Goddess of Light: Integrating Your Senses

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomAs the vibration of the earth and collective consciousness continues to rise, it is essential that we align as well. This channel began with some video glitches at the beginning. As always, it gets to be so frustrating!! Once cleared, the meditation began. Therefore, at the beginning, there is talk of what it is like to be in the flow and getting frustrated when things are not going well. Before we even expanded our consciousness, there was a clearing of frustration and things not working in life.

Once we arrived within the All That Is, the Goddess created a bubble around each one of us so as to have a sense of perspective. For people who were already expanded and balanced, they did not necessarily stay within the bubble. She then started with opening our inner vision. There was an expansion of how to see from within and she then created greater opening of the energy pathway. From there, the Goddess worked on audio, feeling, taste and touch. We are already using all our senses, so this expansion and integration truly strengthens your abilities. Once we rebalanced these, the crystalline energy then integrated more deeply.

We are also working more fully with the expanded ball of light. This is a higher vibration that is without the limitation of the hologram. We will use it more fully in the future as a means of supporting humanity.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment whenever that now moment may be for you. Here we are in your time space reality. Here we are shifting your focus and your awareness so that you may experience all that is here for you.

These times in which we gather together are times in which you can not only align with the people around you, but you may also align with I the Goddess and any of the other light beings that share this space with you.

As you live your life there is a constant change and transformation that is taking place, moment to moment, day-to-day, year-to-year. There are times in with that change, in which that change or transformation may seem very slow at times in which things pass in an instant.

I am here to give you this opportunity to create clarity within your life and assist you with the choices that you make for yourself.

Let us consider for a moment all of these changes in things that take place around you. The technical glitches that come up with consistency and for you in your life it may be technical glitches, it may be things that have to do with your living, your job, your friendships, your family. It may seem as if there are issues or problems that come up again and again and again.

The key in this situation is to remember and ground yourself and then open up your consciousness that you may feel that greater flow of your own divinity and that support that is there from your higher self.

Indeed I can hear Shelly chattering in the back saying, “That doesn’t always take care of the problem, I might still be looking for answers”. You know there’s always a laundry list not only from Shelly but from humanity about why things don’t work and about why you try something and then it doesn’t work and you think “See, I am not in the right vibration. I’m not in the right place at the right time. Everything always happens for its right timing”. These are your thoughts and your beliefs and that statement, each one of those statements is absolutely true.

However, as humanity when you make statements like that you don’t make them objectively you make them with an energy of judgment. An energy that says, “Things happen at the right time, yes, that is absolutely true, however, I’m mad that the right time is not right now. I’m mad that I have to wait longer or seek something or do something different” and then it creates that sense of “I am not good enough because I’m not doing it right”.

I’m laughing in the background because, this it all triggered from the glitches this evening? Perhaps and perhaps it is just something that you as humanity need to hear. I would ask you that when you make a statement such as “It must not be right timing” or “It must not be the best time for this to take place” that you can do so with a heart that is open, with a heart that is without any judgment, with a heart and consciousness aligning in such a way that you can let go any unconscious or underlying judgment about you and whatever the situation may be.

In everything that we do my intention for you and all situations is that you are in a place of love; that within this space of love you are at peace, you are empowered, you recognize the strength that is intrinsic within you.

This is my intention for every single human upon the earth, and if you are listening to this or watching, may you feel the love from my heart to yours at this moment and any other time that you think about me and my energies because at the end of the day love is enough, love is the stabilizer, love is the anchor; …. love is.

I can feel how everyone is now just calm and quiet and linked into one another. Indeed, the majority of this was to assist Shelly, however, I also recognize that each one of you all have been in situations exactly the same and I hope that this is a tool that you may use going forward.

Take a moment to send that energy from within your heart down through your physical body so that it may move into the energies of the earth and Gaia.

As you send this down into the earth it spreads out into different directions and it anchors you as you begin to feel the vibration of Gaia as it flows upward into you.

As you are anchoring this vibration within you, you then send the stream of light that goes up through the top of your head, it goes out through your head center and you immediately align with the space of your higher self.

Within the space of your higher self look around at what is here present within this energy.

As you do so perhaps there are little nuggets or experiences that are here in support of you. Reach out to take it into your consciousness in this now moment.

If you are looking around and it’s as if it’s very crowded and tightly congested ~whew~ clear out the space. Let it go, let go the old energy, let go the moment, let go those situations which no longer serve you.

You then let your consciousness flow even higher; it follows that stream of energy that takes you back into your divinity. As you follow that thread of consciousness and stream of light as you merge with your divinity, it is as if you come into a space and the doors just open up and you are here in all the love, in all the light, in all the opportunity that is your soul, that is you in all of your unique self-formation; howsoever you consider it. It is you. Allow that energy to flow. Allow that energy to move through you. Feel it and know what it is.

There you go, as I said this, I could see how so many of you were actually having a deeper alignment with the various aspects of your life.

I the Goddess walk into this space. As I do so I walk up to each one of you. I reach out to embrace you, you as your divinity, you as the soul consciousness of this lifetime. As our energies merge we shift into the space of the All That Is.

Feel how you expand even further as you move through this. ~whew~ there we go.

I ask you to take the moment to create a space for yourself because I would like in this now moment for each one of you to have a sense of a bubble or something that gives you a sense of boundary.

As you do so I wish to begin by working with each one of your senses. As you, perhaps close your eyes, perhaps you just allow your focus to go within your consciousness; I invite you to look with your inner eyes as you consider sight. We are here in this bubble but you can make it as large or small as you so choose and I ask you to pay attention to your sight.

I’m injecting various colors and patterns into the space around you, so as you look perhaps with your physical eyes closed and as you have the intention of seeing with your inner eyes take a moment to consider colors and perhaps patterns that are here within this space. For some it may be as if you just have a blank wall, for others it’s very vivid and once you tap into those energies create whatever it is that resonates with you.

My focus at the moment though, are for people that say they would like to see more. So I would like to work with your energy body, working within your consciousness, be it to activate waves of light or vibration so that you may see what is around you.

If you still have a sense of blankness then I ask you to go within your belief system and if there is a belief system that says you cannot see energy or you cannot see with your inner eyes, no matter what that may be reach down within you into a belief system that no longer supports you and bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it go.

As you clear that belief as if you are opening up your inner eyes ask to see. The perception I see taking place is that now some people see very faint light colors. They see perhaps a wave of movement.

I continue to work with you, strengthening those threads of energy and vibration that move from your physical to your third eye into your pineal gland and into anything that allows you to be able to see with your inner eye. And once you begin to see it will almost immediately begin to flow giving you shapes and images. For some people it’s as if it all happens in an instant for others, it’s a very gradual increase. Release any judgment that it will look a particular way or you will experience a particular or an exact situation.

I clear out this bubble. Let us work on hearing.

Ah, as soon as I said that for many of you it was like you are in a very crowded room and you heard multiple, multiple angels, physical beings, nonphysical beings that were all in the general area, so let me clear that out, let me transition whatever that may be so that as you are here within this bubble that helps to give it some intensity for it to assist you open up to hear a message from me, from your divinity, from your angels or guides.

Okay, okay, I’m hearing people say “But I don’t hear anything, that’s a problem for me”. So again, just as with the other I send impulses of light that move through your ear canal, many people have a ringing in their ears and that’s very distracting so let us pullout and release any of that ringing. Let us make a clear intention that perhaps you hear tones at first and as you consider what it is to hear tones within your ear open up, open up as if you are adjusting the radio so that it becomes louder and it’s something that you can then here. Of course if it’s too loud you tone it down.

There we go. I could feel a shift as a good many of you began to hear tones or whispers or sound. We are then going to shift the energy a little bit and ask you, what are you feeling? I heard many of you say, neutral. So as we clear out the space I infuse into that space around each one of you an energy that you may interpret howsoever you choose and if people are saying, I don’t feel anything, it’s the same as it was before and again I clear out your energy body ~whew~ and I invite you to feel.

For this one more than the other two, there is a very dramatic impulse of energy that began to go into people’s consciousness and for many it was overwhelming so again we tone this down.

There we go, it’s like there is this wave.

I invite you now to have a sense of putting those threes senses together. Okay, let us clear out your bubble or your space and I’m now going to actually expand everyone’s to a little bit bigger, which everyone was the strongest for you let that come in first.

And you take a moment as if you are tuning and strengthening that within you, then take in the second, whichever that was for you and then you take in the third so that as you consciously bring in these three forms that are predominantly used on earth for people to sense and expand their consciousness. I’m going to send in an image, this one is as if you are looking out over a mountain range and there is an eagle that is flying by so you can hear the sound of the eagle. There are breezes that are blowing through the trees and you can hear the sound of the trees. As you are looking with your inner eye look at the eagle and anything else that may come to your awareness.

As you breathe in this experience, as you feel the energies, does it amplify what you see? Does it amplify what you hear? Does it give you greater detail about your other two senses?

Some may also feel as if they are physically touching, some may taste; whatsoever works for you in this now moment I ask you to amplify so that you are reconfiguring your energy body and your consciousness to adjust and expand your senses and abilities.

I now bring in the crystalline light body. The crystalline vibration as you know is that which is of the omniverse that is assisting all of the vibrations upon the earth rise up into the higher vibrations and the higher dimensions, therefore, as I infuse the crystalline energy of expanded consciousness into you within this space have a sense of just letting everything expand as it rises into a higher dimension and then feel it as it integrates more and more deeply within you. They all work simultaneously helping you to see, to hear, to feel, to touch, to know; all that is happening in this now moment and there was another wave that went through. And there was another wave that went through.

Take a moment and as if you are embracing all of this knowledge and awareness have a sense of just bringing all of it back within you, within your consciousness, within this space that you have been working within.

As you do that, I now clear away those bubbles that were created around each one of you and here in the space of the All That Is there are many angels, light beings, the other people upon this journey. So with that clear intention that others don’t come into or influence you, take a moment and open up your inner eyes looking around at the All That Is. Each one of you have a different perspective of what this space looks like, so whatever comes to your consciousness is the truth for you or the reality for you.

Is there anything that you can hear? A tone or a vibration, perhaps those voices from before? What does this feel like to you? If you were to reach out, do you have a sense of touching, a sense of smell, a sense of taste? Everything works together as a creation for where you are.

As you are looking out with your inner eyes and as you integrate more and more of the crystalline energies, look around you. Notice if anything comes to your awareness that you perhaps had not really noticed at the beginning.

Indeed, I heard several of you saying, “Well everything is much sharper, the colors are much brighter, there’s more detail in whatever I see”. Some are still looking at the eagle and the ridge; others are in completely different scenarios of whatever might be happening in their life, which takes us to the next space.

As you fully integrate all of your senses and as I send impulse and impulse through you, let it open up, realign, expand and blend so that all works in conjunction with one another so as to smoothly and easily assist you.

Then look at your life. If you have something going on in your life look at it now that you may understand. Breathe in and breathe out.

So much is taking place within you. Allow that understanding to move into all that you see within your life. Just let it move through you.

When you find yourself in situations in your everyday life come back to this moment, where you create a space that you know is safe, secure, understandable to you and then consciously go through; my inner vision, my inner hearing, my inner cognizance, my smell, my touch, my feel. Let yourself almost as if you have a checklist tap into this moment, where you can consciously open up all of your senses and you can make sure that everything is working in alignment within you and then once more look at the situations that you may have in your life.

You may find that certain things you can just let go. They’re done, they’re over. You move on. Other things, you may have a new perspective of looking at that situation. Whatever it may be take this opportunity and experience you as you.

Ultimately in these journeys, this is what is happening with you; is that you are getting to know yourself as your most authentic and real self. You’re working here in the All That Is directly from your soul essence; in particular this evening you are opening up attuning, adjusting, accelerating all of your senses. Feel what that does for you.

Some of you may choose to stay and continue to practice with this. I would suggest to you, I use the image of the mountain and trees and eagle. Perhaps create a different scenario, perhaps something in a valley, something with the ocean, perhaps swimming whatever it is that works for you, come to this space, create the scenario and then practice looking, listening, touching, feeling, tasting all that your senses have to give to you because they in essence are the ways in which your consciousness is able to gather information and then transfer it outward into your life.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group and as you do so I do still see it kind of as a circular group, of course there’s up, down, in, out, but I invite each one of you to consciously work with your senses to create that ball of energy. It perhaps is filled with color, whatever it may be, let this be your own expansion and integration set into this little energy ball that you send into the center and all of that together in addition to what I the Goddess and the other light beings are transferring into this intention it begins to create this massive ball of light.

This is amplifying your own energies, it is amplifying the universal energies and then it seems to go out, it expands out going in both directions or up and down it goes in every direction, all at once and then you can have a sense of following. You follow that thread of energy. Okay, okay, I saw some of you following streaming your consciousness back down within you, however, with this intention have a sense of looking towards the earth and as all of this energy moves through it goes through the collective consciousness of the earth intentionally clearing things out in every direction. It goes down into the earth, into the center of the earth. As it does so everything swirls around, it integrates and it begins to expand outward.

As this, as you are looking at the earth, as you are looking at that energy, as you are using all of your senses you see that within the center of the earth, it’s finding its balance and it’s anchor with Gaia and then as is moving outward there is that blend and it’s going in and out at the same time the collective consciousness gets cleared out of any lower vibrations and it activates within this space the high light expansion of your senses, expansion of the consciousness and the integration of the crystalline energies.

I now invite you, if you have not done so to follow that own, your own stream of energy and light. You move through your soul, you come back down through your higher self and then you let that flow of energy come back down so that it may anchor within you.

As you feel your consciousness come back within your physical reality take a moment to look, listen, feel, touch with all your inner senses and see if you can feel that transformation that just took place. Feel what it is to you, feel your own acceleration of your gifts and your ability to use them. ~whew~ Come back within yourself.

As you are living your life in your physical everyday reality understand that you have not only the senses that you’re used to working with every day but you also have that inner vision, the inner sensitivity, the inner hearing and then the crystalline vibration.

Allow the wave upon wave of this expanded energy to come within you. Recognize that through this journey I was weaving together an alignment so that everything blends together within you. Be open to experience a new way of looking at the world or experiencing the world. Be aware that there are always potentials around you.

Know always that I am ever with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net