As on Earth, So in Sky

energy waves eraoflightdotcomWe know that everything that is happening is a Spiritual War for all intents and purposes. On Earth we know how it’s unfolding because it’s right in front of our eyes. Have you wondered what is happening on the energetic level?

The Pleiadian Army, together with other Star Races, among the various missions to be carried out for the purification and disintegration of the Matrix, have also the mission to free the Twin Flames of Light held prisoner for eons under blackmail and in unimaginable conditions by the dark forces.

…Yes, under heavy blackmail.

The dark ones have stolen the advanced and positive technologies and force the imprisoned Beings of Light to use them subjecting them to their negative wills to keep us imprisoned (…this is because among other things the dark ones are incapable and ignorant in the matter!!!).

These missions are of fundamental importance for the reunification of the Energies towards the Source.
Here on Gaia things are very similar…

There are people (maybe even present among your virtual friends on social networks) who FIGHT on an energetic level against the dark energies.

These wonderful Warriors of Light are of great Gaian support to the cosmic forces and work on the timelines to deprogram the dark that runs the matrix, changing them into positive lines.

Always with the support, protection and approval of the Galactic Brothers.

In the astral world, they join their forces together and get into a real battle where they beat the crap out of each other.

I imagine you can understand how bad the person then feels on a physical level when he or she returns to 3D: bumps, bruises, scratches, blood, low physical battery with difficulty even standing up.

When we say to think positive and stay energetically high, it is also because in this way we facilitate (unconsciously for some) the help of those who work for liberation from dark forces.

In conclusion…don’t keep wondering when things are happening here on earth: much more is happening than what you see or think.

And right NOW.

I made it as simple as possible….

**Shared per request **By Antonella Renzullo