You Are Free

the light within eraoflightdotcomAs immense energy upgrades are pouring in, know that in the next few days more will come up to be released, as layer by layer of what no longer serves your highest rising into the highest dimensional state will now be churned up for you to release.

It could well be that some souls will no longer be able to walk with you, as you are rising in frequencies and vibration and more and more into the Highest Soul Source Self.

Do not attach to anyone. Let them go. Allow them the freedom to find choose their own options, and choose their own path.

Claim your freedom to create a totally new and much higher dimensional life for yourself in this present moment.

Remember that when one moves up the dimensional frequency band, all the old ways of living, doing and being, no longer will work. One now needs to master a totally new way of life – and new lessons in highest mastery in that higher vibrational state will now come to the fore, and most of these have to do with unity consciousness.

One cannot see black/white, good/bad, shadow/light anymore. The one cannot judge self and others. One can only see one.

Why? Because you inner soul self, now moves in total harmony and oneness with the Divine and the Divinity within you. You now start living on a much higher octave of frequency, where separation is no longer seen nor felt. All is elevated into a much higher state and therefore you have changed. You have been lifted into a totally new way of life and living and exploration. You cannot go back into the old duality and polarity, the old separation, for you are ONE with All That IS and All That Is is ONE with you.

Note that when the releasing now come, you will have moments when your heart is cleaved open to the very core. Tears will flow. Yet now you will release at a much faster pace, for as you release, forgive and get go, all just vaporizes and thus is being lifted instantly off you.

We are being freed!

And how!

Judith Kusel