Galactic Fleet Command: Dream State Experience

fleet command eraoflightdotcomLoving greetings, Dear Ones of the Light! We are always pleased to speak with you, even if it is only briefly. That is what this will be today. In one of our recent posts, mention was made about sleep and the dream state. We would like to elaborate on that topic.

We mentioned that when you ‘seem’ to be sleeping more than usual, you often are not really sleeping but are in a semi-conscious 3D state while actually working or experiencing in another dimension.

We also mentioned that you need not remember those dreams as is so often desired with normal 3D dreaming… that these are not prophetic or informational dreams that you need to know or remember.

What we will mention here is a most important fact about the other-dimension type ‘dream’. You may be very aware of it while in the process of such a state, but often you are blocked from remembering it when returning to the 3D consciousness.

The reason you are allowed awareness of the information while ‘dreaming’ it is so that your physical being can literally anchor it into the earth plane – (sort of like a lightning rod can do for a bolt of lightning.)

You are blocked from remembering it for several reasons: One reason is that your recollected knowledge of it could inadvertently change the course of events connected with the dream. As you already know from recent events, plans can also be changed before actual manifestation in the 3D illusory reality. With recollected knowledge, that can be very disillusioning and/or cause great problems.

Another reason is that there are psychics who could connect into your mind to obtain that information and use it in a way that would be disadvantageous for the good of its purpose… or for actual evil!

Also, as we are certain you already know, there are many discarnate souls existing in the astral plane who often act as spirit guides to humans who have chosen to receive them as their guide. Without proper discernment, this can be a very erroneous and dangerous choice to both the human and all mankind. Yes, some are loving and beneficial guides, but others can be quite the opposite! For this reason alone, awareness of the other-dimensions ‘dream’ state must be carefully guarded.

We are so very grateful to you who have chosen to be on this currently difficult 3D planet for the purpose of anchoring the energies of love and light of the 5D new world into the core of the earth. It is through your sacrificial efforts that Earth’s lift-off into the higher dimensions is enabled to be much lighter and smoother than could otherwise be.

We ever love and bless all that you are, Dear Ones!… and happy ‘dreaming’!


**Channel: Beth Stormont for Era of Light