Message from Yeshua on the World Affairs

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomRecently I had a dream and interaction with Jesus that I wanted to share. In the dream, I walked outside and on the cross street in front of my house was this giant sink hole. It held boiling bubbling tar that reminded me of the tar pits that dinosaur were said to have fallen in.

From every direction people were walking towards the pit. I watched in horror as they walked in without a care in the world. I started trying to stop the lines of people, warn them, rattle them, shake them. I was trying anything I could think of, but it was like I didn’t exist.

My highest aspect came in and told me that there is nothing I can do other than allow each person to experience their own creation. She explained that if I were to jump in to the pit to assist another that I seriously risk getting stuck in the bubbling tar as well. She went further to say that the only time that assistance can be given is after one is able to crawl out of the pit. At that point, a hand can be given. I was then shown the image of two people walking hand in hand, not one pulling or dragging another.

I then woke. As I reviewed the dream and it’s meaning I felt very unsettled. I decided to journey and went to one of my favorite spots, a beautiful rose garden.

I was walking on the path, basking in the soothing scent of rose when I was joined by Jesus. He looked at me and said:

“Do not get lost in the noise, in the chaos. The absurdity will grow, for it must, for people to see. Like a child acting out for attention, so too is the world acting out so that it may be healed.

If you become angry at the child or play into the antics the behavior will only grow. Yet, if you sit quietly, gaze upon the child with no reaction and the full sense of your being, your very presence will provide the child with choice. The child may ask themselves “Do I continue to throw a tantrum or do I rest in the arms of the one that loves me and sees me fully.”

This is the task now, to be the observer, to be the loving arms ready for when the tantrum is over. This is what is needed now to bring the world to presence.”

I thanked him for his words and his very being helped sooth the anxiety I had felt from the dream. His presence helped soothe me and that is exactly what is being asked of us now. To come into our full sense of self, our true authentic self, as that energy is what can assist another. It provides them with a choice.

I wanted to share this in case this understanding is needed to help ease any worry or obligation you may feel to the ones we see walking into the tar pit. It is not an easy time for those that can see the bigger picture, the bumps in the road or the pit falls. The only way through is by understanding that by allowing another to experience their creation, for good or for bad, is helping. Allowing is a form of Mastery.

My guidance team has told me so many times: Softer lessons = Longer lessons. That when we try to soften the blow, the experience, it may mean that the person does not learn what their soul NEEDED them to understand, so the lesson must repeat. So many of us on this journey to self have had huge shake ups, things like health crisis’s, job loss, home loss, death of a loved one, relationships ending etc. What if the pain of those powerful, awakening events had been prolonged because someone was trying to save us from it?

This does not mean that we can not have compassion for another’s journey, we can have great compassion by holding space, being present, and shining a light on a different path.

I hope these words bring ease and understanding. Sending you all lots of love. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have supported and shared this work. It really means the world.