eraoflight blastWe are in the process of immense expansion as immense and continued upgrades are occurring and intense shifts. With all this the Old Earth is disintegrating at the core and with it so many will start exiting the planet and this includes all species.

We cannot step into the New Earth, as said so many times before, with any baggage. We will and are being stripped crystal clear of all which has been before, for our new existence and our much higher vibrational frequency body will not tolerate any of the old 3D stuff. Thus all which has not been resolved, all which you are still clinging onto, or which needs to be released, even a deep subconscious levels will now be churned up.

I was explicitly told this morning to keep things simple. To not overextend, nor push nor take on more than one can handle currently. To make more time for stillness and quietude and go even deeper within. We will not be able to handle the powerful transition, without Divine Assistance and being fully assisted by our Higher Guidance and thus Cosmic Help.

This transformation goes very deep. You may not even realize just how deep. The more I become aware of this, as I am being shown, the more I realize this is unlike anything humankind has ever gone before.

We are stepping into totally unknown territory, the uncharted. In my Soul Readings it is reiterated time and again, that the future cannot be determined yet, as the future is very much dependent on your own personal choices and how you managed to navigate these changes. More than this, how ready you are to leave all behind you and allow yourself to be transformed into a much higher Universal you, with a much higher light body and thus living and operating in totally different dimensional frequency band.

Note that this is not only affecting humans, but also all of life. Let us therefore remember to also assist animals and all living creatures and life through this transition. For all is one.

Let us embrace the New Mother Earth and understand that as she is new, we are newly born into her, and thus we are stepping into the totally new, which is unchartered, unexplored and we need to step fully into our Soul Mastery to cocreate within her.

There are so many avenues of expansion now opening. We can only navigate these through our heart center which causally links to our Soul and Soul Group, and the Divine. We are being lifted into the highest levels, where the current knowledge on earth will not suffice. We need to step beyond all we ever have known, into the unknown, to expand into the new knowing, the new expanded consciousness which transcends all which has been before.

Be kind to yourself. Allow the quiet times. Rest. Simply learn to be in this present moment, for indeed in this present moment, you are already creating the future you. Of course where you wish to create depends entirely on yourself – whether stuck in the Old Earth and the old you, or totally stepping out of it. You have free will and choice.

I struggled to find words here. All I know is that I am being told to allow myself to reinvented, and rebirthed and thus to also allow the fact, that I need to seek out quiet and calm, stillness, so that I am lifted beyond all which has been, into the unknown, so that I may reconnect with the deepest knowing within, and from there learn to operate and navigate my way ever deeper into the New Earth and a totally new life and new beginnings.

This is in truth what transfiguration means – to change from one form into a totally new form. Look at immense changes the butterfly needed to go through before she could emerge in her new body and form. Yet had the butterfly resisted the change, and refused to be reinvented, she would never have seen the light of day in a new existence and form!

Judith Kusel