Cabal Matrix Explanation for Dummies

alternative news eraoflightdotcom newOn the basis of satire explained, as art wrapped, as a liberal profession in small art.

You may find the artist bad and not care about his program, but feel free to read on for this small art training for beginners.

Waking up from today’s nightmare can be shocking.

Don’t try to put away your naturally curious instincts.

First, think logically whether there is something wrong with the presented image, and reality.

This will be an emergency training for detective nose, but make sure it is realistic, you are going to recognize more and more patterns of deception through the experience of the past.

If you see that something is not right according to your feeling, then proceed structurally if you are able to do so, and look through lies and deception, use your healthy suspicion and start asking questions, each question provides an answer, which in turn raises more questions in COLUMBO style.

If, like me, you have a reasonably good working memory, connect the points to solve the puzzle, events policy, and consequences.

Try to make it clear that you can’t be undone, because honour reaction from your opponent’s side is a confirmation of your tenor in your story.

So here’s how to get accurate messages, using common sense, and finding and explaining missing parts, to decipher an Agenda or Policy.

You will see that your image of jet story will be confirmed when the time and actions have elapsed.

Remember the following rule, Action, Response, Interaction = Event, Consequence, Solution.

Then motivate, how can I use influence to manipulate behaviour or actions.

How it comes that Links for persist in their uneven and taught stupidity by a left-wing indoctrination.

State schools, which receive and propagate the WHO’s teaching, with the aim of producing complete idiots who think they’re smart, that’s elevated to the status of art and current reality.

How do you solve such a problem?

If I do this with every research, it’s collecting information, asking questions to unravel underlying thoughts or motivation.

Do you know who gives the information and for what purpose, then it is already a lot easier.

Because the goal seems to be to let as many disorderly idiots with low IQ training as possible create the chaos that we now call Antifa.

Because of their out of proportional DOMNITY they have the sincere conviction that they are against Fascism while they themselves play the role of Soros paid fascists.

Exactly the same thing happened in Germany in 1933, with all the devastating consequences for mankind.

Bankers and royal houses financed both sides of the War or, like the Netherlands, supplied free fuel, and Standard oil, the oil to keep Hitler’s war machine running.

How can we let the pathetic stupid Antifa morons see the light?

That starts with educating them, and correcting their world view, by giving them a mirror where they are confronted with their devastating anarchy, which the Cabal governments finance and promote in order to cause as much chaos as possible.

It must be a coincidence that (DEBIEL and BELEID in Dutch) MORON and POLICY are composed of the same letters.

Then you can call a work meeting, a policy agenda, and make a do list in a report.

It depends on who does what in our current world.

If a government does this from a presumptuous authority, it is called POLICY, like the Climate lie.

If you take stock with common sense, and you establish wrong and biased facts that serve a POLICY where society has to pay the costs to implement the Climate lie, and you see through self-interest, then they call this a conspiracy theory to shut you up.

But the reality is often that a POLICY turns out to be a conspiracy fact, which shouldn’t be named, as it involves large corrupt interests.

To sell a deception as truth, you can use a Myth, a Myth is an assumption that is lifted over a period of time and sold as truth.

As an example, the predictions of Nostradamus, who shows actual events as predictions.

Let you be deceived by this, and this for observation, then Nostradamus was a Seer.

I could also say that he wrote a manual for the future of events in such a coded way, that it was a list to do for the Freemason’s and Cabal.

Thus, an agenda which determines the policy of events for a certain period.

Suppose Jeb Bush is sitting in a Think Tank saying that one needs a second Peal Harbor in order to be able to wage a war against terror.

Then you go and see what you need, the event, where, and by whom executed, or at least point out the wrong perpetrator.

This has to be convincing on both fronts, without the affected groups seeing through what real agenda is served by the lies and trickery of the however terrorists.

You then apply ruler and divide tactics, and fill in the whole picture in such a way that the desired result is achieved without the misled population realizing what really happened as with 9/11.

This is what happens all over the world when Cabal-controlled Bilderberg Governments implement such an Agenda as Policy to achieve their goals and aspirations, just like the MH370 that is lied to us as MH17.

If you’re going to see through the lies, find the backgrounds, and bring out the questions, then a Bilderberg Mafia Policy is in one piece a conspiracy theory.

If you, as a crime group, get it done this way, create the illusion of looking perfect, and withhold a lot of facts, the crime will stay hidden for a long time.

The attack of 9/11 the goals and consequences:

Stealing the stored GESARA gold in the vaults under the buildings, where an Italian Job looks like an orphan by size, as a vulgar bank robbery with more policy goals.

How come buildings turn to dust? What are the properties of materials? How do they react to frequencies, with every substance or material exceeding the frequency, the material will fall apart is my conviction, and we have been able to see this.

What strategic and financial consequences will arise or are desired?

This applies to all false flag attacks of the Cabal, including the MH370 / MH17, where a script of indignation and false agenda by Cabal droid killers attending the coffins at the Eindhoven Airport ceremony can be seen.

In order to unmask the left-wing Dummies from the media, apply the same tactics against them.

Left Framing is a tool to hurt or ridicule a person, so he seems unbelievable.

Ignore facts like fabrications and lies.

That’s the harsh reality of how the Cabal Matrix wants to be maintained.

How do you solve this? You use a myth and call it Q turn it into a mystery.

People who are susceptible and start looking for help will automatically become Anon,

One begins to identify with a flow that fits into one’s own perception, but is shared with many.

Your anti-propaganda becomes a fact based on truth vs MSM.

Put a White Hat on it, and you’ve made a metaphor on a Myth recognizable, or an anonymous mask, it’s the same in my perception.

Gather facts, and take a step back to get a better overview.

Your common sense awakens you from the false worldview in which you and those around you are trapped.

Since there is an agenda with a purpose, which is not in the Cabal’s interest, we can say that the recipe for a Spyop for an MK Ultra style has just been described, you apply their own weapons to the Cabal.

Now that I’m writing this, it’s going to take another five hours for Donald J Trump to make a speech.

From my wish and perception I suspect what the message might be.

I know the U.S. Inc. is bankrupt.

Donald J Trump acquitted of the charge of hoax.

The noble plans in the State of the Union have to be paid for, but there’s no money for them in the FED Fiat money system.

Then you come to a logical conclusion, there must be an event to make this possible.

Since patriotism is an important historical motivation, the 4th of July seems a perfect date to tune your own agenda.

How are you going to do that?

I would, after acquitting myself of all blame, and exposing Stupid Nervous Nancy, make the only right logical choice, and resign the job as POTUS of a bankrupt company now or one month later.

What are the consequences?

The whole government is dissolved, there must be new elections, where you take the time to arrange everything.

You have finished your script in advance with the results you want, because you have already made an inventory of them in your preliminary investigation.

Possible actions or unexpected events can be included as an unknown variable in your plan, which can be applied at any time.

Think of this as if you were writing a computer program, If, Then, Els, and give a Go to the next level when the loop has been completed and the condition has been met.

Whoever writes the plan with what motivation is tremendously important to get the desired impact, through past experience, which will be the truth for the future.

Mix in passion and desire for justice, and success is assured.

George Soros left is doing this with evil lunatic Gretha.

Here you are triggered, that you would be wrong, and should experience hatred yourself by accepting the NWO Agenda on the basis of false evoked emotions, by a Moron bought by Soros, just as he bribed many to enforce his Satanic NWO and UN Agenda 21 (Policy) on the basis of false Emotions, where Obama told in a speech in Brussels that the population was too small minded to make decisions themselves.

People had been working on the plan (policy) for decades, which we experience as a conspiracy and as common sense rejecting people.

In the case of left-wing morons, this causes a short circuit which we can call psychosis, so that we have given it a nice framework again which we can use as an argument against.

It is a game to impose world domination against the freedom wishes of the world population that is now being waged.

Good against evil in which many have been misled and are still in the wrong camp.

By putting your program, or your agenda (policies) in the right timeline, where the end of the program can be set for the 4th of July, the RV/GCR will be the tool to awaken the masses, where the already awakened people have the task to inform the desperate masses, as I try to do as a patriot out of justice conviction.

It is our joint learning process that we are now involved in together, connected to a worldview that we call the Cabal Matrix.

By training the Gray Blubber between the ears, by observing, judging for the right value in the right context, you can make the right decisions to protect yourself and your environment from a falsely imposed agenda of the Cabal.

By naming Brain as Gray Blubber, your cognitive memory is appealed to because it cannot place it in this context, so you are encouraged to think.

You’re going to analyse it, so you’re going to increase your analytical thinking and recognize things better.

Because I am an autodidact I teach myself the tricks of the trade, to be able to do my job.

The FED will no longer be able to make money out of nowhere, this action will also apply to the Cabal ECB, causing the clean sleepers in Brussels to burst their Fascist EU bubble.

Arrogant evil EU Cabal communists will run out of money, because the EU is not a sovereign country, which is allowed to participate in the RV/GCR according to GESARA.

The US army and patriots from the army of several countries will hold an exercise together in Europe, which member countries have paid for the Nato payments Donald J Trump has made.

Merkel, and her dwarf foreign minister Heiko Maas, plagued by inferiority, the little squeak or failed man, who through a personality disorder and lack of self-esteem, wants to take revenge on normal people out of frustration and self-hatred on his own person, are going to disappear from the scene.

I am reasonably convinced that if he reads this, and he certainly will, through anger, explode in his deranged temper.

Another left-wing idiot in German politics is working shy Anton, this retarded moron, who turns red when you don’t share his disturbed world view, he screams and turns red, but will go out like a nightcap due to a lack of solutions and talent.

We are ruled by idiots and evil want the Archonten, monstrosities without any talent or realities sense, who stubbornly want to implement their sense and destructive policies at the expense of the working population.

You can see that, as an artist of truth, I create images of horror, in combination with attached texts, that works just like the Twin Towers controlled Demolition.

The power of the message is determined by the impact of the inoculation on the realization of the devastation and drama, with associated suffering.

In this way one can encourage sensitive people to go to war for moral justification and reparation for the crimes committed by one’s own governments against one’s own people and blame others, as in 9/11 and the MH17, because that would be the Russians, or the fake poison gas attack by the White Helmets, who would have to drive Assad out of Syria to lay the oil and gas pipelines to Europe.

Everything revolves around Gold, Oil Drugs in the 9/11 and MH17 debacles, when you see this you get a certificate of awake man, outside the fascist Banking Matrix.

The CIA controlled MSM, is their weapon of mass destruction to maintain the false world view of the globalists.

Trust the plan, we are going to change this together by waking up massively, you can say that you are intellectually on a higher level, from only seeing the heights depth and width you are going to recognize the depth and falsity, so from 3D to 5D.

Explained in a logical simple way, will make you wiser.

Phrases contribute to the perception or goal you want to achieve.

I’ve never studied for Shrink, but seeing the game through logical thinking and why and how you can influence behaviour, my attitude is that every psychologist is in treatment with a psychiatrist.

Driven by personal EGO to put your opponent in a framework with a Label, in order to eliminate him.

NWO people can never leave Donald J Trump in power, because then the NWO will not stop or be eliminated either, so time for action of biblical proportion, EO 17 Dec 2017.

When fear gives way to anger through awakening, the self-satisfied Elite start to panic by themselves becoming afraid through unmasking, the gravity of justice starts to do its work, this can’t stop anyone.

Fear is weakness in their case by the awareness of what the population will want to do to avenge the injustice that has been done to them.

The mass arrest will be a relief against Lynching by an awakened frenzied mass.

The tension rises, as everyone becomes more aware of this, similar to a dam breakthrough, where the wild water wipes everything away.

Right now, before Donald J Trump makes his statement, Rumors of arrests, necessary to release the funds, are coming in.

Paedophiles are the first to be arrested, these predators do not belong in our society, which means that we see many Cabal politicians and Royals and other scum disappear forever without a chance that they can ever come back.

These arrests are necessary to make England GESARA Compatible.

By Rinus Verhagen