Era of Light Report 4/18/2020: Few Truths, Reset in Consciousness, Hollywood Pedophilia

era of light report future is now eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

Today’s report is a bit different. I chose to share something else instead of the regular report. A few truths in short. Enjoy!

▬ There is no tunnel, and no ‘natural’ light at the end of the tunnel. The whole idea is an artificial construct created by negative ETs to TRAP human souls, feed off their energy and force them to reincarnate back in the 3D Earth prison.

▬ All the archangels you may have heard about, Michael, Metatron, and the others, have all at one point or another incarnated as human beings.

▬ It is true. “Jesus Christ” never existed. Yeshua ben Joseph however did. But he was born of biological parents, like everyone else. He was a Jewish rabbi, who had an “expanded awareness”. He was a messenger of love, period. With his message of love, he gained quite a few followers.

He never claimed to be “son of god”, or any kind of a “prophet”, or “savior”. Romans heard, went to the Middle East, and convinced the Jews to TURN on their greatest teacher. So through manipulations of the Romans, Yeshua was killed(not on the cross), no resurrection ever occurred.

After this, a few years later, the Vatican came up with “Jesus Christ”. The “church” and “christianity” are products of Vatican invention for control. With all the false promises and the exaggerated claims, Christianity expanded, through lies and violence of the Romans and others.

▬ Millions of years ago in the constellation of Lyra(humanity’s original home), the symbol of the Phoenix was used by the people to let the enemy know that their confederation cannot be destroyed. A symbol of reincarnation and restoration. Returning stronger, brighter, and more resilient than ever before. And this is what is occurring here in our world today. Humanity is rising with the new energies, awareness is returning.

▬ The theories that we exist by chance, or we are a freak of nature(evolution theory), that we are mere bone and flesh, with the ideologies of worshipping a vengeful, unseen creator in the sky, have together been given to humanity of earth by the same group of beings who have deceived and purposely mislead humanity for the past 10,000 years.

▬ This Universe was created with Divine Laws in place. One of these laws is the Law of Balance, or as it is known by many Karma. What this simply means is that every soul WILL experience that which they have created. NO EXCEPTIONS. So no one is responsible for your actions but YOU. No one can deny you or save you from what you have done, whether it is good or bad. If you transition from this lifetime with unfinished business, you will carry all of that into your next lifetime. All part of the expansion experience.

▬ This light within you, the soul, encompasses by far your physical, this is the 99% of your being. The true, spiritual being that is YOU is 99% spiritual light, limited by nothing, and only 1% physical.

Yet here you are, still feeling, thinking and believing you are caged animals. Thinking you cannot overcome these illusory shadows in your world, within and without.

From heart to heart, Kejraj.

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11 Replies to “Era of Light Report 4/18/2020: Few Truths, Reset in Consciousness, Hollywood Pedophilia”

  1. Cheri

    Well I have a giant while light in the middle of my pineal that has never closed since my lightbody activated to do this transmutation work of freeing soul energy from the planetary lower astral hell realms. It appears as a tunnel that this miscreated energy funnels through to return to the source collective or great central sun. This system was a closed entropic system but only for those who were a vibrational match. However they imprinted all of us from birth with false memory implants and infiltrated our christed consciousness and biology with astral weapons and memory wipes through the infiltration of the akashic records of humanity. Yet here we all are coming in from the higher vibrations to heal this sick and fallen system. So it was only closed to those who were a vibrational match for the fallen construct of the 4th dimension.

    I have come to think of these stories of Jesus Christ as metaphoric for the cruxifiction of the christ within us. Even we here now from the highest vibrations have no memories of our connection to the god that is awakening within us all now. We were unable until now (through universal alignment at the end of a cycle) to embody omnipresence or christ consciousness (lightbody) which is the completion or oneness of the trinity or union within. The father is the prime creator (or great central sun or the emenator of all the light rays who overlights the Angel’s and Archangels who emenate qualities within the rays of light that make up matter in creation) and we are the suns (which is the soul that creates) and the holy spirit which is our divinity or spiritual light within (closer to a mother or feminine energy or antimatter that gives birth to our creations).

    I think the Yeshua came through in preparation for the end of this cycle to show humanity the way to reconnecting to the christ within as he gained full consciousness as we are all in the process of doing now. The reason we are here in mass is to clean up this mess of miscreation and raise the vibration of this fallen structure so that all souls may embody their connection to the christ within. I think the cruxifiction was a memory of suffering and guilt implanted into the consciousness of humanity to keep them disconnected as the christ connection within first must die by bloody suffering before we can be resurrected or regain our connection to lightbody and omnipresence. This is their inverted perception as the only salvation from their suffering was to be released from the body into the lower astral where their consciousness sat in heaven, hell or purgatory depending on their belief system. Just look at that hideous piece of art behind the Illuminati Pope in Nevi Hall. Christ looks like a demon rising out of the gnashing realms of hell omg! This was their reality not ours! This was the culmination of the apocolypse they planned which we thwarted.

    When consciousness fell humanity perceived itself in separation and this creation became a mess of suffering experienced mostly by these dark ones who took it to extreme perversion through SRA and MK Ultra to feed the beast created by their massive thoughtforms of suffering. This is their fallen creation we are healing through, not ours.

    Love you all so much for these enlightened discussions! True creation has multiple meanings and is very nuanced as it is not defined or restricted but an unlimited unfolding fractal based on what we choose to create with our consciousness. No one size fits all! It is personal as we are soul creators within a christed structure once again (well almost hahahaha!). Pure consciousness experiencing itself through timeline technology or blueprints that supports living reality creations that we immerse ourselves in. We are closing out this cycle with only memories before the fall of consciousness. We are converting these to akashic living memories we can immerse ourselves within to get a full body experience of that memory once again. But all new active creational timelines will flow from us this lifetime as we complete our ascension. Like KejRaj says we are not really the meatsuits we percieve ourselves to be but are pure consciousness that enlivens or animates DNA. Once we finish this clean up and are able to free all cellular resonance (mostly it is our ancestral lines we are cleaning up, all genetics from the fallen parts of all creation and planetary structures) that are still in resonance with this lower vibration illusion we are seemingly stuck in. After this we can finally activate our full lightbody and we are free to travel and create in timelines on any planetary creational structure that is a match to our vibrational alignment woohoo!

    This is my interpretation from my journey! We have to heal through the DNA. The whole universe is contained in every cell and we have trillions of them finally coming into vibrational alignment or unity within!

    I think once all the cells come into high vibrational alignment they are able to activate the bliss codes and the DNA goes quantum! Into a pure love vibration of ecstatic joy!

    As our telepathy returns, see you all soon within our Fathers mansion so to speak! Love on warriors! Freedom is truly at hand lol! 😘

    1. Doug James

      Excellent post and from old testament it seems sacrifice for sin atonement was always the theme. Jesus was the sacrificial lamb in their version.and how ever to describe the him as the son of God with amazing abilities so the masses wld worship him as their God! I do wonder though if he was able to heal via raising the vibration of a sick person ie so they actually healed themselves as we can all do.
      The water to wine wld take 5D right and if earth wasnt 5D could Yehsua have done that? Or was off planet tech used by pleaidians etc?

      I do follow Cobra on and he says Yeshua did go thru some form of crucifixion but not ot of details.

      All of the apostles were they real and if so we the gospels edited to fit the narrative the Roman’s wanted to push.?

      1. Cheri

        I know Doug! Is any of this so called history real? Once I realized that the entire akashic record was infiltrated and implanted causing all this sickness, disease and degredation within the DNA I really started to question the validity of any of this. I mean what we are seeing now since we donned our discernment is how the propaganda and indoctrination in our schools operates. They destroyed the entire DNA blueprint library stored etherically in Alexandria and scattered all the records replacing them with false memories. We (my inner team) just finished clearing out the entire “Noah” timeframe from memory implants of planetary destruction and biblical floods that was impulsing alignment with the apocolyptic timelines. There was some kind of breakdown in the stargate system blueprints known as the Halls of Amenti which was how they drove that idiotic SSP using the trafficked children’s consciousness. The whole thing is a freaking mess lol! This is why we are resetting the system back before the fall of consciousness in Atlantis. Once the records are reassembled and reverse engineered (which is what I am doing) none of these horrific memories will be within quantum blueprints and our collective psyche. The whole thing is a false creation, an abomination of epic proportion. Real traditions and memories are meant to be oral and passed from generation to generation. That whole Babylon thing was shenanigans too when humanity lost telepathy and had to develop regional language to communicate. That’s why I call this a false creation as it is like a mass illusion of mind control being run through our omnipresence. The dark ones hold this frequency and all these false memories of space wars and wars in heaven and all the Lucifer rebellion, etc. None of that was real except as implants in the akashic records. This was a total breakdown of an entire creational system that was AI programmed to run a movie through our pineal glands rather than generated by individual christed consciousness working with the elements and qualities of pure creation. This is all I know so far but it is why I took on healing the soul monad of these dark ones through my lightbody so humanity would be free of this fallen satanic frequency of programmed consciousness running through the collective subconscious recreating these dysfunctional emotional patterns from false memories of “intellect” that replaced wisdom. I personally don’t trust anything written down or “taught” anymore. Nor do I trust so called psychic projections as these are all from fallen programmed timelines. Our collective psyche was reading a manuscript of infiltrated and manipulated timelines instead of creating from pure quantum fields of potential.

        Big and positive changes coming as everyone is awakening now as all these false memories and biological weapons within these timelines are collapsed forever!

        Doug there was chloroform, thorazine, pepperspray, heavy metals, flouride, succinol choline and everything else you can imagine to zombie out the brainwaves to keep the consciousness from activating omg! It’s a wonder the DNA survived at all!

        My feeling is we can manipulate the particles of anything and reassemble them using consciousness. Water to wine yes! Build a pyramid, yes! Heal sickness yes! Walk on water yes! We will power up in phases but all humanity will awaken once omnipresence is restored within the blueprints. This is simply an MK Ultra mass illusion. We are synchronizing with the larger part of our consciousness running this ascension from the unmanipulated future timelines. The limited part of our consciousness has to be in this frequency until we evolve it through! 😘

        1. Kazar

          Nicely put in these comments. The idea that was implanted is that Humans are born with Sin and therefore cannot escape it without the aid of a powerful intercession. If one takes the idea we have been trapped here for many lifetimes then you know we have gone thru many stages of buying into the implanted reality and trying to transcend it. I Feel one of the biggest threats we are being faced with at this time is a Spiritual Bait and Switch. In this mimic of creation we live in not everything presented is untrue , just distorted. The presentation of the Law of One I believe by Carla Ruckert? Is a good example where they constantly use the phrase the Distortion of the Law of One. This was channeling the Lucifer soul group I believe. Using that basis I see the attack on religions as also the ending of this type of religion. But replacing it with what? For many even within my own family it is being replaced with technology paving the way for controlled hybrid humans instead of deepening their spiritual connection. The Trinity of Creation is Real. The third aspect of which is the Christ/love. We are those Sons and Daughters of Christ. None come to the Father save thru the Son. You can’t transcend this realm without Love. The mind alone will not do it. As an aside. I cannot fathom any one being wiping collective memories from a Universe that doesn’t forget anything.. lots of Love

          1. Cheri

            Beautifully stated Kazar! Thank you so much for adding to the conversation! You are so right about everything being skewed or perverted as I call it. All the sacred symbols, science (which is in reality closer to true creation than religion) and math (the astonishing order of everything) are all truths but slightly to grossly distorted. If our akashic records were intact these would be clearly discernable throughout all creation and felt as a beautiful order of oneness. Poetry and metaphor, rhymes and rhythmic patterns is how creation speaks. It is a song of creation. It is an incredible harmony that no mere words can express, it must be felt by every cell as it aligns in oneness with the song of creation. All life unfolds and evolves within this order of fractalized unlimited expansion but it is free to diversify in glorious ways! Love is the song that the universe sings. Dimensions are octaves of the song we vibrationally align and harmonize with. Innocence and imagination are what drives creation.

            Part of me is starting to feel how limited this movie of reality really is. Like why would we create something so limited as what we see around us when we could dance and sing within our own creations. We wouldn’t live in another’s manuscript or portrait. When we began the timeline work the creator showed me himself as an artist painting a picture on a blank canvas. After he was done, we simply walked into it and it was alive and bustling with life and activity.

            It has been so interesting working on the planetary mutations because we are repairing and sealing the mutated planetary DNA with emblems and anthems which is the harmony with the planet that was lost when the blueprints of creation fell.

            You can compassionately see the separation of these fallen ones who literally lost their innocence with the fall of consciousness regardless of what chain of events caused this. It morphed into such grief of being separated from that love and innocence that it morphed into an abomination trying to find that love and inner power again. So lost was the soul that it literally began harvesting children (innocence) to replace their connection lost long ago. That children are born with sin is a gross distortion of the lower astral satanic system. It is just sadly self hatred and their own endless suffering of eons of reincarnation into this fallen system miscreating these gross distortion over and over to feel power over creation instead of oneness with it. Noone has suffered more than they have at their own hands.

            I see the current move to destroy religion (esp Christianity) as being a sign they no longer control it. Many people are waking up to their connection within and taking back their churches and fellowship with each other and are now starting home churches and powerful prayer groups which is a form of meditation as it is creational when love is present. The pedophilia and the priesthood is being exposed which will shut down the black magic of the rituals performed in masses. This structure is becoming pure again. These religious symbols will be rightly restored to the pure of heart and have meaningful impact on creation once again.

            You are so right creation never forgets it evolves! It never forgets the wisdom from the experience but my interpretation is we won’t want to visit these fallen events as living memories therefore they wont be crystallized into akashic living records as we convert our carbon chakras to crystalline. The truth is that creation has never felt so deeply into itself from this experience. It is a huge upgrade in evolution the likes of which the entire creation has ever known. I for one am honored to be on this journey with you all. Compassion is seeing the suffering of all within this madness and knowing it is a gross distortion without blame because the truth is they never had power over us that we didn’t give them. I have lived a pretty joyful life myself here. It’s just we can see it all now in this great revelation and thereby allow it to heal through us merely because of our vibrational presence within this system which changes everything! The wisdom to me is a deep knowing of who I am by the stark contrast of who I am not. I stand radiant in this and allow all lower vibrations to heal through my light with no resistance or protection needed. I simply acknowledge the pain or emotion and allow it to flow through my light to heal. I have a huge process going on within me because I am healing through their fallen monadic structure so I see these souls funnel through my kundalini which never stops spiraling up and down bringing all the lower timelines into my presence. The entrance to their timelines are the mouths on these ghastly looking cloud like faces that appear in my pineal vision. I call them the holy ghosts of these fallen souls. They tell me their monadic name, like most of the Illuminati are from the fallen monad Isaiah although I am clearing my own soul family of Hilarion as well who was heavily involved in the priesthood as I come from a long line of catholics. So they tell me their pain like “I knew hate”, “I knew rape”, incest torture, fear, sacrifice and some say “I dont know who I am”. Omg! I used to cry but now have cleared enough resonance with that actual emotional pain and replaced it with compassion. So the prime creator or Father or great central sun woke up within me 8 years ago within and asked me to heal his Nephilim. My life has never been the same hahahaha! It is an amazing journey!

            This is the process most of us are going through for our own ancestral lines but not quite so vivid as my experience because this journey I describe above is my soul contract and planetary expertise to heal. Most of us will feel the pain or get the low vibe emotion which is in reality becoming aware of the cellular resonance stuck in that timeline. We allow it to flow through without getting too wrapped up in trying to understand it. Others of us hold the vibrations and just radiate. We all have different skills and are a glorious team!

            Understanding is very nuanced which is what I love about sharing with each other! This is why I share too to as we deepen our collective understanding of our own experience which is utterly unique!

            Thank you for this high vibe conversation and energy my friend! I so appreciate your wisdom as it adds to the fabric of our ever changing reality. 😘 💚

  2. Doug James

    Another reason why Papacy is dark all has been a out control and we have the children and what they have done.

  3. Steve

    I appreciate your work, however I feel you missed on at least two of these: 1. Christ was killed on the cross and he did rise in his lightbody on the third day. He didn’t die for our sins, but he did show us how to forgive our enemies, sick, twisted enemies none the less. In order to ascend we too will need to forgive the cabal of the heinous crimes they are guilty of, we’ll be forgiving ourselves for the dark roles we’ve played also. 2. Karma is transmutable, the only divine law that has no exception is the law of vibration.

    1. Doug James

      JC was never his name so how did the church arrive at it? The story was used to make him a martyr and a savior so we wld worship him and follow the church. CONTROL I has heard and now believe we was married to Mary magdalene as she was always with him and she wasn’t a prostitute another lie she was from a wealthy Jewish family. Did yeshua manifest instantly perhaps water to wine at his own wedding to MM.

      Almost all has been a lie to deceive us to control us that is obvious. We are all equal.

      KejRaj. Did Yeshua manifest and heal was he 5D? I was just talking about the Jesus story yesterday with my wife and you post this!! Amazing I had heard no crucifixion he and MM fled to Europe.

      1. Kazar

        Greetings. I feel there is an exception to the Law of Attraction. It’s the dispensation of GRACE from Creator aspect. Consider that Attraction/Karma returns to its source thru frequency match. One of the main aspects of Spiritual journey is to change the base nature of our thoughts and actions. Because of this trap of density and actions here committed you would be like a hamster on a treadmill without Grace. Love KejRaj columns K

        1. Doug James

          Agreed. Forgiveness of self and others does that not free us from karma and hasnt karma era ended with the Age of Aquarius? I agree flame light with tunnel to reincarnated us again I have read that and it makes sense. Also Trump many are losing support for him as he wont take action.. when will he speak truth about all.that is happening.

          1. Kazar

            Hi Doug. I have come to feel that any system of religious thought or political governance during the fall is at best slightly tainted or used as a system of control. I feel karma is a shadow of the Law of Attraction as Astrology may be a shadow of Astrophysics. I mean as a Sun sign does one feel relegated to one degree of one sign. A soul chart may be needed there. And what if as a model a sun receives twelve planets but but one undiscovered one an asteroid belt. I feel the Creator understands the conditions on earth and this is a Loving and Compassionate Creation. My understanding is just work on raising your frequency here enough so that the lower frequency Karma no longer has your GPS. There is no need to suffer to move forward.