Full Moon in LEO, February 9th, 2020; Courage

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomThis powerful FULL MOON is in LEO and is on Sunday February 9th, 2020 at 3:33 am AST.

This Full Moon continues the impact of what you began on the previous New Moon ~  January 24, 2020.

Full Moon energy allows more of the subconscious hidden fears and issues to come up to be revealed. To be loved. Although this may not seem exciting, it absolutely is in the larger picture of the process of your transformation.

The Full Moon energy also impacts the emotional body GREATLY ~ especially around issues of personal relationships, self love, emotions surrounding the home and personal life.

Every moment THE Stars in the sky IMPACT each person uniquely. This is a constant and ongoing frequency interaction that is always taking place between your frequency, your BLUEPRINT and the overall PLAN that plays out THROUGH YOU. Not to you.

The impact you experience is based on your life plan, YOUR BLUEPRINT and YOUR CURRENT STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS in each moment that INTERACTS with the frequencies in those moments. The result is greater peace and harmony or greater disharmony. Either way, it is all for your benefit to BE, to FLOW, and to TRUST your unique PLAN. That is; why you are here, to graduate from the Earth School.

To LOVE YOURSELF and know what true eternal love IS.

The subconscious (hidden aspects) and the memory impulses connected to those memories is what POTENTIALLY may be activated UNIQUELY for you during this FULL MOON.

Mars is playing a powerful role with this FULL MOON. As the FULL MOON is Trine Mars. This will potentially give you the COURAGE to face what fears may be left in your subconscious memory. AS well as the courage to take action if that is what is required as part of your plan, in the moment.

Living moment to moment we LIVE In the UNKNOWN.  I live IN the VOID of BEING AND ALL arises through me. The form is simply what I am experiencing as part of what is here. I keep this form continuing to function through my breath. Other than THIS I am my eternal BEING which is not limited to a body or form.

This TOO  ~ is part of the moment to moment true BEING. The MASTERY of FORM, through the Heart and through true LOVE.

Most experience love as attachment. Love is not that at all, it is the OPPOSITE.

Why I am mentioning LOVE is, the opportunity to clear more memory that is not not in harmony, that is there TILL IT IS LOVED ~ is the only gateway to YOU also experiencing yourself as an ETERNAL BEING.  To being a MASTER of FORM.



For some during these FULL MOON frequencies a crisis through the emotions may take place. SLOW DOWN, give yourself the SPACE of SELF love, even if you do not know how to yet fully love yourself.

IN true love there is NO JUDGEMENT.

So if you feel as though you are reaching a breaking point. STOP all that you are DOING. Enter into silence and focus on your heart and your breath. EASE the stress in your life. Be gentle with yourself and do not judge yourself or anyone else as you get through….the key THROUGH this. Everything goes through YOU.

Allow that flow.

In this the INTENSE frequencies we activate you IN THE ETERNAL LOVE FLOW ~ through your Heart ~ the only PORTAL that is always available to YOU.

We are PRESENT NOW and as the profound shifts take place throughout the Universe, throughout the GALAXY ~ throughout ALL THAT IS ~ NOW.

Feel and receive! IN LOVE!!

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