We Are Deep Within a Grand Solar Minimum

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomSolar winds are pouring through at KP4 level, not enough (yet) to produce storm levels but without a doubt enough to stir up the silt from the bottom of the sea bed.

As we are deep within a Grand Solar Minimum the solar winds that we become used to for at least 8/9 years out of every 11 are incredibly minimal, the planet cools (yes angels, the planet cools and yet deep within this minimum we are warming, the solar flares of the next solar cycle haven’t begun yet, and these will warm us up some more) and we should be deep in winter, and yet the UK, especially the south has so far experienced mostly a warm winter, and a fairly dry one too.

But on a conscious level what happens during a solar minimum is everything shifts from deep within, the photonic light we are swimming in is from the cosmic rays, this is soul energy, DNA renewal, which means DNA clearing, hence why since the beginning of the solar minimum, late 2018, we are all experiencing massive shifts and transformations.

So when we say, the light is increasing, the light really is increasing, the levels of energy, the speed, everything spins faster, which in turn assists those who know and brings experiences, tough experiences to those who need to know…for the crack of the belief system, or it speeds up the “death” cycle which of course, all of which is simply transcendence, only the human mind and the separated eyes see it all through judgement and suffering.

All is simply clearing, activating, moving, expanding because once those eyes become One the ability to See that there is no beginning and no end becomes the norm, everything is simply movement and the judgement, labels, beliefs and ideas simply trickle away.

So, when we receive a burst of solar wind, things activate.

The sun is our life force, and when the winds blow we become activated and the objective is completeness, unity and Oneness and so what happens to the collective is that in the beginning, whilst unaware, sleepy and unconscious we got to see where we were out of alignment, where there are blocks, obstacles and all unconscious choices.

This causes snaps and cracks in the reality, moods change, tempers flare, agitation and violence as the anger bubbles up for its release. Ailments and the body will show you the weight of fear being carried and things generally get uncomfortable, which is amazing and gifts all the data required for your progression, the problem occurs because most simply don’t want to wake up and this, is perfect for them, however for those awaking and feeling the pull towards peace, joy and expanded creative fields this then gifts the ability to see the attachments held, and I’m sure many of you are realising the weight/wait issues, how detrimental it is to one’s health to try and carry a sleepy dead weight through portals that you yourself are trying to understand.

Let it go…..

You are not a saviour, no one is, that old belief is dying out with those rotting Piscean Aged fish. It was a story, it was symbols taken as “gospel”

The Aquarian Age brings forth responsibility and we are learning rapidly what exactly this means and through this, we get to experience the most amazing octaves that arrive in this extra light, this shift

Because solar winds, are actually pure love energy, it is purifying, it is growth, it is pure manifestation energy, and will bring forth to the open channels new direction, new tools, new wisdom and abundance in all ways but of course to reach and 3xperience these octaves the Divine Detachment must take place.

If you would like to learn about Divine Detachment and begin the SOUL-AR Alignment then please drop an email to connect@agiftfromgaia.com and I will explain the 12 keys I share and you will also receive two modules called Karma Dogs and Empowering the Empath. To join now, pre website opening you will receive 50% off.

And to assist with the collective Divine detachment we have a tropical emotional moon in cancer, conjunct the north node and in opposition to Jupiter….”we’ve gotta be big” in the words of Tori Amos

Big girl/boy pants on today and let’s get this wave of emotion running through!

The Word, The Voice, The Wisdom has been calling and each knows this, the words scream NO MORE and yet the conditioned human mind continues to seek it’s fix/es, it’s distractions, like Mummy trying to quieten the screaming child with a bag of sweets to pacify, we were taught at early ages how to feed the ego with its sugar need, how to bribe, manipulate and seek support outside of ourselves in people, food, things, all things and any things just to ease the scream from within….

Only no more will that wise inner child be silenced, no more is that inner child satisfied with the choices and therefore the tantrum within gets loud and unbearable, the child creates sickness from the inside, the fear increases and before we know it we are at another point of awakening, another opportunity to see the mind, it’s conditioning, the programming and we get to reassess, we get to finally listen and come home, to what this energy is instructing, guiding and in some cases will feel like forcing, which is only you in resistance to love.

Where there is no care, there is no love

Everything comes to teach us to care more, just not the way we have been thinking, it works so very different once we truly look through the looking glass.

Moon opposing Jupiter, Cancer and Capricorn, “birth and death”, above and below, give and receive, it’s that space hopper I keep talking about recently. This has an arrow pointed head taking us into our truth, looking at our foundations and beliefs, and with the South Node sat there in the midst of it all let’s open to allow the detachments to fall away, the dragons tail is the chute, like the drain hole to suck it all away, I’m now hearing the dentist nurse and her sucker machine 🙈

That which is distorting is meant to leave, but not before teaching you all about you…and why you create such realities to date.

Yes, we can just remove things/people, but without the alignment of the mind, body and energy, all in unison, holding the wisdom of truth, then it simply repeats and repeats until each finally questions why, and this is where many find their truth, when they shut down, and use words like I don’t care, an announcement of no heart open here.

A two way street opens, one begins very humbling and leads to full empowerment, a spectrum and the other leads to quickening the dis-ease, all leads to transcendence.

The higher octaves of this mix receives with ease the abundance and has an Eye observant for the tweaks that will be required to continue rising in the energy, more is given within, the feed and the quality of feed is raised and when I say feed I mean in all ways, food, hydration, information, interactions, location, everything comes under observation for the key of choice to unlock what is next to be realised.

As we rise in frequ2ncy throughout this wave we move with, dealing with everything that comes our way for we know during these bursts of light that every single appearance or presentation holds an abundance of information and guidance for the next leg of this journey.

And this stirring up of the silt…prepares us for the all enlightening full moon this weekend.

Sending so much love, always

Andrea 💙💙💙

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