Sananda: The Spiritual Path Part 2

sananda image eraoflightdotcomJJK: The “spiritual path” then, Sananda, but I have now, on my way to the garden of the café house where I am now sitting, looked at the people and it seems that most are still miles away from it.

I have perceived this “crowd” as unconscious – knowing little about the meaning of a life. So how is a collective awakening to take place – when or even by what – when I consider this inertia of people?

SANANDA: Good day, Jahn. I am in the midst of people and everyone is embraced by my love – without exception and encompassing all of humanity –
every heart is given opportunity after opportunity to cast off inertia. This is not to be shaken and this is meant when my return is spoken of.

Let us now consider your question and your impressions during your walk through the city.

The unconsciousness of the people is truly widespread and your perception is coherent. If you meet such groups of people, it is indeed difficult to imagine that suddenly the knowledge of being can manifest. But I tell you: Exactly it will come!

Every person receives “key experiences” to give his life an appropriate turn. All those who are now still eking out their days in the inertia of the old earth reality will – like all those who have already “awakened” – be brought closer to their potential for knowledge.

Changes that occur overnight are the hallmark of this age. This concerns the personal and also the global environment.

What seems unimaginable today is already reality tomorrow and everyday life the day after tomorrow – haven’t you already experienced this many times?

JJK: Yes, definitely! If I think only of the sudden disintegration of the USSR and the GDR – or the almost weekly new realizations of our science concerning our universe, space and time, dead matter, the decoding of black holes, the comprehension of the “filled emptiness” in the universe and the understanding around the expansion of the universe. This is then suddenly new knowledge and new reality!

In the private environment I also observe that people come quite suddenly into a new way of life – are brought there – by the different events in their life. Yes, it all happens very quickly – it seems.


SANANDA: This is the quality of time in which you live.

Before time is finally out of your perception, you experience it as almost streamlined. This “time shortening” manifests itself in that you experience a speeding up of events. What took a long time years ago – years commonly – is now implemented, rearranged and reshaped in a matter of days. The critical point, the moment when the upheavals manifest, is now being reached in all areas of your life.

Thus, all your economic, political and religious structures will also evaporate overnight and be adapted to the changing times. This is already manifesting on earth and this development is increasing in speed – almost hourly. That’s how it is! Does that answer your question?

JJK: Yes, already. But I have the impression that there is still a tremendous amount ahead of us.

SANANDA: Yes, that is undoubtedly true. Big changes on all levels, those are ahead of you. So take courage and prepare a fertile ground for these new developments. So they will come naturally into your lives for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

JJK: Now there are also very many people who already think they are on the “spiritual path”, but are still full of ideas. Many feed themselves with esoteric knowledge, but realize very little of it – or else they are very “disoriented” and hop from meditation group to meditation group: a kind of spiritual disorientation – right?

SANANDA: This fact exists and many people are misguided, which keeps them away from their growth. In many people, the inner need for God is untouched, and through the various mental exercises they believe they are getting closer to a fulfilling spiritual life.

The spiritual path begins where all systems, belief patterns and the wisdom of the gurus end, where the direct turning to God begins, there, and only there, the arbitrary search for meaning and happiness ends.

Without the longing for the Creator, the spiritual path cannot be entered.

But how and through what is this longing awakened?

Through the degree of maturity of a soul, this longing emerges abruptly – by itself – from the self, until the whole life is filled with it. This maturation is the result of your many embodiments. The game of human birth is seen through and the journey back to the light becomes the only motivation in such a human life.

The awakening of desire is thus described and without it there is no spiritual progress. All other ways are attempts and stir up hopes, are errors and instructions imitating the spiritual power, but the immanent spirit, remains unaffected.

JJK: Okay, I understand that. But why is there so much information currently being offered, mostly easy to understand, that promises a fulfilling life, healing and enlightenment if followed? The books on this are very popular and sell like hot cakes. Why all this? To create further confusion, because many books don’t say a word about the desire for God?

“Think yourself healthy, create your reality, wish for wealth – and it will manifest, you just have to really want it, etc.” All of this under the umbrella term of abundance, to me many of these “guides” are more guides to frustration.

What do you say to that, Sananda?

SANANDA: Yes, it certainly is. But people need that experience, or they wouldn’t be so aligned with it.

Before it comes to the emergence of the longing in a human soul, it tries out all conceivable offers, thereby gaining a complete knowledge of the deficiency of these instructions.

Please do not forget: A human life must be fulfilled, it wants to be lived – with all experiences that are offered. The game continues until the pure essence of the soul springs forth from the heart: longing.

The many instructions for a complete and happy life indicate how close you are to the final awakening, how close you are to this impulse that sweeps away all instructions and prepares you for the direct encounter with your Creator.

Until then, it is necessary to follow the individual life plan – accelerated in this time, yes – but nevertheless, this aspect must also be lived.

And I tell you: Many people already recognize the false prophets! A great upheaval also on this level is in progress.


JJK: One of the central promises from this scene lies hidden in the area of the theme of abundance, at least from my point of view.

Everywhere this word is present, but it seems to me that most people have a completely wrong approach to it. I mean, abundance is always associated with wealth, health, and “having it all,” but it’s not like that for me. What do you think about that?

SANANDA: This subject is deeply and mostly misunderstood. Abundance is absolute desirelessness – exactly the opposite of what is mostly touted to you as abundance. Abundance pours out of being. The only condition that must be present for this is the desirelessness of the individual. Only through this can this energy freely enter into life and unfold its power according to the individual orders.

Many people cling to the idea that abundance is a “wish fulfillment program”. But this is not so, beloved ones.

Once you are in the state of desirelessness, you have understood and activated the flow of your life.

Only through this does everything come to you that is foreseen by your contracts from eternity – really everything and all by itself without your intervention, since you no longer create a blockage through desires that may not suit you – and thus your life energy can flow unhindered and manifest those events that must come to you.

Please consider the following: All of you – each one of you – have individual missions to fulfill and not everyone is supposed to create huge amounts of money or always be healthy. Why?

As long as there are still imbalances in the distribution of the goods on earth, so long you are to correspond to your orders also in these matters.

Wealth would prevent so many to turn to the respective life topics and to fulfill the tasks where they stand and are put.

Also economic independence is a process, which occurs then, so the personal conditions in each regard are given. Certainly, a life free from money worries is your divine inheritance, but at present it is necessary to re-establish this status. Until then, you remain firmly anchored in your contracts and serve in the place foreseen for you.

In summary, let it be said:

The positive and loving focus on prosperity and wealth alone does not produce them. Everything that corresponds to your blueprint is of paramount importance and everything is subordinate to that.

So, if it is not written in your contracts that you should create gold and money, you will not create that either. This superior power from omniscience coordinates all your destinies and takes care of the fulfillment of your birth.

Only desirelessness fulfills all your desires – desires that you have decided to live on earth beyond the veil.

It is the same with the various states so desirable for you that many of you chase – eternal youth, immortality of the body, getting to know your soul mate, to name a few. All of these can come into your life immediately, if they are part of your life plan. But it will stay away if you have chosen otherwise before birth into the flesh – therefore: Know your assignments!

That is the point. After that, life is easy and a joy, because the freedom to accept everything that comes has taken possession of you. This is the fullness I am talking about, the fullness of a fulfilled life. Do not focus on the details, on particulars that seem necessary or important to you. Understand the great concept of life behind it! Your descent to earth is based on a great design. Act on it and be free – free from all notions of abundance.

JJK: That was clear. So you cannot create anything that is not part of the blueprint?

SANANDA: That’s basically how it is. Yes! But many people put so much energy into a process that certain manifestations develop. Often ones that are not in line with the original blueprint of life. Through free will this is possible and so you create all too often life circumstances that do not belong in your life.

Recognize first what is for you! Then begin to create it, otherwise you get lost. Step out of the captivity, which is caused by your desires. Be free in observing your life.

Do not interfere ignorantly, listen to your flow and follow this natural course through all bends. The past time has taught you much, much was brought to you in new knowledge. Information that you were eager to receive.

How do I create my life? How do I obtain happiness and love? How do I create economic independence?

So many “meows,” dear ones.

Now the answer is given to you. So how do you create all this? By accepting your assignments, you create exactly the reality that corresponds to your life. Everything is given to you, but do not bind yourself to what you wish to receive. In this way you only create new dependencies, new restlessness and restlessness.

The different information about this has served you so that you could become aware of your power. But now the next step in your development is foreseen, the step into the knowledge of your life on earth.

So see through all deceptions of the earthly plane and consume yourselves after God – then everything will be given, created and granted.

Acting out of the need of the soul, you are immune to the errors that beckon you at all corners. Your soul is free from desires that appeal exclusively to your earthly existence, it acts in the comprehensive knowledge of your being. Trust in it, desire this with all your heart, but get rid of all other desires.

JJK: “If the wheel of time and the reality of space are not yet lived, one is not yet ready for the spiritual path that demands everything.” (Quote Sixth Revelation)

I guess that’s what you mean by that?

SANANDA: Yes, only then one is ready to let go of all desires in order to accept everything that is given by God!

On this basis a spiritual life develops – and that means: to make the essence shine.

JJK: So there is no need for these old tools anymore?

SANANDA: It is time to cast off these “walking aids.” That is the quality of the age of this humanity.

You will find if you cease your search, for everything comes to you: Not you will find, but you will be found, not you create prosperity, happiness, joy, peace and love, but it comes to you, if you are willing to live according to your orders.

Any other way of life is misleading and continue your search until you realize whose child you are.

So be it!

JJK: Thank you, Sananda! I guess that’s the closing word from you on this: “Finish your search!”

SANANDA: For: you have found. Eternally.

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