Ashtar, Raphael, Angelic High Kingdom: The State of your Planet Now

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomHello beloveds it is i Lord Ashtar coming back through this channel again with another message for all of you. This is going to be a message where i’m going to talk about the state of your planet, the state that all of you are in. I’m also going to talk about what all of you are feeling that we in the high collective of light can actually feel and i’m going to bring through where that is leading you and what is actually happening because of how you’re feeling and because of what’s going on, on your planet and then Archangel Raphael will be bringing through some emerald green healing light, down onto the planet plane after i’m through.

I’d like to tell you the state of your planet, i’d like to tell you about what we are feeling and what we are seeing from all of you. We are seeing a lot of unrest and uncertainty, we are seeing still a lot of fear with these lockdowns, the mandates, those being forced to shut their businesses and all that is rolling out on all of you now with this virus, we are feeling your sadness, we are feeling your anger, we are feeling a confusion, for you do not seem to be able to decipher a lot of times from your media what is true and what is untrue.

You having to go into your all knowing, into intuition, to try to figure that out and we are feeling an uneasiness and an unrest as you don’t know what to expect next.

We do see this external is quite severe, we do see this virus that was set down on your planet doing a lot of damage, we do see what’s going on with every single one of you on this plane.

We’d like to say that although you’re all immersed in the external in some way and having to deal with what is being put upon you with your closures and your lockdowns and everything that each and every one of you on this entire planet is going through, we would like to say that something magical, that something wonderful and something very amazing is actually happening through all of this: you are unifying, you are becoming a unified body of light.

It is because you all strive for the same things, you all want the truth on the planet, you all want your freedom and free will, you don’t want these lockdowns and containment we’re going to say put on all of you and you want to move forward in fairness and you want to move forward with justice for all and you want to move forward in peace.

You all want the same thing and because the entire human collective does want the same thing you are unifying, you are moving into a unified body of light. Now there was other ways for this to happen without a virus on the planet but this is what’s rolling forward, this is what’s happening because of the situation that each and every one of you are in. This is what you’re doing, you’re going to move forward as one huge unified body of light, you are operating as yourself but you are unifying and you are going to operate in the cloud as a huge unified body of light.

When you all want the same things, when you all have the same feelings on this planet, you are joined, you are one. You now are starting to interface all of your wants, every single person on this planet is wanting the same thing. Energetically it is we’re going to say like threads are weaving all of you together. You are unifying, you are going to be this huge unified body of light that is going to be operating for the greatest good of all, not the greatest good of those few with the money. They can have that hold the power so they think.

So through all this virus, through all these lockdowns, through all this pain and sadness and fear and grief you have joined together as one big unified body of light. So where we stand this is huge, this is what is needed to go to the fifth dimension, this is what all of you had to do to ascend.

I know you are playing in the third dimensional matrix, you’re having to be immersed in it, to feel it and to see it and to roll through it but those of you that are going even those of you are sleeping you’re on the fourth dimension, you’re holding beautifully on the fourth dimension.

Do not worry you are coming through this, you’re wanting the truth, you’re wanting your freedom, you’re wanting the powers that be, that are so dark not to have the reign over you anymore and you’re wanting to move forward in peace and in fairness for all. So this although, as painful as it is, has unified each and every one of you together we’re going to say with gold strands of light beautifully as a unified body of light.

Something to think about as you move forward on your road to your ascension. This has happened because each and every one of you have felt the very same way, the very same way. There’s no one that’s escaped this on this planet and we don’t care how much money you have, you’re still feeling everything that everyone else is going through.

Something to think about for today, this is huge. I’m happy to be bringing through this information forward to you now because this is a huge part of your ascension, your journey that has been completed. You’re unifying, you’re going to go up still in a lot of waves, but you’re going to go up as a unified body of light. Those few with the money that hold the power are no longer going to hold the power they don’t have it.

You have to know they have nothing. If you think about it like that, the dark has nothing anymore but to push fear out at you. You all hold too much light, there’s too many of us high collective of light along with the angelic high kingdom that have pushed so much light down on your planet. You’re a huge beaming ball of white light. There’s too much light for the dark to even try, to take a hold.

It’s done, you have to roll through what’s being pushed out at you. You have to still speak your truth and speak up not only for yourself but to speak up for the collective, for the fairness of all but that will come and you will all speak your truth and you move forward beautifully.

This is huge. I know a lot of you are feeling very down but just know this is a monumental moment.

We all on the high councils are so very happy. We’re cheering you on. We are here to support your journey and to see that it is one that is bathed in love and bathed in light.

I Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic high kingdom are sending you this message through, to all of you, we are sending you such love, light and blessings.

Archangel Raphael is going to bring through emerald healing light to this channeler now and 40 million angels are going to also send emerald green light down onto the planet.

I Archangel Raphael are so pleased to be coming through this channeler again.

I am one of her guides and i do look forward to sending all kinds of energies down to all of you, to help you on your journey, along on this planet. I’m sending emerald green healing light today for all of you through this video, for love of your journey and who you are, the love of healing your heart and any wounds that this virus has caused to any of you.

Know that you are rolling forward in love and light, know that you are so strong has a unified body of light and know that i along with the entire angelic high kingdom are sending our love, our light our blessings and today 40 million angels are sending emerald green light to heal any wounds and to help you to move forward on your journey.

I’m sending you such love, light and blessings.


**Channel: Lynne Rondell

Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you entire angelic high kingdom and thank you ArchangelRaphael that ifelt great bringing that through. I was all tingling up and down and i can feel that it’s anemerald green, it’s a beautiful green color but it really sort of soothes and bathes and it’s going to all of your hearts and just alleviating any kind of stress and helping you to feel better.

I’m happy to bring through all these channelings for all of you. I hope this one resonated with you today. I look forward to bringing through many more channelings.

I’m sending you such love, light and blessings.

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