Life Tapestry Creations: Strut Your Stuff

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

Your options are unlimited. So it is time for you to decide where you wish to be in your new world. Think of new you as having a business or law college degree, which opens you to almost unlimited career options. Do you wish to use your skills in the social service realms, the corporate world, or start your own business? All choices you must sift through before selecting a particular arena. And after selecting that arena, having the option to re-select an arena or even field of work. So it is now.

The media’s political, economic, and health messages do not indicate your flexibility or skills. You must claim yourself for yourself. Perhaps some of you graduated during an economic downturn and discovered difficulties finding employment. But such was not true for 100% of those who graduated at that time. You need to ignore the naysayers, the media, or anyone who indicates you cannot do or be something in these times.

Wait until COVID is over. Or until a new political party is elected. Or until winter or summer. There is no more waiting. Earth beings and the Universes are ready for you to ply your new skills. That is not to say you need to save the world, but instead to negate the 3D stance of waiting until…

That until is now. So find your interests utilizing the skills or tradecraft, if you will, that you honed for eons. Nothing prevents you from discovering your joys, interests, and, therefore, new skills, but you.

You can prolong your wait, as some of you did in your youth, by continuing your college education so you would not have to make a decision about your interests and skills. But the majority of you found your place despite naysayers and your inner fears – for society pushed you into your work-a-day world in numerous ways.

The difference now is that not only is no one pushing you, but you have no idea what your interests and skills are, for you are re-inventing earth as you go along. Just as was true on a much smaller scale with every job you held, including taking care of your home. No two of you approached a job in the same way. Even in 3D, you allowed your individuality to project how best to tackle a job, marriage, school, and other areas of your life. Granted, you used the broad strokes of social shoulds, but you allowed individual choices and actions within those broad strokes.

Now, there are no frameworks – either socially or individually. For you are inventing your new directions minute by minute. So it is you feel uncomfortable, with little or no outer, or at times, even inner-direction. That is why it is so important for you to follow your joys, your interests. For your joys and interests are direct paths to your new life and, therefore, the new direction of the earth.

There are no directives from others, including the Universes. This is your show. For the first time ever while of the earth, you are encouraged to listen to your inner voice, which will direct you to your interests and future. But that inner-voice is a bit frightening, for it negates the messages you were given in 3D. Your new messages such as think for yourself. Act on your needs. Learn to receive. Love yourself as much as others. Messages that are counter-intuitive to your eons of 3D training.

Find your interests does not mean they will be socially acceptable or even something you anticipated. This is a new world, and you are a new being. What was is no more. So allow yourself to expand in ways that interest you. And allow the same for others.

No longer are there rules or needed justifications to be you.

Many of you are frightened that you might become some anti-social monster. Or more to the point, that you might become isolated or alone. Such will not happen. What will happen is that those with similar interests will appear without effort.

You will flit from interest to interest for awhile. Maybe as you did when you began your work-a-day world. Very few of you held one job with one company for your entire work life. So it is now. You might find this interesting for a bit until something more interesting presents itself – or you invent it. But you must start somewhere. So it is, we are pushing you out of your home of origin, your college dorm, or your small abode you barely can pay for and very much dislike.

It is time for you to go into the wider world and strut your stuff. For you most definitely have the stuff to strut. Not as was true in 3D when doing so most often meant harm to humans or the environment. But as a true being of the Universes who has prepared for eons to shift the earth and its inhabitants from meek followers to strong, universal beings creating anew in joy and wonderment. So be it. Amen.

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