Top 10 Benefits of Guided Meditation

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomDear Cosmic Community,

When you think of meditation, what comes to mind? Is it someone sitting cross legged, with eyes closed in deep contemplation? Or is it something that you need to do ‘more of’ in order to feel calmer, less stressed and in some way, connected to your spiritual self? What if I told you that meditation is simple and that many of us practice being ‘in meditation’ without even knowing it. One of the most profound forms of meditation and one that I’ve practiced and taught for over twenty years is ‘Guided Meditation’. It will elegantly take you on a journey, created by your imagination, which is the language of your soul. Guided Meditation is the gateway to instantly connect within…

Guided Meditation – The Gateway Within

Consider that simply by closing your eyes, you begin the ‘inner journey’. When you close your eyes you give permission for the energy of your head (your personality) to drop down into your heart (into soul). As soon as you close your eyes, you go within. Your focus is placed upon what’s happening inside of you, rather than on the field of vision outside of you. And, as you do this, you may find that the energy of your head – your personality – wanders. It may seem hard to control, and this is where having a guide assists.

When you listen to someone (your guide of the meditation) gently and lovingly speaking with you – instantly the personality responds, as a child would. You feel safe, understood and protected. The guard of the head lets go and as this happens, you’ll naturally drop your consciousness into the heart – the soul chamber, where your inner tutor, your soul resides. Guided meditation gives you a loving focus and creates a pathway that your imagination can travel through and lead you upon.

When you listen to a Guided Meditation a myriad of benefits will open up to you. And these benefits, as well as producing physical, mental and emotional results ‘instantly’ will also move you beyond, into the deeper spiritual planes. Guided Meditation can accentuate your awareness of who you are and why you’re here, giving you meaning, peace, reward and satisfaction in every area of life…

“Guided Meditation takes you on a journey, created by your imagination, which is the language of your soul.”
— Elizabeth Peru

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided Meditation involves listening to someone, who will serve as your guide, taking you into the deeper planes of consciousness. You’ll open up to the unknown, developing trust along an inner journey, that will be of your own choosing. The Guide will give you an idea of where you are and will direct you along a pathway, but what you create and experience along the guided journey is up to your own soul’s imaginings, your intuition and faith in your creations.

It’s best to enter Guided Meditation like a child would – excited, curious and eager to learn and discover. For along your Guided Meditation journey you’ll be receiving insights and messages (from your soul and from your Guides in spirit) into the spiritual reality, which creates your physical reality. You’ll be free to create to your heart’s content and experience life ‘as you choose’. Your Guided Meditation experiences are real, you’ll feel them in every cell of your body and they’ll serve to help you manifest the life you desire.

Not every Guided Meditation is the same. It all depends upon the Meditation Guide’s awareness, level of consciousness and ability to connect with the universal soul, delivering an experience that connects you directly with the heart, the gateway of your soul. Guided Meditations that are unscripted, flowing and channeled directly from soul, deliver lots of space for you to roam and create ‘as you desire’. They serve as a truly informative and transformative experience.

And so, let’s look at the ‘Top 10 Benefits’ of Guided Meditation, as seen from a deeper, soul expanding view.

The ‘Top 10 Benefits of Guided Meditation

1 Experience Your Soul – This is perhaps the most important benefit of Guided Meditation. When you drop your head into your heart and are led on a journey into the invisible realms, every cell of your being comes alive. You’ll gain a direct sense of your innate ability to create your reality. Soul will be leading you. You’ll quite literally, experience your soul in real time.

2 Receive Instant Answers – Guided Meditation sets up the opportunity for you to ask questions and receive instant answers from your soul and the deeper, spiritual reality. You can literally ask anything and soul will answer. You’ve heard of the saying ‘all of the answers are within you’. Indeed, Guided Meditation serves as the platform for revealing and making those answers known to you.

3 Create a Youthful Energy Flow – Guided Meditation raises your vibration and the rate at which your cells regenerate – literally giving an inner glow to your skin and entire energy field. Your imagination will also be engaged, which rekindles your childlike ability to freely create with no limits imposed. Guided Meditation invokes a sense of inner freedom, which releases tension in your muscles, creating a softer, less tired and more relaxed outward appearance. You’ll even have a smile on your face during and after Guided Meditation, as it naturally floods your body with endorphins, which block pain and create a healthy, healing energy flow.

4 Access Peace and Trust in Your Intuition – Guided Meditation creates a sense of inner peace, calm and relaxation, as you allow your intuition to direct you. Your intuition is ‘your inner tutor’ the feedback you receive from your feelings, which are picking up responses from the invisible dimensions. Intuition serves as the intermediary between the spiritual and physical dimensions. As you practice Guided Meditation regularly, it enhances your ability to trust in your intuition and follow your own advice in your everyday life.

5 Enhance Your Creativity and Imagination – Guided Meditation allows you to utilise the language of your soul – the imagination. You’ll vividly create reality, as you choose and you’ll be experiencing your reality ‘as’ you’re creating it. This will flow over into your everyday life, as you more readily use your imagination to come up with creative solutions to situations that may normally be a challenge. Guided Meditation enhances your ability to think and act creatively, giving you a leading edge in your human life.

6 Release Controlling Patterns – Guided Meditation allows you to face and clear old repetitive patterning that may be limiting you. As you access your answers from within, you’ll identify the causes of any issues, which may trouble you. As you learn to trust in where you’re guided, you’ll let go of control and follow where soul takes you. This produces the most rewarding life results.

7 Create Healing Energy – Guided Meditation gives you direct access to an expanded state of consciousness. Expanded awareness then facilitates a steady flow of healing energy in your body. When your energy is flowing and not stagnated or blocked, your cells are brought into harmony and balance. You feel uplifted, inspired, motivated, assured and relaxed with your life path.

8 Develop Your Psychic Skills – One of the great benefits of Guided Meditation is how effortlessly it develops your psychic powers. In particular, as you create realistic imagery with your mind’s eye (your third eye) created by the pyramidal link by the joining of the heart, pituitary and pineal glands, you’ll gain access to higher dimensional frequencies – which overlap the Earth reality. Over time, you’ll gain access to past, present and future realities and be able to intuit and read the energy field of yourself and others.

9 Reduce Tension, Anxiety and Fear of The Unknown – Guided Meditation is one of the fastest and easier ways to release dopamine in the brain, which helps your nerve cells to communicate feelings of relaxation and motivation. This releases tension, nervousness and allows you to trust and sink into the moment (where healing takes place). With your body up-taking a state of well-being during Guided Meditation and your imagination activated, a fear of the unknown is replaced by a curiosity and inspired sense of adventure.

10 Commune with Soul and Your Guides in Spirit – And one of the most rewarding benefits of Guided Meditation is that you’ll gain direct access to your Guides and Friends in Spirit. If you find it difficult to believe in and communicate with your Spirit Guides, through a Guided Meditation you’ll be directed to meet with those who surround you on the spiritual planes. You’ll create a safe and loving space in which to open up and hear the messages from your Guides. This can be a life-affirming and changing experience.