The Nine: The First Stage of the New Age, Tiny Internal Change

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomJ: With love, respect and a little cheek, I am calling you forward to ask for something ‘new’. Now perhaps that’s very selfish of me, however I feel that we were asked to ‘keep going, keep going’, and we did. Since the new year, it feels as though we have crossed a major energetic milestone. We are tired, and nothing has changed. Just got more intense!

9: Dearest Jennifer, we are delighted by your question and we appreciate it. Yes, you are correct, a very major milestone has indeed been crossed and it would not have happened had it not been for the utter determination of our beloved ‘boots on the ground’.

You are the champions of this Age. Your sacrifices have been noted and have brought you all more praise, more admiration and appreciation, and more spiritual growth than you can even comprehend.

J: And therein lies the … eh… challenge? We can’t comprehend. We follow our orders, so to speak, not that you order, it’s more the natural inclination to serve the greatest good that pulls us, like the pull to return home. And because we don’t comprehend, I have a question.

I feel your gentle patience, waiting for me to articulate it!

9: We have all the time in the world!

J: We are fed up of all the time in the world! Even while we trust and serve!

I suppose I’m asking ‘What’s new?’ The focus has changed, we can feel it in the energy. The energy has changed, we understand that too. And we even understand that change takes time to manifest, but the question is, apart from the message to keep on keeping on, what IS new? What’s the new energy? What is the context, the theme of this new age? What is our focus?

9: The new is new! The speed is new. This one year will see greater change in the human condition than the past twenty years. Much that right now is considered impossible, will have become possible by the end of this twelve-month cycle.

J: With respect, that could mean anything. It’s not very concrete.

9: Because it can’t be. Energy is not set in stone: unless it is stone! Energy follows probabilities, so it must change and reflect the innate desires of beings on Gaia, both the base and the high. The basest of the base have already gone. They have departed your planet.

There is another layer that is, or was, entrenched, that is resisting the peace deal they were offered.

They are fighting to retain power and to grab power from others in the current confusion. However, this is a misperception on their part.

There is no confusion. The confusion is entirely theirs because they cannot understand how their plan has failed. They were convinced to their very cores that they were in the right, serving their god, and that they were the generation that would finally reap the greatest rewards, the fulfilment of the prophecy.

However, that prophecy was distorted from the very moment it was handed out to those on Gaia who did the work of evil. It was always known that this was the generation for whom it would end; it was known it would end in the total implosion of their misguided agenda, but they were told it would be triumphant and, because so much else that they were told happened, they believed that they would be the gods among men.

It was never a concept to them that All Is God; it is the inalienable spark within every being, from the pebble to the plant to the person.

And that divine spark is their saving grace, as when they finally accept their fate, that spark – which is all but dead – will be nourished back to life and they will live the effects of their actions. That will be far more painful than any punishment your courts could sentence them to.

This is an example of the perfection of divine love, that it can be experienced as pain if that is how one has shaped it in their life, and it can be experienced as kindness, if that is how one has shaped it in their life.

J: And for us, what can offer that is uplifting and not the same old same old?

9: When a fire is lit, there are tiny sparks, then tiny flames. In the new age, you are in the tiny sparks stage. They are within each and every one of you. Everyone is feeling the pull of the new, the energy, the dynamism, the desire to stretch, to expand, to move, to shake off the old, whether it’s changing how you dress, think, act, live or work. Change.

Seemingly tiny, internal micro shifts are what is new.

These sparks are about to be fanned into flames. You are moving quickly now; but to make the most of bigger changes, you must first follow the nudges of the small changes and embrace them.

Then you will have further lifted your energies and vibration to accept and easily integrate the new shifts and changes.

One step builds upon the previous. Sometimes the steps are small, and then every so often, they are quantum. Yet you must take each step, tiny or quantum, to fulfil your highest potential.

The new energies are making it easier for everyone to hear and feel these internal impulses, and then to follow through on them in concrete ways, in whatever way they are called to do. There is much change among you and between you now. You are in IT. Internal Transformation. It can only manifest outwards.

Follow your dreams, your impulses. They will lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be and how you can best vibrate in this transition time.

We leave you in love, the nine.

» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert