Becoming Dimensionally Sharper

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomAs our vision become dimensionally sharper and clearer all internal and external truths are questioned under the sharp light of human scrutiny. We have so many decades of time under our human belt; our Mission seems to sometimes fade in original memory. Who we once were, what we once thought, what mattered then that has no clout now, is seen in a bright light. We are like the quantum particles within us, sometimes a wave other days a particle. We house a multitude of inner and outer layers of living light. Like the engine of a car we have many running parts per body mind and spirit. Each one has a different function each one is affected differently during times of solar energy, earth energy, weather shifts stellar explosions, and debris that falls from our solar system.

We lean forward in the seat of our soul trying to see thru all the planetary fluctuations. We drift into un-chartered waters thru an ocean of verbal wreckage. As regeneration increases in thrust for the human race, movement forward is vital. By standing still for any amount of time in thought or deed, one may get water-logged in the dimensional bog.

The Universe demands movement in all of its forms. Life is chunky and contains more than in the past. Earth shifts continually adjust to their new place in the skies. People are somewhat toughened as the new spring energies create tension in the body causing puzzling aches and pains. We give way to life’s demands finding ourselves in limbo, how low can we go?. We want to escape and at the same time want to stop running away. This spring Change is a very demanding and pushy energy, no matter where you look change will be nipping at your heals. These upcoming spring energies come to show us how to shift our observation into a place that allows one to walk thru the outer energies of upheaval with a knowing that they are protected from the sharp falling earthly rocks.

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