Sea Glass

energy waves eraoflightdotcomAs we all reach another round of energetic virtual and celestial interface, we begin to feel tumbled like a dryer that has gone on too long thru too many cycles of time. We feel both shrunken and stretched, we feel discombobulated in every part of our being, like we no longer fit our lives. Our worth or self-worth is no longer determined by the same factors that once existed. Like an ancient bottle of Pirates brew we are tossed from the safety of the sailing ship into an ever-changing sea of possibility.

We as the bottle have cast-off so much of ourselves, have discarded so much that we once were and believed. We have tried so hard to hold on to our original structure and blueprint but like jello it dissolves at a warm touch. Like a mama Glacier we feel parts of ourselves broken off, cast away, never to be recovered again as they float away, creating a deep void.

Like discarded sea glass we sometimes feel so sharp and yet life continually hones our very edges into a smoothness we cannot deny. We often feel tossed about in the shifting ocean of life like broken sea glass trying to hold on to something, as it forced to ride the waves of change in the direction the universe has declared.

We are like beautiful sea glass as it is tossed to shore after a long time at the bottom of the seas, where its colors are easily seen in the light. Finally we have arrived on the shores of Self waiting for something or someone to see our Beauty and light, to see our worth, to be released from the never-ending tossing and turning of life. The warmth of our life force comes to the surface as the sea glass of our soul begins to shine and feel loved again. Finally seeing its true beauty thru the veil of seaweed the sea glass receives the love. Remember you were always the treasure!

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