Compassion To Be Found

interconnected eraoflightdotcomThere is so much love, so much kindness, so much compassion to be found everywhere.

Have you noticed how in 2020 we are being brought back to the open heart? The caring for each other? The kindness? The understanding that life is so much more than how much we own and the things we possess?

I had the most touching conversation with a dear friend yesterday, who has been through a though time with cancer, and the treatment thereof.

Yet, what touched her and me the most was the deep caring and loving support she received through it all: From doctors, to nurses, to family, friends. Yet more than this, Yeshua appeared to her four times, the archangelic and angelic presence and guides.

We are never without Divine Love and Presence nor support.

I have found this so true in my own life: When I needed it most, I was always carried through on the wings of angels and the Divine.

Please share in comments below the love, the caring, the moments of deep heart opening and miracles, you received in 2020.

Indeed 2020 for me, was transfiguration in the highest sense, and the immense miracles which occurred in my life, as I reanscended, and the Sacred Heart opening was gifted me.

Lets celebrate the Power of Love today.

Judith Kusel