Ashtar: Process from 3D to 5D

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomGreetings,

I am Ashtar commander of the Galactic Federation of Light, connecting to all of you today with updates on our progress behind the veil.

I would like to mention to you about the differences between your and our realities. Your 3D reality and our 5th dimension and up are very different. For humanity at the moment, it’s hard to understand and apprehend our high dimensions. There has been a lot of misunderstandings about our time frame and your Earth time frame. In our world everything manifests immediately and effortlessly. On your planet everything happens very slowly and it takes a long time before manifestation comes to fruition.

Your process of moving from 3D to 5D was too slow, so Prime Creator readjusted the time lines to speed up your Ascension. Please, stay patient with the transformation that is happening now on Mother Gaia. It’s coming, nothing and no one can’t stop it anymore. Father Prime says “Stay Firm and Be Strong”.

As a Galactic Commander I carry a lot of heavy duty responsibilities, and I am happy that my fleet is helping your planet to regain her freedom. Our ships have daily encounters with the Dark Forces that continue to resist and fight with Light Forces. It has been a long journey for us and for you to your liberation in this Ascension Process. We are almost done of completing our mission on Earth. We are constantly destroying the Dark Ones ships and successfully reducing their numbers. Most of the battles are occurring above Washington DC and in Texas.

Queen An-Ra of the Grand Council and Saint Germain continue to keep removing any Negative Entities that penetrate the system and try to stop the Nesara Gesara funds distribution to humanity.

A lot of turmoil and chaos is taking place in your world. Your governments continue to impose restrictions in your daily life by claiming and scaring you to death with the Coronavirus, which you know by now that in reality, it doesn’t have any threat to your health. Their fear tactics so far are only working on the ones who are not awake. These masks you are wearing are not stopping this false virus, instead it’s only creating breathing issues for everyone. Also, the COVID-19 vaccines have nanotechnology in them, anyone who will get vaccinated will be mind controlled by the Negative Ones.

Your government officials have been engraving in your memories indoctrination and fear to the point that anything the media or they say, many human beings across the globe believe them without questioning it, if this is the truth. Please, use your discernment on what is the real truth and what is not. They are manipulating and brainwashing everyone to disturb the real perception of this reality. The Human Civilization needs to understand that they need to stand up for themselves and get their freedom back.

Remember, all of you came here from different Star Systems and you are powerful beings with incredible powers, which you lost after the DNA manipulations. Your purpose here is to bring Light and free Mother Earth from the Darkness, which stayed here for thousands and thousands of years. Now is the moment for you to fight back and end this enslavement.

The Galactic Federation and I are fighting for your freedom on your behalf behind the scenes. Now, it‘s your turn to liberate yourselves and others from this 3D Matrix. You have enough power inside you to remove all of these indoctrinations and control from the corrupted souls who enslaved you for many years, and now it’s finally time for you to free your world and create a Paradise on Terra Christa.

In the upcoming months a lot of hidden truth is going to surface and shock many of you. Prepare yourself to handle this new information that was kept from you for a long time. It’s going to be unexpected and terrifying on how much it was lied to the people. Please, stay calm and be composed. These news are going to open a new chapter on Gaia.

I am Ashtar, it was my honor to be here today and delivery this message. Your victory is Coming Soon. I am sending to all of you my Love and Courage. You carry Light and Love inside of you, it’s the key to your freedom. Thank you.

**Channeled by Erena Velazquez