Inter Galactics: Monolith Madness

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomIn the spirit of fun and light-heartedness we come to humanity. We seeded the idea of the monolith in people’s imaginations – those who fly and flow with creative joy.

First one – Utah – was done for a filming by a groupof artistic collaborators, same with the one in California then the idea was taken up by others and still others will be created.

We are inter-galactic travellers as many of you are, but you chose to land on Earth to dance in the realm of the physical, regenerating in different timelines to seed love in Humanity and also to have your own soul growing experiences while bringing an upliftment to Humanity. We travel on inter-dimensional pathways. Our mission has always been to seed new life with joyful explosions of Light. We delight in the Human ability to create and to laugh, especially to laugh and create light heartedness. We delight in the way Humans use their bodies to create through expression. Just think of how amazing it is to invent and play musical instruments or to allow the music to move through the body and to move with that flow, to allow sound to move through the body to sing the heart’s expression, or to create substances of color and paint images of light, or to bring life to metal, stone or wood to create sculptures. Or to open the imagination to find words to create stories or to work with numbers to study the nature of reality. Humans work with nature to create tasteful “colors” on the tongue to bring a joyful experience to nourishing the body. It is extraordinary what Humans do with creativity and we have only touched on a small part of the infinite creativity of Humans.

This joyful expression flows when Humans aren’t taking themselves too seriously. And there has been a great deal of seriousness in the last while as Humanity tumbles through tunnels – each Human in their own particular experience of a tunnel that is somewhat like the tumbler machine that polishes stones. So, your life experience has been tumbling you through emotional fires, banging you into walls that knock off the rigid ideas that stem from systems outdated and devolving. Many Humans are clinging to beliefs and screaming in rage and fear, holding on tightly to something that is dissolving. Others have found the flow of surrender into not knowing and not having to know, which brings them into the flow of the zero point moment of the now. It can be difficult to hold the zero point for long as the tumble continues, like riding rapid water through a twisting turning channel. But once one knows the feeling of zero point, one can navigate back to the now moment, surrender into BE-ing and witnessing the stories, the drama from all the players on the world stage.

The monoliths offer an energy of expansiveness as a reminder of your multidimensionality. This human life you find yourselves in is but a small, tiny speck of what you truly are. These times you are in have been a shaking up, waking up, spinning you around in a chaotic smackdown, bringing people to their knees, not knowing what to believe or believing in some story lines with a fervour of rigidity, that binds them in emotional turmoil.

Not knowing what to believe is the doorway into surrendering and letting go into zero point of the now moment, connecting us to our heart and our soul essence, enabling us to feel into the vastness of our being. Thank you for the reminder of the essence of creativity that is one of Humanity’s greatest gifts. Creativity and a sense of humour helps us to navigate through life’s challenges.

The monoliths are a light hearted testament to spark the imagination into wondering and delighting in the unknown, captivating some people’s imaginations. Others, in their rigid clinging to something that feels safe, try to stop change from flowing, which is the natural flow of life. They may destroy the monoliths but not the dream-knowing of something so much more amazing than the status quo coming into the world. The monoliths represent joy and playfulness and delight and breakthrough. Breaking through the ceiling of limitation. As monoliths rise in symbolic wonder, they symbolize the mystery of life. They are reflective or burnished to shine as a doorway, a portal to the imagination.

Many more people will be having fun for a while with Monolith Madness. Know, too, that within the monolith experience is a lightening of energy and a realization that there are wonders in the Universe beyond your wildest dreams.

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