Archangel Michael and Ashtar: Your Planet has Switched to that of Light

archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomHello beloveds, it is i Lord Michael along with Lord Ashtar coming through this channeler with a message for all of you. This is a special message we feel and very important to bring through to all of you. This is a message that has significance and importance to all of us from the higher realms, especially the angelic high kingdom and along with Lord Ashtar and his command, it holds a lot of weight.

We thought although things are looking more bleak out on your planet and although you are feeling what we’re going to talk about but we thought we’d bring through this sort of we’re going to say special announcement for all of you.

Three days ago a call went out from the highest divine beings to all the 144 000 angels that are on this planet that are in human form. They were called to hold their swords of light up and then an another call went out to all the children of light that were awake to also raise their swords of light and all those have come online that know what’s going on were called to actually raise their swords and hold their swords up, their light swords as they were called the 144 000 angels and as the children of light were called to do this as well and we’re going to say that the 144 000 angels are in physical form.

You may not know what you were doing but your higher self and your truth and what you really are at your divine form, I’m going to say at your true divinity knew what to do but we saw the 144 000 angels and human forms raised their swords of light and all the children of light that were awake raised their swords of light and this channeler did witness as she raised up as well.

She witnessed as we witnessed this, we’re going to say, waves of light go out and around your planet and it was not like the angels would push light out it was on a wave. It went out and it did connect all of you together with your sword.

The entire planet lit up then the angelic round pushed the highest frequency Christ consciousness light through the planet as well. It illuminated all of you that were standing there and holding your swords of light and the 144 000 angels that were doing actually what they came to do.

They jumped into physical form to do just what we witnessed them to do. It was miraculous. I know that you don’t feel it down there but it was miraculous then we witnessed herald angels which do come. They’re very big and formed white angels and they blew from their horns and the angelic realm cheered because at that moment with all of you participating whether you realized it or not your higher selves were doing the work that they came to do this planet was actually changed from the dark to the light.

Although a lot of you are seeing this very dark agenda roll out, your planet switched three days ago. You switched, you became a planet of light. Those that jumped into the physical form did their job. Now the 144 000 angels are going to be called upon again and there will be more children of light that do raise their swords up in light, you know high when they are called on.

They will connect the entire planet but you change from the dark to the light. So we do not think that you do know this but the entire angelic realm sang out in unity, they clapped, they were joyful, all the councils of light were so happy because this was needed for all of you to actually ascend, this was needed for all the dark to actually be taken off this planet once and for all.

You had to switch out of the dark realm and you had to switch into light. So we talked about a lot of light being sent down to the planet waves of light. This channeler talks about a lot of other channelers talk about waves of light coming through but you actually as an embodied planet, we’re gonna say, as humans you had to switch to the light.

You actually switched out of dark reign into light reign which means now you’re never going back down to that third dimension all of you are actually holding really firmly on this fourth dimension that are going. There’s going to be a lot of dark humans that are still going to play out their dark reign but they’re not ascending, they’ll be playing them out until they don’t when they leave this planet and they will be sent off planet to another third dimensional planet where they can keep playing these dark games out, until they actually realize there’s something more to life and that would be light.

You actually, enough of you which i wanted to bring this message through this channeler along with Lord Ashtar, enough of you have woken up, enough of you held your swords up, enough of you really although you don’t physically know you did it, enough of you children of light came up with your swords of light and the 144 000 angels that were sent down here.

They were actually sent from the highest divine realm of light, they were sent to destroy the dark, they were sent to put your planet into a planet of light. They were actually sent down to see that the dark reign is stopped forever as this was, we’re going to say, of biblical proportions what happened three days ago and this channeler was moved to tears by what she saw and what she felt and she knew from that moment you’re all on your way to ascending, she knew from that moment the dark reignis essentially over and she knew from that moment that you are to be bathed in light not only the planet bathed in light but you are now children of the light.

The dark is no longer going to be on your planet when you ascend to this fifth dimension. The dark is being taken off, all dark, the dark humans will stay and play out their dark agenda as negative karmic charges do hit them and the more negative karmic charges do hit them the more negative karma they do have to work off, we’re going to say.

Whatever that means for them it’ll be different for each and every one of them and they always do have a chance and a choice to go to the light. They still have this negative karma to work off but the light always welcomes those to the light if that makes any sense. Those in the highest divinity don’t ever turn their backs on anyone. They see that everyone now in this lifetime has choices, they see that everyone has a choice of turning to the light and wanting better and wanting not to be full of their dark practices.

It is their journey whatever it may be but all that turns the light are welcomed they still have to work off that negative karma but they can then go forth in the light.

We are so happy to be bringing through this message through this channeler. It is huge, the entire angelic realm was clapping, was cheering, was blowing their horns, was doing everything and i know all of you that see such dark agenda rolling out on your planet don’t really understand how it’s switched and because you’re not feeling the switch of the light but we are telling you, i Lord Michael along with Lord Ashtar, we are telling you, you are now a planet of light.

There’s no dark agenda that can actually really hold and stick on your planet and there’s no dark beings that are going to be allowed to stay here on your planet. When you do ascend to the fifth dimension, when all of you finally get up to the fifth dimension, you will be solely a planet of light.

Now a lot of work has to be done to get all of you there but i Lord Michael thought that this message needed to be brought through to all of you to know that although your plan is bathed in light you are now a planet of light.

Those that jumped into human form, those angels that knew what they had to do to help all of you and all you children of light that did wake up, you held your swords up and you connected enough light on the planet that it went around and the angelic realm sent this beam of light, we’re gonna say, out all around the planet. It not only bathes Mother Earth in light but it actually was able to switch your planet to that of light.

So i Lord Michael along with Lord Ashtar are so excited to be bringing through this message through this channeler. We are ecstatic with this. This does mean huge things. I know you can’t see it yet but it means huge things for your future, it means a very fast ascension, it means the dark is going to be taken off your planet much quicker and it means that you are all of light.

I and Lord Michael are sending you such love, sending you such light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Michael, thank you Lord Ashtar for that beautiful message.

I did witness that it was beautiful, i was moved to tears seeing how all of you even though you may not have known what you were doing or holding your swords up and i did see the 144 000 angels. I saw what they looked like the physical humans but that what they looked like an angelic form it was beautiful to see to witness and i thank all of you.

I look forward to bringing through many more messages through for all of you i am sending you such love, such light and blessings

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