Galactic Fleet Command: The Dark Night of the Soul

fleet command eraoflightdotcomGreetings, Dear Ones! We have a brief and unusual message for you at this time.

At this moment in your specific 3D earth time, you are in a ‘dark night of the soul’ experience… a phrase with which we are sure most of you are familiar. Most of you have undoubtedly experienced it at least once, if not many times!

This time it is different in that you individually are now experiencing at a collective level… as a member of collective humanity.

The new Aquarian Age is very much one of group experiences, group expression, and group endeavors. Therefore the ‘dark night of the soul’ – which is normally experienced at the individual level – is in need of being experienced as a collective group endeavor for the sake of all humanity.

Humanity cannot move on in its ascension without going through this experience collectively. You as an individual soul – at whatever level of evolution you may be – are aiding all of Earth’s humanity (who so choose) to achieve success with the ascension process… and for collective Humanity to ascend.

We believe a poem written by our channel can best express about ‘the dark night of the soul’, which we are including in this channeling from us. We hope it will be as inspiringly meaningful to you as it was to us.

The Dark Night of the Soul

When recently caught in
the grip of a Dark Night
of the Soul. . .

it felt as though I was
being flung throughout
the darkest void of space

with no sense of meaning…
relatedness… connection…
grounding… purpose…

only emptiness and void!

And then… just as suddenly
as the dark night took charge
of all that life had ever been

so did the sun break through

— and with deep weeping of
unending joy from the soul,

daybreak – with a shift of life
into a totally new view and
awareness of ‘all that is’ –

flooded my soul and
my whole being with
a peek into a new reality

… a reality of a new world
of joy… peace… light
… and love unending!

We must indeed go through
a Dark Night of the Soul
before we can experience
the Dawn of a New Day!

**Channel: Beth Stormont