Galactic Fleet Command: How Do You DO Love?

fleet command eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones, we greet you once again with much love from your friends in the skies overhead.

Guess what? Bet you’ve never before heard of the topic we’ve chosen for today (Ha!).

Why would we choose such a popular topic that every other person has already written about (whether a channel or a regular human writer)? We are going to address this topic a little differently than you are used to: … with questions! We wish to get the brain-mind juices flowing a bit.

First of all: How does a person actually perform – or ‘do’ – an abstract or intangible subject? How does a person ‘do’ love? How do you feel when you actually ‘try’ to love? Does not love come forth naturally with a feeling of some sort of fondness for someone or something? Can you actually force yourself to feel differently?

And where are those feelings coming from? … from the conscious brain-mind, or from the heart?… or from the astral plane aspect of our emotions, over which we seem to have very little control?!

This channel finds that when she cannot ‘feel’ love for someone – or perhaps even worse, she has a feeling of ill will towards someone for whatever or no apparent reason – she asks the God-self within her to do the loving for her, since she can honestly acknowledge that she cannot seem to feel the love herself. Apparently that works for her.

How honest can we be about our love? When we tell someone we love them, what feeling accompanies what we have expressed about that love?. Is there an appreciation of the fact that they have done something special for us… or that it just plain makes us feel good to be connected with them? But what happens when they disappoint us? Do we still feel that same kind of love for them? If so, it certainly could be considered ‘unconditional love’, the kind of love that comes from the Father/Mother God of All. But how many of us can honestly say that we always – or even most of the time – have that kind of love?

And of course there is romantic love, which seems to be based primarily on human emotions… or on the ‘feelings’ a person has for someone. It has always been said that a person cannot ‘force’ oneself to love someone in such a situation… that either it is there or it is not. In that case we truly do not seem to have much control over our feelings of love for someone… But, you say, we are told to love everyone… even our enemies! How did the poor recipient of unrequited love deserve that rejection of the love so strongly felt and given? Hmm.. a bit of a mystery… a rather sad one at that!

Of course we know that there are many kinds of love… spiritual, brotherly, romantic, platonic, lustful, etc. We would suspect these are mostly what could be considered ‘human love’. Is it possible that we ‘aliens from other planets’ might know or have a different kind of love from Earthian humans? We assure you, it is possible. At least, we do know a different ‘expression’ of it. Whether the actual love is different, we cannot honestly say. After all, love is love!

Which leads us to a final aspect about love for your consideration. If GOD IS LOVE – as we are told in all the great teachings throughout the eons of time – and we are “made in the image of God” — then that means we actually ARE LOVE! So how can we ‘do’ love if we ‘are’ love?… A strange dichotomy indeed!

We realize we have not brought forth many answers, Dear Ones — but we do hope we have got your brain-mind juices flowing for receiving the answers from within… the only true place wherein love abides.

We thank you for honoring us with your presence… and for putting up with our pondering-type ramblings. Like our channel, we also are quite philosophic… and sometimes even sound a bit like her poetic writings! And yes, we did enjoy ‘walking a mile in your moccasins’ in this quest for the truth about love.

We ever bless you and your many loving endeavours in aiding this momentous Ascension process. And we send our love (in whatever form it takes) to surround you and keep you safe.


**Channel: Dr. Beth Stormont for Era of Light