Lightness Returns – February 2021

energy waves eraoflightdotcomHi my friend!

February is bringing with it an increasing influx of lightness, as uplifting and high vibrational energies awaken within and all around us.

This month will offer us a rare occurrence, with a whopping seven celestial bodies—the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and the asteroid Pallas—all moving into the sign of Aquarius.

This creates what’s known as a stellium.

This is highly noteworthy, because configurations like this create the space for epic forward movements to occur!

This powerful entry of Aquarian energy in February will shift our focus to humanitarian issues, technological advancements, and unconventional innovations. These themes will guide the framework of our society throughout all of 2021, and into the decade ahead.

As mentioned in the January 2021 Forecast, we have now entered a time of moving in the direction of:

New inventions—technologies and discoveries that will serve to unite, awaken, and inspire us, bringing great healing to humanity and our planet in ways we’ve previously consigned to seemingly “far-fetched” sci-fi films.
Continued progressions in the areas of holistic medicine, education, business, global money exchange, governments, and other institutions. These will be reformed, refined, and upgraded to serve everyone, not just a select few who think they have been running the show this whole time.
A continued movement away from the ideology of the old structures to new ways of co-existing, allowing for a balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in our co-creations.
For many, the lightness that will be returning to the heart and mind of humanity these next few weeks feels long overdue, especially since the past year has felt quite challenging for so many empaths.

As empaths, it’s important for us to be in the space of connectedness.

Being aware of our connection to our authentic selves and to the Earth will ensure that we are more available to align with the lightness about to enter our physical, etheric, and mental bodies over the coming weeks ahead.

As empaths and wayshowers, our choosing to consciously connect with love, peace, and compassion creates the space for humanity to do the same.

Here are a few gentle ways to feel more connected, so that we can prepare to align with and best utilize the lightness now available to us:

Choosing to make joy and well-being a top priority

Creating time to nurture and pamper ourselves

Playing daily through dance, the arts, or any other form of creative expression!

Sharing our Light, gifts, and talents openly

Letting go of the need to identify with the mind’s attachments to specifics, including people, places, and experiences, no longer defining ourselves by them

Expressing gratitude and appreciation as often as we can

Spending time observing our lives via mindful moments such as meditation, rather than simply reacting to our experiences

Eating foods that are life-enhancing and nourishing to our body and mind

Spending time in nature, and with gentle animals (pets)

Creating time to have a good laugh daily

Taking long, deep breaths several times throughout the day

These are just a few examples of how we can be connected, present, and available to the return of the lightness that will be making itself available to all of us.


When empaths move through intense energy cycles, such as the back-to-back ones we’ve been experiencing since last year, many of us tend to hide ourselves from the world.

This happens because the mind creates a defense mechanism for itself so it can handle all the feelings that come up under the pressure of these higher energies coming in.

We can liken it to when a caterpillar builds its cocoon, to create a safe haven for itself as it turns into a butterfly.

When we create a defensive cocoon, things can feel isolating and lonely. As a result, it feels harder to be happy and to feel connected to our Light-filled self.

Although it may not feel very comfortable, being in the cocoon can help us learn more about ourselves in a much more intimate way.

It gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we are ready to shed and release, so that we can lighten our load and fly higher than ever before.

Our time of being in the cocoon is complete. The metamorphosis is complete.

It’s time for us now to remove all of the previous distractions that kept us hiding in our cocoon.

It’s time to step into and fully embrace our destiny as vast Universal Beings!

We can move in this direction in a few simple ways, such as turning off the news or any other distracting outside influences, such as organizations, ideologies, or groups that have drained our energy and moved us out of alignment with our most powerful, joyful, peaceful, loving version of ourselves.

Now is the time for us to spread our wings, and to co-create extraordinary things together!

The magic and wonder of the Universe has always been and always will be available to us, when we choose to connect with it from within.

The Universe and all the wonder that is within it is the essence of who we are, at our core, and it’s time we fully embrace and share this part of ourselves with the world.

Reshaping Our Present by Healing the Past
As we move forward, it’s important to address and heal ourselves from any miscreations we contributed to in the past.

As part of the human experience, we have been given the opportunity to make choices and decisions that help us learn more about ourselves. Some of these choices expand us, and some of these choices contract us.

The beauty of life is that we are always given the opportunity to learn from the choices we’ve made, whether they’ve been expanding or contracting us.

An example of this can be seen in the kinds of relationships we are choosing to have. We might be attracting partners into our lives who are not treating us with kindness, love, honor, and respect.

This same pattern keeps showing up with each new partner, almost as though it were happening with the same person we had these challenges with in the past.

This is confirmation that there is a lesson and a blessing waiting to be fully learned and received by us.

In the case of the above example, the lesson is often directly related to the pattern of how we learned to treat ourselves as a child. We may have seen our parents and other family members mistreat us or each other in a similar way, so that on some level, the little child we were decided this is how she or he should treat themselves.

Once we realize this, we can see that we have been repeating the past in our present reality.

From there, we can learn to shift how we treat ourselves to a much higher level.

Most often, the lessons we are learning never have anything to do with anyone or anything outside of ourselves. It’s always about the relationship we are choosing to have with ourselves.

It can be freeing and empowering to understand that all of the experiences we’re having in our lives are a direct reflection of how we are treating ourselves.

Yet to the mind, it can also be challenging, as we realize that we alone are responsible for how we shape our reality.

If you find that the mind resists the deep inner knowing that you already have—that you alone are responsible for how your life is shaped … just know that your mind is trying to protect you the best way it knows how.

View the mind as the little child you once were, and let them know that you love and honor them immensely.

Let your mind/inner child know there’s nothing they can do that would make you stop loving them unconditionally.

When your mind starts to realize that you are seeing, hearing, and honoring them this way, they will begin to soften their approach and be more open to letting you (as the Spirit you are) guide the way.

The lightness making its way into our reality this month offers us the gift of learning the lessons of our past in ways we may have not been able to learn until now.

This empowers us to evolve, grow, and begin creating a reality anchored in the present.

As we learn the lessons of our past, we heal and reshape our present and future.

As multidimensional beings, we are here, there, and everywhere all at once, because we are extensions of the Universe itself, fully realized in physical and energetic form.

So as a multidimensional being, we’re able to heal and reshape our past through acts of love, kindness, and compassion. From there, we can transform our present reality in ways that inspire, empower, and awaken us in extraordinary ways.

For example, you as the loving and compassionate adult you are today can envision yourself holding and embracing your inner child, letting them know through words, actions, and feelings that you embrace and love them unconditionally, and that they can choose to be, do, and have anything they desire to experience in life.

And that they are whole and perfect, exactly as they are.

You are changing the course for the little child you once were, so that they can have a totally different experience from the timeline they’ve experienced so far.

This is what is meant by “Love heals everything.” It really does!

Love transcends all logic, time, and space. From that perspective, healing is instant.

Now, imagine what would happen if we were able to offer that same Love to the world we live in, including every government, person, place, and experience that has ever taken place, since the beginning of Time?

The mind may object, asking “why” it should immerse itself in this kind of healing Love.

Yet our Spirit knows the power of what can happen when the mind recognizes the value and benefit of doing so.

The reason why so much of what we’re seeing in the world now seems so turbulent and imbalanced, is because this world is starving for our Love.

Each of us is the Universe incarnate. It only takes one person to shower the world with a Love that heals and moves Universes instantly.

Of course, there are millions of people in the world who are doing this every day, and it’s shifting and healing our world tremendously. (Even though on the surface, the media may not be covering this new reality.)

A Release

February will bring with it a great release for everyone, especially when it comes to our mental and emotional well-being.

It’s becoming more apparent now than ever, that what we focus on is being amplified.

This amplification is working in two different ways:

For those who operate from a primal, survival-based awareness, things are becoming much more challenging and intense.

For those who operate from a compassionate, loving, and awakened awareness, opportunities to expand, heal, and evolve in joyful ways are showing up everywhere.
February will offer everyone an opening to let go and release old habits, patterns, and behaviors, especially when it comes to anything challenging for us.

This opening is designed to help us experience what it’s like to live our lives from a more expanded, panoramic perspective, rather than to think and operate in narrow ways that set us up for great hardship.

This panoramic view offers us a clear reference point for how it feels to be present and clear enough to recognize the personal patterns, behaviors, routines, and actions we have outgrown and are ready to let go of.

The opening is also designed to help us learn about which new patterns, behaviors, routines, and actions can help us align with the truest, most abundant, and empowered aspects of ourselves.

If we are able to learn the lessons and integrate the new blessings this time of release has to offer, we will find life to be much more enjoyable and fulfilling, and will have a far smoother experience in the coming months and years ahead.

As we move through this time of release and letting go of the things that no longer serve our greatest good, many of us will feel like ourselves again.

For many, it has been awhile!

Feeling like ourselves is a peaceful experience that allows us to feel at home and settled in our body, mind, and energy. It brings us feelings of safety and comfort.

When we operate from a singular fixed view about ourselves and the world around us, this feeling of peace and being our true selves often feels to be missing.

We have the opportunity now to feel like ourselves again, in a way that is fresh and enjoyable.

With a daily mindfulness, this peaceful feeling will continue to grow and support us in how we navigate through the world as we move forward.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


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