Galactic Federation of Light: Transformation of 3D

expansion image eraoflightdotcomBe greeted dear earth friends. Let us begin by expressing our love for you, and make you well aware that we know each other on a higher level.

We are the galactic federation of light, and radiate with it and come through as a united voice and energy. However, we consist of hundreds of thousands of light beings from different dimensions, planets and even galaxies.

Our mission as a whole is to overlook your galaxy in the Milky Way, but we also overlook parallel galaxies and multi / within galaxies that are galaxies within the galaxy.

But let us not tire you out with facts, but let us instead embrace you in joy that we have the opportunity to get in touch like this.

And let us raise your awareness, just as we have determined, that on a soul and astral level you are here with us at night on one of the thousands of ships in the galaxy.

What are you doing here, you might be wondering?

Well, depending on where you are in your development, healing and ascension, you come here for upgrades, healing and to bring home soul pieces as new information that can help you as your fellow human beings.

It’s much more extensive than that, but let’s keep it simple like this initially.

And let us instead emphasize that when you sometimes feel very exhausted, it is because your physical bodies are working too hard to integrate new high light energies.

So make sure not to overthink it, just rest and remember that you are undergoing a transformation of the whole physical three-dimensional structural body.

Thus the mental, emotional, physical and etheric body, the whole chakra system, such as levels lower and higher than that.

Remember that there are dimensions to everything, which means that nothing CANNOT BE INFINITE.

But let’s keep it simple again and instead convey what a great joy it is to have contact like this.
And we look forward to working with you through this channel to provide you with more information.

This will act as a bridge between your sleeping state and waking up, until you are fully awakened to a high level of truth.

Then you will be able to be your own channels with full contact, which is within the most important plan for your ascension in the future.

It is thus of utmost importance that you begin to use your spiritual senses and learn to rely on them over the three-dimensional senses.

But one thing at a time, let’s just integrate this energy that comes through our channeled words and see you soon.

// The Galactic Federation of Light

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**Source **Channel: Angel Skog