Violet Light Within and Without

star bright eraoflightdotcomViolet flames of transformation are flowing from the Earth’s core. Flowing up through channels alive with life giving frequencies for Earth. These channels lead to energy centers and sacred sites that once were groves of trees, pools of spring fed waters, crystalline rock formations that link to portalways of shifting multidimensional pathways. These portalways are sacred spaces amplifying life force energy that radiates into nature’s varied expressions of life on earth. From the center of the Earth, this life force radiates out to power center sites and stargates. Many of these sites have been plugged by buildings for the religions of the world, or destroyed through pollution and desecration of Earth’s natural flow of energies as well as growing cities that have blocked the flow of energy through layers and layers of cultures over the centuries. Some of these power centers have ancient temples that were built to enhance these energies in ages past before a great cataclysm rendered them silent.

Many ancient sites still radiate energy from the Earth’s core out into energetic fields beyond earth. Earth is a planetary communicant to cosmic consciousnesses of many forms in different dimensions in the multiverse – in the Vastness of the All That Is. Due to current travel restrictions, these sacred sites are more silent than they have been in hundreds of years. This is enabling the energy from the Earth to pulse through with little interference from human thought forms. In ages past, humans who created and lived within these structures had an understanding of how they assisted the energies to flow from the earth, through the temple complexes out into the cosmos, communicating with other planets, stars and sentient beings, as well as through each human on Earth, energizing them with harmonious frequencies to help maintain balance.

In contemplating this violet flame as it travels around the earth, I have seen with inner sight, the flames concentrated on an area somewhere in the Middle East. Violet flames coming up through the earth and concentrating around an energy center, a stargate. I added some energy into the flames and I saw a demon that is holding the plug in place. A thick carpet of tentacles from the demon spread out across the land, sprouting other demons and sending more tentacles of fear into the hearts of men and women. The violet flames were concentrated around the demon from below and above. My sense is that this is a major plug of an important energy enter of earth that has been plugged for thousands of years. The violet flame is constant and steady. The demonic plug is loosening. This is happening in many places on the Earth. I was shown this particular location to assist in bringing forth the violet flames from “topside”.

The core of Mother Earth is awake and undergoing an energetic birthing. We can assist as energetic midwives. Just as the demonic frequency of fear has enthralled the hearts of many humans, those of us who have been working on purging the grip of the fear currents in our own life experience are aware enough to do our part in amplifying the violet flames with love for Earth and Humanity.

The light grid of energy around the earth, which we contribute to through our conscious, awakened intentions, helps to support and refine the highest frequencies, assisting the earth and sun in bringing forth and maintaining a high frequency of energy. This is the birthing into a more refined dimension of awareness for Earth and Humanity. Right now, the grid is filled with violet light, bringing forth transformation for all of life on Earth. It is a gradual process, but it is in an accelerated frequency at this time. Stay focused and vigilant in your own healing and releasing process. Remember we have already reached critical mass in awareness and intention for Love to prevail. Love is gentle and love is fierce.

As the Earth dances with the cosmic energies of the Sun, which receives pulsations of energy from other stars throughout our galaxy, she is healing and awakening from within and birthing a new embodiment. Just as each of us individual human beings have been doing. By purging the beliefs and programming that have held the frequency of fear – of anti-love – within ourselves and our ancestral memories, we are able to embody our beautiful and unique divine soul essence more and more.

I see myself filled with ultraviolet light of purification, radiating from Source in the center of my physical being, filling my body and my energy field with this light, joining the violet flames of transmutation at the edge of my energy field and beyond. What is happening in planet Earth is happening within us as well. This is what many of us have been working on in our own personal process. As above, so below. Humanity has reached critical mass of light frequencies and love. Know this for yourselves and continue amplifying it in your world. We rise together with the earth. Above and beyond the stories and the drama, there is a beautiful, fierce awakening happening.

Shine on!

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