Affirming Life

lightworker eraoflightdotcomMost people tend to negate life and themselves instead of affirming life and opening their arms wide to receive from the state of the open heart, AS ONE with all of Creation and the Divine Creator.

Indeed during this time of the great Transition, it is vital to remember that we indeed create our own reality. Life becomes what we create within ourselves.

One of the greatest of all Universal Laws states this so simply and eloquently:

“As within – so without. As above – so below.”

What is there within you – is what you will see manifested and reflected outside of you.

What is there in such bountiful abundance in the Omni-Verse is simultaneously present here on earth.

It is a matter of inner seeing and believing.

Here lie the most vital keys for the New Golden Age.

You are indeed cocreating your own reality with: –

Every thought you think.

Every word you speak.

Every action you take.

Instead of negating life, start affirming life and you will find that life affirms you.

Affirmations are a wonderful way if they truly are said and affirmed from deep within your own sacred heart space with love, with feeling.

The more you say these aloud, the more you will be reprogramming your subconscious mind, to tune into the affirmation and allow it to manifest in your life, without self-sabotaging.

If there are inherent fears and false programming present, your subconscious mind will reject at some deep level what you are affirming, because deep down you fear what you are affirming – you fear that it will happen, and thus you fear the subsequent changes this will bring into your life.

Take for instance the energy of money. In truth, the energy of money is NEUTRAL. It has no charge – neither negative nor positive. Yet, if you believe, even subconsciously, that having money or wealth is bad, or even evil then you will reject it in your life. If you constantly are criticizing or envying those who have wealth or whatever it is you are not valuing about them, you will reject money and wealth coming into your life at the deepest subconscious and conscious levels. If you believe in lack, and you believe in suffering, that is what you will attract more of. You are projecting NEGATIVE energy on the Neutral energy and thus attracting what you subconsciously believe.

If you however start seeing the benefits of having money and see how not only you will benefit from having money (until the time that we have new systems in place which will replace this), and how others will benefit as well, then you will start projecting a positive charge onto the energy and will start attracting it into your life.

It is wise to make a list of at least 100 benefits – of how having money will benefit you and others. Think of the greater humanity and how you could perhaps branch out and assist others, or even employ them. Once you start making a list, you will become inspired and then your whole outlook and inner programming will change.

More than this listen to your self-talk. If you constantly are putting yourself down, buy into constantly blaming, shaming and projecting guilt onto yourself and others, and have a closed heart and always moan about everything, do not expect these affirmations to work for you. You are negating life with your inner talk and what you are projecting outwards in energic form. So you will tend to attract exactly what you projecting out.

The best thing is to affirm life in all its forms and expressions, and when you pray for something, to always add the following:

“For the highest and best and the highest good of all concerned.”

“Or something even better or more amazing than this.”

Then you allow the Universe to cocreate with you and in highest alignment with the Greater Good and Greater Will.

I am embracing life and life more abundantly.

I am trusting the process of life.

I am always protected and guided my needs all provided.

I am creative.

I am abundant.

I am vibrantly healthy and wealthy.

I am releasing the past with joy.

I am grateful that peace and joy is all I know.

I am choosing to live through the open space of my heart with great love.

I am looking for love and finding it everywhere.

I am loving and approving of myself.

I am safe.

I am now easily and effortless generating an income of ………. Per week (per month) (get crystal clear about the amount and what you will do with this, how it will benefit you and others).

I am living my highest soul purpose with great love and devotion.

I am embracing life and life more abundantly.

I am grateful that all of life comes to me with love, ease, joy, abundance and glory.

I am rescinding my previous limitations and personally pledge to open myself to my God given gifts from the Divine Source and to serve my highest soul purpose and calling from my heart and soul and All That I AM in Truth.

We all need to now step into the Higher Dimensional state as true masters. Therefore a master knows that what is within him/herself will manifest outside of him/herself.

Thus the Master is Diligent in mastering him/herself and thus doing the inner work, for indeed a Master knows he/she cannot change one single person. He/she can only change within, and as the inner changes and stands in the full mastery, so the outer manifests into from and being.

Let us co-create from the heart and soul and with great love the very best and most loving, harmonious, beautiful and vibrant new life and new beginnings.

Judith Kusel