Riding the Waves

waves of light eraoflightdotcomWhat a ride! The energies are up then down as the purging and clarifying continues. Last Friday began a cycle of release that is affecting the back of brain and either amping up a lot of chaotic emotions or allowing for a deeper peace.

I’m shown it as “limbic enhancement” that will purge out more fear/anger leading, and offer the opportunity for more choice as the disempowerment narratives cause more people to choose their focus – the chaotic or the creative. Those opposites are two sides of one coin.

And you may feel like you are one or the other, or you may feel like you are both of those depending on the moment. There isn’t a wrong way. Life is fail-safed to love, so love and nurture yourself as best you can.

After watching the Ascension energies for so long it’s exciting, nostalgic and altogether new in so many ways, too.

The nostalgia is remembering the intensity and pauses that seemed much more intermittent than now, but were so worth the progress. And while the storyline and details are new, it is so exciting to see how our capability is expanding into such a deeper creative power, though that can build slowly in the physical.

This is the importance of going deeper into your focus so that you’re not on the choppy surface water. It’s what Areon has been referring to as the spiral tightening, getting to the zero point as it moves faster and faster, only to meet the gracious stillpoint of opposites colliding and creating.

As the polarization continues, the clarity has a greater opportunity. As the separation continues, the connection with Self and Life has a greater opportunity. These opposites collide into a stellar new you, an opportunity of life to flow through your glorious uniqueness.

If you find the energies too chaotic, find the gracious stillpoint that is always within you, even in movement. Find the nurturing activities that lighten and soothe you into more Freedom.

I had been going outside for deep breaths, but now the pollen is blowing in huge waves of smoke, so I’m indoors appreciating windows to watch trees travel through pollen partners. :o)

I hope you have a powerful week!

Much Love,


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