Moment of Cosmic Rebirth

expansion image eraoflightdotcomThis is a moment of cosmic rebirth of the highest kind and I am feeling these very powerful energies intensely today. Indeed, it has been building up into crescendo and will continue doing so in the next few months.

The Whole Universe is being systematically reinvented and a massive rebirth and reshuffling is occurring.
With this the New Earth is rising at immense speed and you indeed, your physical body is going through intense changes too, so you will need to rest more and seek stillness and quietude.

The deepest shifts are recurring within us, as our soul reconnects more and more with the Divinity within as an outpouring of energies directly from the Divine Source is pouring into our Stellar Gateways and upper chakras, igniting the highest Christedness.

The energy is beautiful white gold and I have been shown the earth from up in the cosmos, and indeed she is pulsating with this beautiful white-golden energy, in her new Earth state, as the old is dissipating more and more.

The shifts now are immensely powerful inner shifts. A deep remembering of the immortality of your own soul and its true magnificence. We are remembering our God and Goddess hood and indeed we are moving back into the original primordial paradise creation!

We are being prepared for immense changes which will occur in 2021 up to 2032 and indeed, by then humankind and the earth will be totally different.

We are moving back into the Heart of Love and indeed Unity and Oneness, yet this needs to come from deep within ourselves, embracing All-that-is, before we can embrace the whole of New Earth and the Reborn Humanity.

What a potent and powerful moment this is!

You will have more and more transcendental experiences, and more will be revealed on all levels now.
This is but the very beginning of enormous quantum changes on all fronts!

Judith Kusel