C-5 Contact, Safeguards, Protocols and Dangers

time for truth eraoflightdotcomOver the years C-5 contact has become very popular. It would be the height of ignorance and malfeasance to not address the shadow side of contact. Before we do this, I will explain who I am how I came to this understanding. I have had two NDEs, near death experiences. This started a 42 years in counting journey into exploring other dimensions and studying with masters of every culture. I have been initiated into several disciplines, been given several names one of which is Rigzin Norbu, “Jewel of Pure Awareness”. I have written four bestselling books and speak internationally on the subject. We have demonstrated contact redundantly on many TV specials and with as many as 200 witnesses giving the exact time and location the ships would appear. At one of the largest Contact in the Desert gatherings Mufon acknowledged 85 UFOs after our meditation. We were the first to do a Coast to Coast global intention experiment with Art Bell which was a resounding success.  Much of the knowledge in the field has been borrowed from my work which is very flattering and for which I am grateful as long as it is not used to further negative agendas. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case. Everyone needs to ask of themselves with brutal honesty why they have chosen to embark on this journey and that same question needs to be asked of the teachers in this field. The mindset of the teachers and others participating sets the intention of which ET group makes contact. There are malevolent manipulating ETs and entities once invited that will turn your life upside down. To be in denial of this is the height of irresponsibility leaving self and others wide open to unseen negative influences. Many are knowingly, some unknowingly inviting and working with malevolent and manipulating beings. By their associations and works they will be known. If you are offended by this article odds are you are being influenced. We have seen ties to the global elite, Satanic/Luciferians known for child sacrifice and pedophilia. Some even name drop bragging about their connections. We have seen regimented authoritarian behaviors, massive egos, extremely excessive amounts of money demanded never ending up where intended, abusive behavior towards staff and attendees. This has been covered up by enforced NDAs, nondisclosure agreements. Why censor, what do they have to hide? Hollywood, the music industry, mainstream and social media give the most coverage to these people. It is a controlled narrative replete with shills and contrary to the desires of the Spiritually and Technologically advanced beings. This is the main detriment to real disclosure. Why are we still trying to prove they exist when we know who they are, their cultures, how they interacted with us in the past and each of their agendas? There is a massive controlled narrative.

The negative side of contact has aligned with the malevolent, manipulating ETs. Again, this is being done willingly and in ignorance, it is sad we even have to address this issue yet due to a lot of innocent, naive people being drawn into these groups and the psychological damage it is creating it is now necessary. There is a multidimensional war occurring for your consciousness and consent. As above so below. Use discernment. This is not fear porn this is reality. Anyone truly enlightened is fully aware of this.

Your intention and come from is extremely important.

“The knowledge of unseen negative influences, the ability to clear them and maintain self-authority is imperative before initiating contact.”

I have been speaking about the multidimensional universe, who is who since the 80’s. This is not from study it is from first-hand experience.

There are two major premises.

“Just because you are dead does not mean you are enlightened and just because you are an ET it does not mean you are benevolent. Another premise is the mind in which you seek is the mind in which you connect.” We have to rise to the occasion.

I have heard statements such as we have to stop being spiritual snobs an open ourselves to anything. This is extremely irresponsible and an open invitation to malevolent, manipulating ETs which has in some cases ended in possession. In my work as a counselor this is a far to reoccurring event which is the main reason for writing this article. Unfortunately these statements are made by some of the most well known people in Ufology.  It has also been said there are no negative ETs or entities. This is denial they have been recorded and known before Egyptian times, written in stone. The Nag Hamadi and other sacred books well cover this. There are always two sides to a coin, we all have our shadow side and our light side. The lower 4thdimension is full of malevolent entities. It is in the process of being cleaned up. If we direct our energies to fame, fortune, increasing your followings the intent is off as well as the contacts. This opens the door to negative influences in worst case scenarios, possession. We all need to make a living, we are not saying trade for time and services is not in integrity.  Balance is the key along with holding first and foremost service to others, empowering the individual verses creating a following.

This article is in no way to dissuade you from making contact. We would be remiss if we did not leave on a positive note and give guidance and safeguards for contact with benevolent spiritually and technologically advanced off world entities. This includes Inner Earth beings who also have their ships.

1    Clearing and creating sacred space.

There are many techniques to clear and create sacred space. The

focus and intention are key. We do a clearing prayer used for

centuries before meditation and setting the intent. Copy and

share this clearing technique.


2    Meditation is key to setting the group intention. After clearing and creating sacred space focus on love, joy and bliss. An event that brought you joy or a person you love, love for children or pets can assist in this process. The love of Masters, Saints and Sages, the love of Creator can also help. The main reason for this is to drop into the heart raise your frequencies. Your heart is the key to contact, your heart actually generates more power, has more neurons than the brain, the soul sits right next to the heart. The soul is the connector to all you have ever been and your multidimensional self. The intellect is a drop in the sea of consciousness. Long drawn out excessive verbiage is a distraction for contact. It locks you in the mind, directs your energy to the one using the excessive verbiage some refer to as energetic vampirism and keeps you from having your own personal experience. You can also focus on the breath to bring you back to center while holding the loving joyous blissful frequencies. These are highly evolved beings of a high frequency. The more we can clear ourselves of wounds, traumas, and wrong conclusions from past experiences the higher we rise in frequency. A little hint, you will never stop the mind. This is self-defeating. Trying to stop the mind also keeps you in the lower mind, allow it to run without resistance or judgement. It will run out of gas then take it higher with the loving. joyous blissful more positive thoughts.

3    When you are in a clear space aligned with the higher consciousness and energy set the intent. Qualify the contact. Say I wish to connect with spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, Inner Earth beings only in my highest and best good. If it does not happen the very first time try again using all the steps given above. They may not be in your area or are about their own business, they are very busy with the awakening and healing, planetary liberation of Earth. The more you practice and set the intent eventually you will draw them to you. It is the law of intention and attraction. Again, clearing yourself raises your frequency increasing your odds. The more unified and focused the group is on raising their frequencies the better the odds.

4    Remember as all spiritual practices they are internal, inward journeys. Contact with Spiritually and Technologically advanced beings is a spiritual experience. They choose to whom they show their ships. Too much external pomp and ritual can become a distraction. This includes endless verbiage of all one’s accomplishments. It is all about empowering the individual to have their own personal contact.

5    Lasers and high-powered flashlights.

These can be used after the clearing and intent has been completed. You can use the light to direct consciousness or get the attention of the ships. Never aim directly at the ship always circle it. Never aim anywhere near a plane or helicopter. By law they will have a strobe and red or green running lights. The higher dimensional beings, “in most cases” do not have regulation lighting. Most appear as a light in various colors which will often power up acknowledging you and your group. There are also satellite apps that can tell you whether or not it is a satellite. Satellites reflect light, it they are in the Earth’s shadow and maintaining a light most likely they are not satellites. Watch for anomalous behavior, turning, powering up, changes in speed and trajectory.

If you think you have connected in error with entities that are not in your highest and best good do the clearing techniques mentioned in the first chapter on the eceti.org site. Print it out, share it with your friends it is a valuable tool to clear yourself, your family, your home and your business.

Clearing technique previously mentioned


James Gilliland founder of ECETI