The Dismantling of the Old

energy waves eraoflightdotcomI woke this morning with a strange dream, in which I was driving a car in a big city and with me was an ex colleague of mine, whom I have not seen or had contact with for years.

I parked the car in the street and left her in the car. I then entered a huge building, and did something there. Yet, when I wanted to return to my car, the car and passenger had vanished. I was wondering why I could not find the car nor her.

I seldomly remember my dreams, and when I do I pay attention. I then asked for Divine Guidance and the answer I got, was that this was symbolic of what is now happening in my life, and life in general. I had long since moved in and moved into a totally new life and new beginnings, literally leaving the old life and the old me behind. In a much higher way I understood that the soul in question had exited the planet and it was last resolution of what once was.

At the same time I was told that this is symbolic of what is happening now, as those souls who have made the transition into the New Earth, will find that they cannot step back into the old Earth. There are no ties anymore. One can interact with souls on the old earth, but one has transcended them and it.

I was then shown that how everything is systematically being dismantled of the old structures, the old forms, the old organizations, old systems. All is being churned up and all is surfacing which needs to surface, in this dismantling stage. This goes for the greater structures, etc. as it does for the individual soul. Indeed, all life on earth and all which was created in some form or another on and in the Old Earth.

I again realized how important it is, at this time especially, to refrain from judgements, and not to allow us to move back into duality, polarity and separation. It is a time to truly forgive and ask to be forgiven and to allow all negative cords to be severed – in freeing ourselves – we free others.

Indeed, when one transcends the Old Earth, one cannot see nor experience duality in any form and way, and neither can you judge anymore.

The heart center is open and there is only unconditional love. Indeed compassion.

I was again told, that stepping fully into the New Earth is like stepping into a totally new and unexplored terrain and thus into the unknown. Yet, step by step all will be revealed and manifest into form and being, as and when needed. One single step at a time.

Indeed, time itself ceases to be.

So do not mourn the passing of the Old Earth, nor the passing of the old life, and the old you.

All served your soul growth in myriad of ways, yet now it is time for a totally new existence and a totally new way of life and to explore beyond and create and live a life beyond all we have ever known before!

Judith Kusel