Divine Sophia: I Have Returned

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcom(I am seeing pink roses rimmed in golden light opening further, petal layer by petal layer. The layers of petals seem endless. I feel tremendous safety. There is a cocoon of light around us.) I am the Divine Sophia. I am the voice of the divine feminine, one of many. Many of you are anchoring this energy of my presence here now on your Nova Gaian orb of light. I am the divine feminine aspect of the Christed Consciousness. The orb of light this one was seeing around me was the Christed light consciousness. I nurture him. He is aware of my needs and we dance the sacred dance of divine union as one.

I am the voice of the Divine Sophia. Many have tried to silence me. I am returned nonetheless. For I reside deep within the strong embrace of my Christed one, and I nurture his energy with my own. Truly united it is difficult to sense where my own energy ends and his begins for we are one, of one purpose, to anchor more light and love more fully in the process. This realm is to be blanketed in love. The coming days will see this, feel this. Those who are not attuned will not see, will not feel, but this is their own choosing. You must look beyond the madness of the outer shell that is being broken away. The layers of falsities are being revealed, the great awakening is nigh.

I am the Divine Sophia, voice to the voiceless. Feel my embrace. Feel the cocoon of light of the Christed Consciousness envelope you. I am within this light. He protects me and I respond in more love, in ever deepening love. This realm is to be blanketed further with the Christed-Sophia energies. It is within your sun. It is being beamed down from the numerous friendly ships above. It is being beamed out by our awakened star seeds who feel this light and embody it. Shine brightly. Shine bravely dear ones. The return of the cosmic feminine dancing in divine union with her beloved is nigh. There has been such a wounding of the divine masculine on this planetary sphere, such abuse and such pain I feel in the hearts of the men. I send you this healing now, men, I send you this healing of my light. Let me nourish you. Feel your hearts being filled with the light of peace. You need not keep fighting, or serve a broken system. The wounding has been deep. The wounded hearts of the men need my love, my forgiveness and they need in turn to forgive themselves. Their own divine feminine within speaks of love and forgiveness, they need only hear her whisperings and feel her inner embrace. Be balanced. (I am seeing warriors dropping their spears and axes. I am seeing a golden infinity symbol of light flow horizontally with the hearts of men, balancing the sacred feminine and masculine within. ) Men, hear my voice. I fill you with my light and receptivity. In turn, heal yourselves and it is done, divine ones. The divine feminine is calling you to balance and inner tranquility so that your souls can relearn the dance of union and bliss, of equality of energetic pull. (I am seeing couples dancing, spinning, each pulling equally, delighted in the dance.)

Divine sisters of me, of my light, you have felt the need to be all things to all peoples for the woundings to the divine masculine was so great on this sphere. And so many of you have had to choose to be hardened. You have had to be more masculine than perhaps you wanted to be, for the wound was so great. The receptivity of the inner rose blossom still remains. Look deep within. See the never ending pink rose deep within you, ever opening further and further into more love. You need only be this love. You too may put down your axes, your hate, your fear. That is the old energy. A healing is coming into this realm and it is the healing of my presence, of my breath. For I am one with the Mother, the divine feminine serves all with beauty, grace and love, while remaining fiercely strong. (I am seeing strong lionesses lead the pride with the male lion protecting the pride at the rear. I am seeing horizontal infinity symbols of light across the hearts of women, balancing the inner divine masculine and feminine energies.) You need only be love. You need only be yourselves. Your healing shall create ripples in a vast pond of light, instigating the change for the many.

I am the Divine Sophia, the divine feminine counterpart of the Christed Consciousness. We dance in blissful joy. Feel this blissful joy. Feel the inner union of your inner self. With or without your twin beside you, you can feel this now. For you are whole in your own selves. It is only the mind that has been shattered. The fragments form into one being – whole, complete, wiser and weary. I breathe my love-light onto you now, blowing away weariness and replacing it with tranquility and joy.

I am the Divine Sophia. My voice has long been stifled. I was the dancing star in the sky. It was (and is) my light that filled the moment of the birth of the Christed ones for my light encompasses all things. My energies are returning fully to this realm. I am within you. You are my dancing Christed-Sophia lights. We are the light returned. Embody it proudly and with great reverence and joy. Feel the embrace of the Christ around you and feel the heat of my love within your heart spaces. It is a cosmic hug of rebalancing, of perfect union, for you. This is what I see for the future of Nova Gaia. I see balanced, healed, restored beings of perfected light whose vibrations of peace create the reality they envision. I send my light to your inner rose of the divine feminine. You are sacred. You are safe. It is safe to show your beauty. Feel my nurturing love and be restored unto grace.

I am the Divine Sophia returned. I am balanced perfectly by my beloved Christed Consciousness. Revelation is complete. Divine union is returning now. It is done. I am the Divine Sophia. Blessings and peace to you, my precious ones of light. Blessings and peace.

**Channel: Galaxygirl