Ever-Present Love

heaven hearts eraoflightdotcomLife, from the subatomic particles to the infinitely vast cosmos of all known substance, connects together in an intricate dance of love. The beautiful planet we live upon is an extraordinary, always changing, and amazingly diverse amalgamation of all her kingdoms. Each kingdom has an infinite composition of matter and potential that naturally interconnects and supports the other kingdoms. In a similar fashion, yet on increasingly larger scales, our earth is an interdependent part of our solar system that spirals in an even grander dance with our own galaxy among countless galaxies. Everything works in brilliant harmony to provide the heartbeat of our lives so that we may personally explore and expand life itself.

From the vantage of bigger and broader perspectives, we can easily tune into the intimate connection and presence of love that is forever a part of us. Our hearts readily make this association to all that is, while our minds often consider this intangible and ethereal connection a contradiction to the outer known, tangible reality that is familiar. Yet, when we look into the night and witness the limitless number of stars light-years away or peer into a microscope revealing the endless facets to the forms we interact with every day, unity becomes intuitively and palpably obvious in the larger context. We simply realize and remember there is so much more beyond the sensory interpretation of our immediate reality.

Why ascribe this unifying energy as love? The awareness of love is the closest we come in objectifying our understanding of this ubiquitous presence we feel in our heart. We experience aspects of love in numerous ways throughout our lives and innately know that it is the most exquisite feeling we ever experience. It may be as family interactions of parents and children, for example, deep bonds of friendship with others, a physiological interaction with another, or participating in a compassionate and kind expression in some way. We may immerse ourselves in a satisfying activity, enjoy an uplifting melody, release a burst of laughter, or perhaps have a moment of intense clarity and union with the world around us. Each of these remind us that there is an energy present that we identify with as the essence and experience of love.

In this same way, we acknowledge that the magnificent intricacy that creates our very existence includes the presence of love. Innumerable timeless and cosmic components come together to form this particular moment that nothing less than love could orchestrate its manifestation. We comprehend we are a unique and integral element of this creation with the powerful attribute of conscious awareness. Through our self-awareness, we can consciously embody love so that we may share it through our imaginative creations expanding the very life force of love.

Our experiences and daily interactions can capture our attention at times and cause us to believe for a while that what is before us is all that really exists. By stepping beyond the immediate experience, whether through a deep breath, a meditative moment, or a conscious expansion of our perspective on a situation, we restore our connection to our essential creative selves. It is in these moments where love reveals itself, reminding us of our greater truth. As a presence of love, we are aware that love is ever-present and flowing through us by our choice.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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