Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Bill Gates Surrenders To The Chinese As Secret War Rages On

alternative news eraoflightdotcom newThe secret battle for planet Earth is raging on with England, Russia, China and the Pentagon leading the charge against the Satanic Khazarian mafia.

In the biggest development last week, Microsofts Bill Gates, fearing for his life, surrendered to the Chinese and is providing them with insider information about the Pharmacidical Mafia.

Asian Secret Society and Pentagon sources say.

The official Chinese Xinhua News Agency reports Gates offered 100 million Dollar to fight the new coronavirus.

Chinese President Xi Jinping wrote to Gates:

I support your cooperation with relevant Chinese institutions, and look forward to enhanced coordination and concerted efforts in the international community for the sake of health and well-being of all.

The relevant Chinese institutions Gates is cooperating with most certainly include the Chinese secret services.

Asian Secret Society sources told the Pentagon last week that they are aware the bioweapon attack on China was carried out by the same people who assassinated President John F. Kennedy and orchestrated 9.11.

The Asians and the Pentagon are thus cooperating and sharing pinpoint information to ensure all guilty parties are led to justice.

Now we need to look at the role of U.S. President Donald Trump and his regime in this whole business.

A key hint is the escalation of the panic surrounding the coronavirus, otherwise known as the common cold virus.

Its spread intensified in earnest after the U.S. corporate government formally defaulted on February 16th.

This pandemic is being staged to provide cover for the cut off of credit (and thus deficit-financed imports) that the U.S. is experiencing right now.

We also note that Trump has lost much of his military support.

Thats why he was forced to hire the openly gay flaming Zionist U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell as acting Director for National Intelligence.

Its also why Trump-Q-anon is pushing his flunky Kashyap Patel as a name to remember.

CIA and Marine veteran Robert David Steele notes:

The secret mandarins will lie to the Acting DNI and his new hires such as Kashyap Patel, all of whom are just as ignorant of the substance of intelligence despite their super smarts on knowing what the President needs but is not getting – apart from subversion and lies.

As with [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo, the secret world will seek to charm and subvert, and Grenells enchantment with genocidal Zionism will be his Achilles heel.

Of course, there is a much bigger game in play here.

The gathering of G20 finance ministers last week in Saudi Arabia, minus the UK, Russia, and China, provides hints about what is at stake.

Its very important to synchronize, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said in a Bloomberg TV interview in Riyadh, on the sidelines of the G20.

Indrawati added:

All the economic ministers coming here, and the central banks, have instruments and policy tools that they can implement and execute, including fiscal expansion if its necessary.

Shes basically saying that the central bankers will create unlimited amounts of stimulus or $ Trillions of computer credit money.

This time it will not work as we are in the end game now.

It does look like Indonesia has been chosen by the Zionist cabal to take over from China in the manufacturing sector.

There are no coincidences.

As one Russian FSB source noted, even if the new coronavirus did not exist, it should have been invented because something had to be done to prevent China’s takeover of the world.

In other words, the West had to draw a line in the sand and make sure we did not end up in a one-China world.

Now P3 Masonic sources say that the plan is to use the worldwide panic over the new (designer) virus as a pretext for To strengthen the imposition of martial law, which is necessary for the establishment of a world association.

Asian secret society sources say they understand and support the need for a loose world federation, as does the British Commonwealth.

This would be a multipolar arrangement, focusing on addressing problems of the planet as a whole limited.

It would be the equivalent of neighbourhood rubbish collection, where everyone agrees to put their rubbish at the end of the driveway on certain days, but also agrees to let the rubbish collectors come into their homes.

What these groups do not support is a fascist New World Order controlled by the Zionists and run by Satan-worshipping, Khazarian gangsters.

These people still cling stubbornly to a biblical end-time scenario that Killing 90% of the world’s population and enslaving the rest.

Some of their recent scare tactics over 10 plagues that Planet haunt can be viewed at the following link: hitting-our-planet-simultaneously

It is also worth mentioning that the family magazine “Economist” by Rothschild and Angelli featured the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the cover page of The Year in 2019.

The World in 2019

In any case, let’s take a look at the fear pornography that the elites are waiting for us in the coming weeks thanks to a new type of coronavirus.

Remember that all this allegedly started with a “crazy flying dog”, and now Chinese officials admit that the animal market was not the cause of the outbreak, but will not say what it was.

What we see are industrial closures, pandemic street performances and other such acts in many countries.

Here is a quote from Newsweek, for example:

It’s a little disconcerting.

Until this happened in Padua, it almost seemed like a media feat, says Marco Bertoni, who works in the northern Town of Feltre is alive.

Guess what Mr Bertoni… it’s a media ploy.

In Japan, there is an elaborate media game about people who were quarantined on a cruise ship and then sent around the world without having been properly tested.

Even Iran is participating in the Kabuki theatre of the pandemic. efforts-to-contain-coronavirus

However, it looks like South Korea, whose film Parasite recently won an Oscar, is now about to receive the award for best pandemic performance.

So much anxiety porn is spun around this latest virus that it now has all patients in a in a South Korean mental institution. coronavirus

Here is what the CIA and Australian intelligence sources had to say about the action taking place there:

Daegu, South Korea is the closest elected death center outside China. There will be many casualties.
>br> South Korea was targeted with this coronavirus to bring down the economy.

It works, because the KOSPI has fallen by 3.2% today.

The production centres for high technology are targeted. Daegu is a manufacturing city.

It is the economic and industrial core of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region, one of the most important industrial areas in Korea.
>br> Is it just a coincidence that the processing industry is affected by this designer corona virus?

This biotechnological pandemic was actually planned to create a global pandemonium, and that is exactly what it is doing. Next it could be a coronavirus-infected werewolf running amok in London.

God save the Queen!

This is about the collapse of the world’s major economies and the banking system.

This is exactly what is happening now.

World trade is increasing and markets are on the verge of collapse.

In the past week alone, $7 trillion was deleted from global markets (all computer records.

We are also beginning to see empty store shelves, and we will see a lot more of them before all this is over.

In Japan it is now impossible to buy face masks or disinfectant alcohol unless you buy from profiteers.

A cutback in medical care from China will increasingly affect the USA as well. This is only the peak of the wave.

The links below provide numerous examples of the global economy that has now come to a standstill.

As a Goldman Sachs dealer recently told me: I will dance as long as the party continues, but I will stay close to the door.

Just as the Mongols used human shields to protect their warriors, the oligarchs now use small investors to protect their profits.

The links below show how the small investors all jumped in at the last minute, just in time to take the hit.

Remember that at the end of the day, only those things that actually exist in the real world are important.

As a result gold closed at $1,645 an ounce on Friday and seems to be in a strong bull run on the way to $2,000 an ounce.

Rhodium (a member of the platinum group metals), which does not appear on the radar, also closed at $12,300 an ounce on Friday. Six months ago it was at $3,500 an ounce.
>br> A year ago it was $2,500 an ounce.

It is used outside the world in the secret space program.

I have direct knowledge of this, explains a CIA source.

Meanwhile, Mexican politicians are demanding a ban on silver exports and urging citizens to invest their savings in silver.

Mexican Congressman Calls On Govt To NOT EXPORT Mexican Silver, To Back The Peso With Silver, And Urges Citizens To Save In Silver!

However, the Chinese seem to be making the smartest investment of all – food.

Remember how the story of King Midas made it clear that you cannot eat gold (or silver).

According to Russian FSB sources, China has bought huge stocks of nuts, dried fruit and canned meat and fish.

These are foodstuffs that do not need to be refrigerated or cooked and are used for military campaigns and for emergency relief in the event of a disaster.

The Chinese might be on the trail, now might be the time to make sure you have your own personal food supply (rice and beans are cheap and practically non-perishable).

Finally, some news from this week that is worth mentioning.

One of them is that so-called First Nations activists are trying to stop rail traffic in Canada.

Sources in the Canadian government say that these people are receiving money from the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation to stop pipelines destined for the export of oil to Asia.

Another is that we hear that Turkish President Recep Erdogan is to be deposed soon because of his neo-Ottoman expansion plans.

Erdogan is temporary.

He will be deposed as soon as he has exceeded the limit set by Putin, said an FSB source.

He tried to flee to the USA to get help, but he has already burned these bridges.

Finally, both Russian and Taiwanese sources report that Chinese President Xi Jinping was killed and replaced by a body double.

That’s why he recently disappeared from the public for 12 days during the coronavirus outbreak.

However, we have not been able to obtain confirmation of this from Chinese government sources.


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