleeping, the amount of REM sleep (the most important phase of sleep) you’ll get is decreased.


When we’re toddlers and constantly fighting with our parents for a later bedtime, we see sleep as a bad thing. Later into adulthood sleep starts becoming an appreciated component of our lives. Sleep is good, sleep is healthy. The problem here is that too much of a good thing can be bad, and getting an overly large amount of rest can lead to depression, as well as higher rates of obesity. The average adult needs roughly 7-8 hours of sleep a night, so if you’re looking to be in tip-top shape, set your alarm and make sure you’re awake in the morning.

Watching screens before bed

Looking at screens excessively before bedtime can depreciate your sleep quality, making it more difficult to fall asleep at bedtime. To circumvent this, try avoiding using your phone or any screen roughly an hour before bed. This will enhance your sleep quality and limit your difficulty getting to bed.

Excessive vitamin intake

While not always immediate, excessive intake of vitamins can lead to some negative side effects. Taking too much fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin, E, K, and A can lead to some nauseousness. Always make sure you’re reading the label of any supplement you’re taking and speaking with your physician if you’re on any medications. While downing your daily multi-vitamin might feel like being healthy, if you’re taking any other vitamins at the time you may be taking too much.

Magnesium deficiency

The majority of people who are adhering to the standard American diet are deficient in magnesium. This mineral is responsible for improving sleep quality, reducing anxiety and depression, and can elevate serum testosterone levels in men. Chances are if you’re not getting enough of this nutrient you probably don’t even know. Look for foods high in magnesium to make sure you’re meeting your daily standard requirement.


While many government bodies have suggested that vaping is much healthier than smoking (and for the most part it is), the consumption of nicotine can lead to adverse ramifications. Nicotine is associated with an elevated blood pressure as well as hardening of the arterial walls. Long-term use may lead to cardiovascular issues in the future, if you don’t vape don’t start.

Enhancing your personal health is a never ending journey, luckily it can be just as rewarding as it is arduous. Listen to what your body is saying and alter your behaviour to meet its needs. There might be something going on that your body knows, and you don’t yet.