Judas Iskariot: Where You Become Whole

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I want you to seek the love that is in your hearts. The love that flows from your hearts also animates the universe, it is found in the smallest grain of life energy. Love vibrates everywhere, you can feel it anywhere, where your attention is directed. There is nothing that can disturb its energy, it rests on solid ground and is eternal and lasting. Everything is born and returns to the energy of love. This is where you become whole, this is where you get peace, this is where you become happy, and this is where your creativity flows. The most beautiful songs, images and works of art derive from the energy of love. It vibrates lovingly and unconditionally through all our creation. It is the basic tone of the universe and it can feel both still and intense at the same time. It is your goal, dear children on Earth. Obey the love of your life, pay attention to all that can be given in love, nor be afraid to receive the gift of love.

The unconditional love can be both given and received to the same extent. What is given unconditionally can be thrown back like a boomerang, but it can also give a response from the universe where your gifts are strengthened and you can become a servant of the Earth and humanity. Your gift is a gift of love, a gift that you always carry within you. In this gift there is everything you want and are passionate about. A flame of fire that has been lit and extinguished countless times. However, a spark has always remained and depending on your intention and your development and compassion for all living things, it can grow strong again. You can either gently blow on the spark to make it grow strong, or you can put the lid on and pretend it is not there. However, it is the intention that humanity should now lift the lid and let the spark get a greater scope again. With the help of the love and compassion that has begun to grow in people’s hearts, the little spark has become a flame of fire that grows bigger and bigger, when we now take each other’s hands and let our hearts unite in a growing compassion and love for each other and the earth on which we walk.

It is a crucial time for humanity, it is a time for reunion, a time to awaken understanding and compassion for each other’s differences and shortcomings. See the genuine in every human being and see yourself in their eyes. Dare to see yourself and you dare to see others. In the love of yourself is the love of life, people, animals and nature, yes of everything you encounter on your way. With love in your heart, you pave a new path for humanity to walk.

A new era in human history has begun, and you are now passionate about shaping a completely different world than the one you have just left in the ashes behind you. It is shaped by a brighter and more loving energy, an energy that strives for wholeness and perfection. It heals and binds people together. A unity of consensus and harmony is formed in everything that is now being created. The energy of love has now grown so strong in people’s hearts that everything they think, say or do is controlled from that energy. The earth and humans have risen again into the light and are now surrounded by the vibrations of love.

That’s where you’re headed, dear Earthlings.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg