The Keys and Codes of Soul Creation

expansion image eraoflightdotcomWe are in phase of intense activations which started on Thursday and will intensify during the next three weeks. Many souls are now awakening, and the keys and codes now being released are indeed those of Creation, which the Elohim and Elohim Counsels hold.

I mentioned this in an earlier post, yet wish to reiterate this, as the Elohim are the Aspect of the Divine Source, who create and oversee all creation.

The Elohim are indeed busy to activate the New Light Body form now which we will fully assume in the New Earth and with it, immense keys and codes of Creation are being released, and these are the Keys and Codes of Elysium, the First Creation: – the history of which is contained in my book: “Why I was born in Africa: the untold history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.” (Available on my website, Amazon and Ingram Spark, as are all my books.)

This morning, after going through intense upgrades with the Elohim and being shown what is happening as the New Earth is bursting more and more into form and being in greater degrees, how the spinal column of the New Earth is pulsating with beautiful Golden Energy.

The New Earth indeed, is Golden and she has a Golden Halo around her. She is much bigger than the Old Earth and she is beautiful: – pristine, newly created and pulsating with such high vibrational frequency, that she is accelerating into the New Golden Age.

The effect this is having on all of us who are thus now bridging the New and Old, is that we now need to step up into a new existence. Indeed, we are being prepared in much higher ways than we can even comprehend now, and one day, we will just wake up in the New Earth, totally new form and embodiment, and will have left the old behind forever.

In this time of transition, our physical reality will change more and more, and with it we will step ever higher in dimensional state, while we are bridging the old and the new. Yet, in the meantime, we still need to chop wood and continue with the daily life on earth as before, yet, we will find an inner balance and joy, which goes beyond anything we have ever known before.

This is good time to truly make a promise to yourself, that you will do what you love to do and create what you wish to create, with inner joy and with great love. For that is what life is all about in the New Earth. Indeed, when the heart and soul sing songs of joy, all creation sings through them, and thus all is infused with the highest energy and purity of The Power of Love.

I am finding that more of the Sacred Tones are being transmitted through me, in my early morning quiet time and with it, the songs of Creation! This is sublime and I am being told that these are the Sacred Heart Tones and the Tones of Creation.

The Elohim sing through all they create – literally, for it is power of SOUND that we will rediscover and the power of the Sacred Tones so that we can create with the use of Sound and thus empower what we create!

My heart and soul sing as I write this, even as I struggle to find words.

The words I am writing will sing through your soul, as you read this and the Elohim will activate the keys and codes within you, which you need to have activated within you now.

Let go of the old: – totally,

In this present moment you are already stepping into the future you – the new embodied you.

So stay present.

Stay consciously aware.

When the old pops up, immediately stop the thought, the things which come up, and consciously release them with forgiveness and joy. And bless the souls who created the old with you and thank them for the service rendered. Set them free and set yourself free as well.

The lighter and brighter and more activated we get, the more the soul sings and the more the Elohim will sing through us and sing us into the New Earth and embodiment.

They will speak through me more and more – as they will step forth to activate what needs to be activated and create the new within you and all of those who will step fully embodied in the Light Body into the New Earth.

I have spoken!

Judith Kusel