The Great Alignment is Most Definitely Underway

bright new world eraoflightdotcomThe next draught of solar weather is now brushing passed and we are activated yet again!

Mars is trine Uranus giving some unexpected action and Mars is also square Chiron and this is ALL woven in something truly magical I was able to translate from the Cosmic Mind that as far as I know has never been spotted or at least hasn’t been told for thousands of years here on Earth.

This is shared only within the space of the Opal Portal with those aligned to the keys and gems but this most definitely brings the sense to the nonsense of what has been occuring through the collective unconscious.

I have found a portal, an ancient portal that is told within the story of Osiris and Isis, there was more depth to the story which outlines unconscious programming, it foretells of our future and the template we were to adorn. However, so far this year Mars has led me onto a path and unveiled the templates and also the portal out of the karmic streams, which is now streaming through the reports I share

It matters not if you understand, you are each receiving the frequency through the word spells and resonance happening behind your minds attention.

22.02.2020 is the climax, from this point the old wounding of the lowest order will begin to increase in volume, already our towns and cities are erupting with these violent and criminal presentations, and many of you are receiving the clarion call to move.

The great Alignment is most definitely underway.

People you have been following those holding the old templates, giving out before learning to love themselves, standing firm in resistance as an Unhealed Healer, wearing masks, speaking old truth, all of the old now begins to rapidly deteriorate and the 5Generations of fear begins to fully show it’s power of release.

There is now only one baseline frequency that is supported and that is the Sacred Union.

The Sacred Union is NOTHING to do with out there, it is all to do with who we are within and how we operate, how we show up. The Sacred Union has nothing to do with any external relationship, it is the respect and responsibility of first gaining a full blown romantic, passionate, unconditional loving relationship with self before even thinking about looking for the reflection, which of course, you will soon come to realise that once this is achieved you no longer seek anything as all relationships and experiences are simply an energetic match, so as you become wholesome, every single relationship you have, friend, lover, family, all of it becomes wholesome.

And all of what we are moving through currently is creating the platform for you to see, and with this new key, to this hidden portal that I have discovered I am beyond elated to share and tell you, it is NOW.

Things move more rapidly, more light enters as the 22.02.2020 code hits with Mars and Pholus conjunct and the New Moon enters.

If there is a day to learn, to begin, to vow that you are taking the path of The Sacred Union then may I suggest you seek the codes that I have planted within the opal portal.

Sending so much love and gratitude to each and all who are playing their most magnificent frequency out into the movement we are all experiencing.

The light is being shared to the answers you seek, hit the link and move through the Opal Portal to receive

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