2021 Collective Energies: Opening to Love, Standing Firm, Proceeding Softly

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomThere is so much heart expansion happening on so many levels occurring in 2021! You will be moving or journeying somehow – this may be either an internal or external journey. This is bringing more love and joy to your world. This can also indicate travel. The heart is ablaze, which signifies a lot of passion energy. I see not only passion, but love….so the heart is opening to a more romantic type of love.This also applies to the self, so don’t be surprised if you receive inspirations to do something new…hobbies, creative pursuits, and anything that makes your soul sing with joy.

I see truth coming to the surface and you will be challenged to stand your ground…to stand firm, be noble, brave, and strong. Remember that when you tap into your heart and follow it, you will automatically be guided and supported by Spirit. You will have the ability to face anything and everything when you follow your soul. You were meant to be victorious on your journey! You have it in you and you will see that you are stronger than you thought. Remember to take ego out of it and act from your heart… this will help clear anything that stands in the way of your best life. When you approach life from a place of self love, you will see that life becomes so much grander. When you fill your own cup, it spills over for others.

These will be softer energies, meaning, you may not feel a full forward movement in one sweeping motion. You will continue to get nudges from the Universe and the energies will continue to expand as you move forward. When you accomplish one task/lesson, the next one will show up and so forth. As you continue to proceed in a forward or positive direction, your inner power will continue to expand. When you follow your heart and take risks, you will be shown new worlds…worlds you never knew existed!  You will be rewarded for moving in a self loving direction. Your outer world will be reflected to you by how you feel within. It’s a sure bet to follow love! You will get the best information from your inner wisdom, so when you feel like a decision is needed, go within. Quiet your mind and retreat into solitude so that you may make the best choices from your soul.

Guidance: 5 of air, 4 of earth, 4 of fire

If you feel mentally exhausted from internal conflict (stress, worry, fear), it is important to go within. Quiet your mind and focus on self love! Every time you focus on self love, you will feel more at peace. It’s important not to focus on the negative, even if your outer world seems to be “falling apart”. Remember, everything happens for a reason and this is bringing you better. There are hidden blessings…look for them in every circumstance.

It is important that you do not focus too much on material loss. It is equally important to understand that an equal energy exchange is more important than things always being one sided. In other words, if you are someone who continues to give without filling your own cup or accepting other’s generosity, you will become depleted (energetically and materially). You do not need to keep the weight of the world on your shoulders! Everyone is being challenged to stand on their own two feet and to become more independent. It’s time to remove the martyr complex and to understand that everyone is responsible for their own emotional well-being. You are being guided to challenge your thoughts about co-dependency and see things from a different perspective. Do you feel like you must be the provider in order to meet everyone’s needs? Do you always feel like you have to keep it together for the sake of the family unit? You are being guided to examine these thoughts and to shift your perspective to allow a more balanced approach. This does not mean an eye for an eye or that you must have conditions on your giving. No…you can give at your will, but remember to give yourself the same and allow other’s to give to you when the time comes. It’s all about the energy!

It is important to be grateful. There is always a reason to be grateful and as you celebrate your blessings, you will see more of the same. Sending gratitude to the Divine (God, Universe) will bring you more peace and prosperity. Everything will come back to you ten-fold! The more you see the beauty and live in the moment, you will find more reasons to celebrate. Foundations are firm. When you flow with passion energies, it will bring more success and happiness into your life. If you are finding it difficult to celebrate or do not see anything in your life to be grateful for, start with the little things…for waking up in the morning, the food on the table, the clothes on your back, the house over your head. There are many who do not even have a fraction of what you have. Focusing on what you have and being grateful for it will bring you more abundance and expansion. This coincides with the Law of Attraction. If you are looking to learn something new, do a search on YouTube for Abraham Hicks…you will learn how to manifest and become a co-creator of your Universe!

What you need to know: Knight of Earth

This coincides with the energy of “proceeding softly”. It is not a race to the finish line. Your life is a journey and not a destination. Sometimes planning before taking action is the best choice, but if you have to make a quick decision, you are ready! You will not be given more than you can handle. You may be challenged in ways you haven’t been challenged before and you may have already been planning your next moves for sometime, so if something comes out of the blue and you feel side-tracked, it’s the Universe’s way of nudging you. You are being guided to your best life and if you’ve been procrastinating, this is the year to finally do it. Tap into your inner knowing and the planning you’ve been doing. Your time is coming. You will know it and if you continue to delay (even when your heart has already made the choice), you won’t be given much of a choice. It’s best to keep forward momentum and to follow the signs and synchronicities. Tap into your soul wisdom – it knows best! The Knight of Earth is always moving forward and steadily…strategizing and planning but also making the move when the time is right. The Universe knows the difference between this approach and procrastination (not doing something out of fear). You have what it takes…you are strong and brave!

I hope this energy report finds you well and I hope you feel more inspired after reading it. It is my desire that you feel Heaven on Earth and I hope you have a blessed, prosperous, and healthy 2021. May all of your dreams come true!

~ Donna Fisher