Monthly Astro-Forecasts February 2021

astrology energy eraoflightdotcomDespite the uncertainty that surrounds us, there is a growing sense of calm and serenity as we each begin to find peace with embracing the unpredictable ebb and flow of life. ‘Not knowing’ is becoming a source for each of us to live life wholeheartedly rather than as a barrier to avoid embracing each moment and not truly live. Of course, this has always been the case, but it’s only since we’ve each been pushed beyond the limits of our known selves that we’ve been able to realise the true power of accepting the inevitability of ‘not knowing’.

Whilst none of us can know what lies around the next corner, it’s important we see this as a force to inspire and motivate us to make the most of every single moment. If we don’t, we can end up living in fear and becoming entombed behind self-imposed prison walls as we wait for the ‘right time’ to live. Uncertainty is a fact of life; no matter how much we’d like certainty and guarantees, we cannot have it. The world simply isn’t made that way. We have two choices as to how we come to terms with the impermanence of a shifting world, either to wriggle, wrestle and fight against the inevitable or to gracefully accept it. Now, graceful acceptance isn’t the same as giving up; it’s a courageous and wise willingness to be conscious and aware of the bigger picture of life and the constant ebb and flow of change.

Living in the moment takes courage and it takes conviction. It also takes more than a modicum of self-belief as we stop being tossed about by the storms of life and instead learn how to consciously flow with them. Once again, this isn’t about giving up, it’s more of a divine surrendering to change and uncertainty. More than anything, it’s letting go of fear as a driving force and becoming friends with it. Although we may not be able to have certainty in our lives, instead of this leaving us feeling foundation-less and restless, the more we lean into it, the more we realise the need to make peace with it.

Fear and uncertainty aren’t easy to live with as it’s hard to lovingly accommodate them into our daily lives. Yet, to deny or resist them doesn’t make them disperse, so when we gently turn towards them, we can begin to find a deeper sense of balance in our lives. Of course, we can’t ease all of our pain and suffering in life, and we certainly can’t numb ourselves to what may, or may not, happen ahead as to live wholeheartedly is to live openheartedly which means we open up to experiencing life more, the good with the bad. If we try to numb ourselves, how can we truly live as we become closed to the rich spectrum of life? We can try to anaesthetise ourselves by building brick walls between ourselves and the world, but this just leaves us feeling isolated and disconnected, rather than safe, comfortable and joyful.

Perhaps the biggest lesson we are each facing at the moment comes from a growing realisation that we are stronger, more vibrant and more resilient than we’ve ever given ourselves credit for. It’s undeniably hard when we feel broken and alone, disconnected or full of feelings of injustice or anger, and we can struggle to see beyond this, but it’s important we each know that we are not alone. When we gaze up at the stars in the sky above, we can feel connected. Similarly, when we take a big deep breath and re-centre, we can feel a deeper sense of connectedness. Although like-minded souls may not walk physically at our sides, we are all connected by unity of vision and spirit.

The cul-de-sacs, dead ends and potholes in the road ahead make for an interesting magical mystery tour in life. The more we choose to see the adventure in this rather than the struggle, the more we can shift towards living a more enriching life. In many ways, this is less about the things we do, the people we see, the places we go and the things we achieve, it’s more about our state of being: it’s how we breathe into life and how we let life breathe into us.

We are each packed full of potential, inspiration and innovation, and this flows freely when we love, encourage and support ourselves and one another. When we make space for individuality and self-expression, the world somehow flows better. It’s time for each of us to nurture our gifts now and to have the courage to set them free…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,




As you continue to reconnect more wholeheartedly to the warm light of your soul, there is a sense that your energy is twinkling more brightly with an effervescence and vitality, opening the doorway to new beginnings. The pathway to this reconnection has come from you creating more breathing space in your life in order to gain insight, clarity and understanding as to why you are the way you are and why you do the things you do. You seem poised and ready to make some important decisions about your path ahead, particularly when it comes to living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. You have long had aspirations and dreams, but many of these have been put on the back burner whilst you have focused on keeping on keeping on and on, trying to be everything to everyone. Of course, this is only natural for a generous and giving soul like you, but it seems important that you now begin to find ways to embrace living a more wholehearted life in order to achieve a stronger sense of balance and harmony.

The fires in your soul blaze brightly, yet you can still find it hard to trust your inner light to guide you as the distractions of your everyday life seem to cloud the view somewhat and can leave you doubting your phenomenal intuitive ability. As a result, you can sometimes feel lost in a sea of possibility, sensing your potential, but not feeling sure how to make the most of it. The key to overcoming this comes from a willingness to acknowledge these distractions and to begin the process of prioritising your life. There is a lot you can let go of and whilst this takes courage, you have this by the bucket load. Believe in yourself, trust your intuition and let your inner light shine brightly…



February looks set to continue the theme of your ‘New Year’s Revolution’ as you undergo a powerful shift in your life priorities. Many of the things, people and dreams that once seemed so important have ebbed away leaving you with some important decisions to make in terms of how to live your life in more enriching ways. The time has come for you to honour yourself more as you re-focus and re-prioritise, realising that your tendency to ‘over-give’ your time, reserves and energy to others usually leaves you feeling depleted. Whilst you will always be there for others, it’s time to be here for yourself as you undergo this period of inner revolution and change. This might sound like you have a chaotic chapter ahead, and whilst change is definitely in the air, there is also an overwhelming sense of peace: a sense of a ‘coming together’ of your mind, body and soul.

In essence, it therefore seems likely that your revolution is more about re-aligning your inner world with the outer and ensuring you are listening to your own wants and needs. This may feel revolutionary to you as you are simply not used to focusing on yourself as it feels too self-focused and self-indulgent. However, unless and until, you can strike a stronger sense of balance in your life, how can you live your best life as you’re constantly out of kilter, over giving to others and under giving to yourself? You matter! It’s time now for you to realise that being happy, content and joyful doesn’t come from you saying ‘Yes!’ to everyone all of the time. In fact, possibly one of the most empowering experiences comes from saying ‘No!’ and trusting that others have the resources to help themselves. It’s time to let go a little (well, a lot), to focus on yourself more and to find the joy of standing in your power…



As you continue to find peace with the vast and unknowable nature of your consciousness, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel more confident about diving into your inner depths with self-belief and conviction. It’s as though you have finally realised that whilst your awareness reaches far and wide, and beyond your everyday life, it is still a part of you and is therefore fully accessible when you allow yourself to consciously connect to it. It’s not a force a fear, but a part of you to befriend. It’s easy to get caught up in the humdrum, busy-ness of life and this can keep you away from the more creative and spiritual side of your nature, but it seems important that you start to find ways of incorporating this into your life now as your soul is calling out for more enrichment and a deeper sense of connection.

You are a vibrant, empathic and beautiful soul, but you so often become entangled trying to make sense of your life that you forget to live your life as wholeheartedly as possible. Of course, you will always be a thinker, but it’s important that you find ways to let go a little in order for you to fully connect to life. Thinking may give you clarity, but it’s experience and feeling that bring it all to life. Exploring the nooks and crannies of your mind will continue to excite you, but there is also a strong quest for stillness, clarity and tranquillity as you need some space to breathe, re-centre and re-balance. You have been feeling a strong sense of disequilibrium which has been hard to define, and this seems to be driven by an incongruence between your heart and soul over thinking versus feeling. It’s time to breathe deeply now as you find ways make peace with your beautiful and complex nature…



Life is often a complex and confusing mass of contradictions. There are times when it feels like everything comes together with ease and there are other times when it feels more like the instruction manual to some flat pack furniture! Frustrating! Of course, each person has a different approach when it comes to flat pack furniture, some never read the instructions, others follow it word by word. There are others would just pay someone else to do it! There is no right or wrong way, and you probably blend together a combination of the above when it comes to making sense of life. Although you know yourself well, there is still a part of you searching for more clarity when it comes to the bigger picture and what’s next. Although you accept that you can never truly know what’s around the next corner, it is important for you to establish a sense of purpose as this can help you to make more informed plans and decisions.

However, it’s important that you also listen to your intuition to guide you as there is a risk that you can get lost in the details of the frustrating life instruction manual of ought’s, must’s and should’s. Sometimes life is more about what you intuitively sense rather than what the instructions say. This isn’t about being a rebel, it’s about trusting your phenomenal intuition more and letting go of the pressure you place on yourself to get everything right. Whilst you will always strive to do more, be more and achieve more, you have reached a stage of your life where living well is perhaps the most important aspiration you have. You want to feel joyful, content and balanced, and this comes from following your own path more and from loving the many different facets of your being, bringing it all together into one, great big, beautiful whole…



As you continue to seek out a deeper sense of balance in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to re-shape and re-prioritise your hopes and dreams as you contemplate the life you’re living, the life you feel you should be living and the life you want to be living. You have been caught up on a hamster wheel of ought’s, must’s and should’s as you have tried so hard to be everything to everyone, and you are now realising the cost of this when it comes to being everything to yourself. Of course, it’s so easy to become entangled in the web of busy-ness and it can take over if it’s left to spiral and grow. There are times when pausing for a while is the only way to re-establish a sense of balance as you can find the space to breathe deeply once again. Life is about more than people pleasing and ticking off your ‘to do list’, it’s also about living well, following your dreams and living as wholeheartedly as possible.

You seem ready now to find ways in which to thrive and blossom in life as you tap into your inner well of courage, strength and determination. Life is complex, but this current shift is less about the complexity and more about the simplicity, as you focus on being conscious in the moment. Happiness isn’t only about the joy you bring to others, it’s also about feeling joy dancing in your own heart and soul. When did you last feel your soul dancing? When did you last even think to check? February looks set to be a month for your priorities to shift as you turn your focus towards how to live the best life possible. It’s time to be less defined by ought’s and must’s as you let your own spirit soar and dance with joy…



As you continue to work on changing your inner critic from harshness to loving tenderness, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how powerful your internal dialogue can be. Whilst you have achieved a great deal in your life, there is a sense you often feel like you could ‘do better’ or ‘do more’ and this is a reflection of just how powerful and critical your inner voice can be. Your pedestal of aspiration is placed so high it’s hidden in the clouds and your determination to reach the summit means your focus is always on what you haven’t yet achieved or haven’t yet become. As a result, you can inadvertently create a mindset of lack as you see the gap between where you are and where you feel you need to be more easily that you can see where you are now. Of course, where you are now might not be reflective of your hopes and dreams, but unless you can be firm footed in the present moment, how can you make informed choices and decisions about what happens next?

It takes courage and self-belief to stand with grace and acceptance in the present moment as it shows a willingness to accept the fact that you might not be exactly where you’d like to be in life, but you are still willing to live life as fully and as consciously as possible. This isn’t about letting go of those dreams and goals, this is about the need for you to stop being so hard on yourself and to try a new strategy for self-motivation: kindness and compassion.  Being a hard task master gets you so far, but it’s time now to start a new dialogue and to realise that being compassionate and kind with yourself is ultimately not only a more rewarding way to live, but it’s also the path to joy…



As you continue to find ways to love your vibrant and effervescent whirlwind of a mind, you have opened up to the idea of creating peace within your head, heart and soul amongst the swirling busy-ness and clatter of thoughts. It feels only natural to you for your mind to churn over on multiple levels at any one time as you tend to have a kaleidoscope of different thought processes going on at once. Whilst you are used to this, there is a sense that you would benefit from a ‘pause’ or an ‘off’ switch at times to help you to relax and unwind! Perhaps the biggest consequence of having such a lively mind is the busy-ness, the constant exploration of ideas and the inability to tap into the stillness within you. It can be hard for you to even begin to imagine that you even have any stillness within you, but it’s there, in abundance.

When you close your eyes and breathe deeply, you can feel the core of stillness rising and falling with your breath. February looks set to be a month for you to make a conscious choice to tap into this stillness more as this is the true source of your intuition and creativity. These are your true gifts as they inspire you to think outside of the box in life. Whilst your busy mind brings you ideas and innovation, it’s your intuition and creativity that ultimately shape your path in life. It therefore seems time for you to feel a deeper sense of connection with the core of your being in order to gain a stronger sense of purpose and direction. You are a beautiful, talented and gifted soul and you have a deep well of potential and possibility waiting to burst free, just like a bud waiting to blossom. So, take a breath and let your inner stillness guide you…



February looks set to be a month of deepening your connection to your heart and soul as you begin to focus more wholeheartedly on the things that are truly important in your life. You have spent a long time scattering your energy as you’ve tried to be everything to everyone, and this has left you feeling as though your edges are blurred and you’re not quite sure where you end and others begin. Of course, this is to be expected for a naturally fluid soul like you, but there is a sense that you have gone beyond your usual level of fluidity and bent yourself out of shape in order to accommodate the wants, expectations and needs of others. Whilst you love to have many different threads weaving their way through your life at any one point in time, it’s hard to weave this into a masterpiece when you are overloaded with threads. In short, less is more!

Although you are more than capable of bending and flexing, the time has come for you to ask yourself if you want to. There will always be some responsibilities you cannot step away from, but there are many aspects of your life that feel more like clutter: things to do, be and see that have made their way onto your ‘to do list’, but no longer feed your soul or enliven your mind (if they ever did). Perhaps the focus needs to be on balance now as you begin to let go and reset your priorities? It’s unquestionably hard for a generous and giving soul like you to step back, but this is your time now to set a new intent for the path ahead. As your connection to your heart and soul continues to grow stronger, let it light up and show you the way. Your intuition is phenomenal and incredible, so believe in yourself and set yourself free…



Loving the life you live and living the life you love continue to remain at the forefront of your consciousness throughout February as you begin to think about what you truly want: what makes your heart sing? What warms your soul? What sets your free? Of course, life isn’t only about embracing your free spirit as there are inevitably bills to pay and other pedestrian things to do, but you have spent a long time keeping on keeping on and your soul is now calling you towards change. Loving the life you live and living the life you love are important concepts for you to consider now as you have an opportunity to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside out. There is no doubt you have felt a rising sense of saturation and overwhelm over recent months as you have faced your fair share of challenges, but this has also highlighted a deeper desire for you to make some important decisions as you want more breathing space and spontaneity.

You are ready to feel more connected, interconnected and enlivened as you seek to grab hold of life with both hands once again and let your effervescent energy and inspirational creativity flow free. It’s time for you to recapture the vibrancy and spark from within your heart and soul as you reset your priorities and reconnect to your gifts. Whilst there are inevitably still bills to pay and other day-to-day chores you can’t escape from, try not to let these bog you down; take the time to breathe deeply and to stay connected to your heart and soul. The free spirit in you is longing to fly high, to soar into unchartered terrain, and to feel wholeheartedly alive once again. Whatever choices you make (or don’t make), find peace with your decisions and open up to living the best possible life…



February looks set to be a month of deepening wisdom and revelation as you focus more wholeheartedly on finding your true centre. You have spent a long time going with the flow and being carried along with the currents of other people’s lives. Whilst you are quite happy to take such a role, there is a sense that the cost of this is a loss of connection to your own centre; to that place deep within you where your hopes, dreams and aspirations reside. The realist in you has accepted that many of these dreams will always remain dreams as ‘in the real world’ you need to keep on keeping on. Yet, the more intuitive side of your nature isn’t so keen to accept that stance. As a result, there’s something of a silent inner battle going on within you as one side of you (your head) tries to carry on regardless, but the other side of you (your heart) is calling out for acknowledgement.

Only you can decide what happens next, but maybe rather than ignoring your intuition because it feels a tad inconvenient to rock the boat, by listening to it more you will begin to find ways of achieving a stronger sense of balance in your life? Being centred and balanced can highlight the areas in your life that need some tweaking or adjustment where things have become out of kilter. Of course, you might then decide to make some bigger changes, but if this is truly what you want then perhaps it’s something you should at least explore? However, in many ways this deepening wisdom is more about how you feel about yourself and your life than creating big change, it’s a willingness to live in a more balanced way, honouring yourself and your own needs more. So, take the time to listen to the wisdom as it rises up within you and let it lead the way…



As you continue to re-shape the ways in which you live your life, there is a sense that you are finally beginning to prioritise your own needs more. Yay! The ‘to do’ list of your life is a long one, and you take great pride in working through this list and trying to keep everyone happy at the same time. Whilst you do this with great skill, there is a sense that with the ever-increasing need to do more, be more and achieve more when it comes to living the life you feel you ought to be living, you have lost sight of those items on that ‘to do’ list that truly matter to you. Of course, life isn’t just about ticking off a list, it’s about exploring unchartered terrain and letting your intuition take you into new dimensions. Yet, your list is a grounding force as it allows you gain a stronger sense of clarity when it comes to your own dreams and aspirations.

However, if you gaze over the list as it stands in this moment, there is a lot of clutter and a lot of things that don’t set your soul on fire. The reason for this is your tendency to take on increasing numbers of things to do, be and achieve, even when you are feeling the need to pause or stop. It’s time to listen to your intuition and to trust it! Quality isn’t always better than quantity, and wanting to be everything to everyone, whilst admirable, leaves you feeling depleted and disconnected from your own sense of self. It’s time to ring the bells of change and to acknowledge the need that ‘less is more’ really is your new mantra now. You seem ready to breathe more deeply into life as you let go of the need ‘to do’ and instead focus on the more expansive and possibility fuelled need ‘to be’…



Your life often feels as though it’s moving so fast that everything’s a blur. Yet, at the same time, you can feel a deep sense of inertia that gives you that ‘stuck in the mud’ feeling. No one ever said it was easy being you! Life is a glorious mix of contradictions, complexity and confusion, and you often feel as though you’re not quite sure if you’re coming, going or lost somewhere in between the two. There are times when you actually long for the latter – as being lost you the chance for a whisper of peace! Although you are a fluid and intuitive soul, moving along with the tides and currents of life, it’s important to acknowledge that you’re not a powerless, rudderless pawn in this as you create the currents, and you shape the tides. Whilst you obviously cannot have complete control, as life doesn’t work like that, you are far more in the driving seat than you ever give yourself credit for.

It’s time to ask yourself why you see yourself as passive when your power and presence radiates out from you like a lighthouse? Owning your power is important as it’s only by owning it that you can work with it more consciously. Your power is your intuition, your empathy and your creativity, and whilst your fluid nature allows these to thrive, in order to really channel these in your life, you need to be more willing to take ownership of your strength and courage. In other words, be yourself and love yourself for it. That piece of peace you long for comes from giving yourself the freedom you need to grow, flourish and thrive. Wholeheartedly accepting your power and your gifts, as well as acknowledging your true strength, are the keys to finding a deeper sense of balance in your life. It’s time to ‘be more you’ and to realise the joy of being you..

**Source **By Sarah Jane Grace