Mike Pence, Now ‘Homeless and Couch Surfing’, Reportedly Plans To Rake In Millions Through New Non Profit

justnews eraoflightdotcomMike Pence is reportedly planning a new 501(c)(4) that will allow him to remain close to Republican donors as he contemplates a run for President.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, who many feel betrayed President Donald Trump and his base when he surrendered the White House to Joe Biden on January 6 without even acknowledging what have been described as credible evidence of widespread voter fraud, has reportedly been “homeless and couch surfing” since leaving the White House, and is now planning to return to Indiana, reports suggest he will found a new non-profit to rake in donor cash.

It was reported last week that Pence is “homeless and couch surfing” following his ejection from government. A former Trump administration official told Business Insider that “He doesn’t have anywhere to live,” which led to reports that Pence and his wife Karen are “‘couch surfing’, either staying with Pence’s brother in Columbus, Indiana or at the Indiana Governor’s secluded vacation cabin in Brown County.”

Pence has not owned property since the 1990s, prior to his foray into politics, a revelation that has reportedly left those close to him “vexed.” After leaving the Indiana Governor’s Mansion in 2016, he moved directly to the Vice President’s Residence in Washington, D.C.

Now, NBC News reports that Pence is widely expected to start a new 501(c)(4) entity, with which he can solicit donations from conservative donors with deep pockets who do not wish their identities to be known.

“Within the next month, he is likely to announce the formation of a nonprofit social welfare organization to amplify his positions on a ‘consistent conservative philosophy,’ as one person familiar with the plan described it,” NBC News reported.

“Such groups, known as 501(c)(4) nonprofits, can be active on political issues but are not allowed to engage in campaigning, and they can attract millions of dollars by keeping their donors secret.”

NBC explains that this would allow Pence to maintain a close financial relationship with large conservative donors while he lays low until after the 2022 midterms, when he is expected to decide whether he will run for President of the United States.

As National File reported, a former Trump administration official and member of President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign revealed that Pence and then-RNC Chair Reince Priebus attempted a “coup” against President Trump in 2016. The administration official revealed that Pence and other establishment Republicans planned to remove President Trump from the top of the ticket in October of 2016, only weeks before the presidential election.