Energy Update: Finely Tuned High-Frequency Light

energy waves eraoflightdotcomThese energies that have been coming in since last month have been finely tuned high-frequency light. They are sharp, intense and working on the next layer of transmutation of the body. To say we are FEELING it is an understatement of mass proportion!

I did a live yesterday where I shared a client’s Light Activation Report because the information that came through was important for the Collective to know. This was the message that came through: ” We are getting very high frequencies streaming in from the 9th and 12th Dimensions… Star Beings from Planets I’ve never worked with before came through; they are Beings that work with Physical Alchemy, Seers, Attunement, Cellular Regeneration, Spinal Functioning for the New Earth. We are the Star Beings working with you Dear One and Earth to set the grids of personal power, Joy and Magic. How they (us) see life, live life, how they move within these lower Worlds and moving their consciousness into higher Worlds of consciousness. Everything is changing and the body will feel like it is breaking apart from a cellular grid it has been used to from ALL its incarnations. They (us) are going to feel new sensations within their bodies especially their Organs, Joints, Blood Pressure; Heart is beating a new frequency it will not beat a 3D heartbeat any longer. These changes are happening now and it is POWERFUL Dear One. We are from the Unity Consciousness of the “3’s”. We are from the Star System Blantane, Koodiastiec, Pleiadians and the Lyrans oversee this mission. The Spinal Cord is playing a HUGE role right now as it holds/carries the frequency of change and medicine. It distributes it (Spinal fluid) to the body from the Chakra System. So intense emotions, clearings and regeneration of the HUman vessel are taking place at the moment and will continue for a while. We are working with your 13th Chakra which the Chakra of Physical Alchemy and our Body’s Attunement; it brings down energies to break down old structures and work with Cellular Regenesis…[end of report]”.

This was a huge report which explained so much of what we, as a Collective have been feeling especially with physical pain, not feeling quite “here”, foggy and the mind feeling like its off-grid. Like an Onion, we are on the next layer of MASSIVE changes to the body and the mind. In February I had so much going on with the mind that when I finally decided to ask Source what was going on I relaxed with this knowing. The mind is shutting down for a lot of us right now as it is getting upgraded to connect to higher dimensions but there is more to this; as we come “offline” to the mind running the show we must step into Faith and Trust. We rely so much on the thinking mind that when we don’t have it we go into fear and feel lost; Omg we’ve lost our mind!.

What Source said was HUGE for me because we have now come into a phase of our Ascension where IMMENSE Trust and faith are needed. You might not think you know, but your Higher Self is running the show now and to feel your HS you must connect to the Heart. You ALWAYS know what to do. When we get out of our traumas and fears and worries we are guided EXACTLY where we need to be at any given moment. We are learning subconsciously and consciously how to LIVE deliberately in other dimensions, this means your reality as you know it might be going to shit; let it! This means that things are getting “weird”, “trippy”, “magical”, you have to let go of the tight rope that was once your life or you will be carrying dead weight that is no longer needed for this leg of your journey; TRUST that you will be carried through even if you can’t see the next step in front of you. ” I always carrying you when you feel lost”, Source says.

You might feel guided to go back to people, habits, thinking that feel familiar but that is not for you anymore and if you keep having the past come back up, know that there is deep clearing going on. The symptoms are through the roof this year; some are old and some are new. As the consciousness of 3’s said; they are working with the Spinal Column so this will affect the back, ALL major systems such as the Nervous System, Immune System and Adrenal System. Every Chakra will have new Symptoms as it is upgraded. Exhaustion will be the new norm as we need downtime as this takes place. For example with the new healing frequencies coming into the Root Chakra, for example, you might have feet, leg, hip and lower back issues, you may even be walking differently even limping, walking slower, or feel dense. Balance is the word for March as we learn to dance with Mama Tara. We can no longer ground into her as she is going through her upgrades as well, we now have to move with her like lovers in an intimate dance. This shift is intense and taxing on the body, follow your body’s guidance for what it needs. The body uses a lot of Iron as it shifts and morphs; make sure you are taking enough. Chlorella, Spirulina and Chloryphil are amazing for the cells, mind and body. Rest and a lot of sleep is important.

(Thank you to my client Meghan for giving me permission to read her Report!)

So much love Starseeds

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