Sananda: Equals

sananda image eraoflightdotcomI’m Sananda. Beloved Friends. We are so close to you now – and you are so close to us … For every moment we come ever closer. Sometimes you feel a caress on the cheek or a comforting hand on the shoulder. We are always with you as we have said many times and we know everything about you and understand what you are going through and have gone through. You often visit us at night, which some of you are now beginning to remember. We are your brothers and sisters, just as all the creatures of God are. What else could we be when we come from the same Mother / Father?

I Sananda think it’s time we put the titles away between us. Don’t you call your earthly brothers and sisters the Master, the Son of God or the Director or other titles? On earth my name was Yeshua but here is the name Sananda Kumara. The poorest homeless is as much my equal brother and sister as the millionaire or princess. As you all know, we are all equally worthless, no one is better or worse. When you can see yourself in everyone then you have come a long way. When you can see the little innocent, God created child even in a terrorist, in a deceiver and in a pedophile then you have come a long way.

It’s not your job to judge, it’s not your role to be a judge. Keeping the Light means standing strong and radiating love for the hearts of men. The love that the inner child may not have received before. If in Love you can lift the sword for justice, without lowering your vibrations, it is permitted in the name of the Supreme God. Otherwise refrain. Don’t judge anyone.

All souls may meet God, meet justice in the name of Love, sooner or later. Remember that no one is better or worse, no one is closer or farther from God / Source / Creator. But hierarchies are in heaven, anyone thinks. Yes, there are hierarchies in the spiritual world. They are based on the Creator’s order – the order in which God created us. Everyone is equally worthwhile, but possesses different knowledge and experiences depending on their chosen path of development in the Universe.

Everyone on earth has the same opportunity for ascension. Some souls are not mature, they have not progressed so far in their development path and therefore choose to wait to gather more experience. It is their decision, taken in consultation with their Higher Self and the Divine World. Some of these souls leave Gaia now that the Golden Light is getting stronger and Nova Gaia is rising.

It is wonderful to see how you who are now prepared for the ascent pour the contact and light between you. If any of you have a “bad day”, there are others who will lift you up. You and we are forever brothers and sisters. We do this work together. The title Master you can choose to take if you want, you have earned it well. Suck on the caramel that you are all Masters. Delighted at this fact that it is thanks to your solid work that Nova Gaia is now rising, becomes a Golden Planet.

I love you ALL on earth so much. Your brother Sananda Kumara, always by your side.

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» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla