Full Moon in Leo: A Rush of Passion, Courage, Sacred Play, Your Heart is the Ultimate Compass

space eraoflightdotcomOn February 8/9th, the moon becomes full at 20 degrees of Leo. Full Moons are always highly emotional and charged. They represent: endings, culmination and harvest time. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign, is: passionate, creative,courageous, prideful and loving.

The Full Moon in Leo is here to bring a manifestation of pure fiery power and prowess into our lives. We will be all revved up to get out and express our deepest heart’s desires with La Luna full in the sign of the lion. This is an excellent time to put the finishing touches on a creative or artistic project. Leo energy wants to be fully expressed, seen and heard. Its one of the sign’s most endearing qualities but at the same time can be it’s downfall. Passion will be fun and encouraged, but we will have to watch for the tendency to be little drama queens and kings. A healthy sense of self is emerging but we will be reminded to still keep our intentions: humble, grounded and pure.

The other reason this Full Moon is so passionate and hot is the Full Moon’s positive, 120 degree trine to Mars in Sagittarius. Mars in astrology, represents: drive, ambition, aggression and sexual energy. The Full Moon in Leo in harmony with Mars in Sagittarius will provide a spark of incredible drive and ambition. We will be ready to accomplish with this combo. The one thing to watch out for will be the tendency to fly off the handle and be overly aggressive within our emotional reactions. Channeling this fiery passion into play, whether it be with an artistic pursuit or in the bedroom, will be a better use of this pair’s combined energies. Flames of passion and pleasure will certainly be our go to with this aspect.

The Full Moon in Leo is here to warm your heart and inspire your soul. Leo actually rules the heart. This Full Moon will ask you to hold your deepest passions and yearnings in a space of sacred flow and honor. It doesn’t matter what others want or desire but it is your birthright to respect and hold space for your own wants and pursuits. It is time to step out of the mind and drop down to the 4th chakra. What could you accomplish if you took the time to listen to your heart? Are you truly honoring her song of love and encouragement? It is time to break free from complacency and step into a new space of courageous love and healing. This Leo Full Moon wants you to follow your bliss. She is here to bring: an awakening of your own divine love, play + fun and the courage and willpower to make EVERYTHING and ANYTHING a reality.

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