Ashian: Parenting Your Higher Dimensional Children

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomJennifer: I know I’m not the only mother worrying about how her children are coping. What advice can you give us?

Ashian: Good morning dearest sisters and brothers, and to all who feel these words. We are delighted to have the opportunity to address this often overlooked question.

Let us start with an uplifting answer: your children are fine, they came here for a far greater purpose. Having said that…

Any carer of young people will have noticed that they are struggling with this period, however their struggle is the opposite of yours. You are trying to clear the shadow and acclimatise to the light, they are of the light and trying to cope with the shadow.

An enormous proportion of the children incarnated on your planet at present are here in service, not to clear their karma. They have come from the light and they are equipped to lead the world in the ascended energies. They are primed and aligned with the future energies – not the present energies.

For the young people, the structures of your planet are experienced like binding … like being wrapped in steel bandages that suffocate them, like living mummies from ancient Egypt.

Imagine a giant mechanical machine, run with cogs, wheels and levers – that is symbolic of the structures of your present world; the young people came equipped to work through light technology, to have crystaline bodies, to communicate telepathically. Your current structures – education, media, entertainment, social media, government, health, social care, judicial systems, politics, finance, all of your systems – are barbaric to them, because they are so unfit for purpose, so unaligned with higher consciousness.

As a result, many of you will have noticed that your young people feel confused, stiffled, angry without a cause (when really the cause is Everything), unable to understand the world, alienated, shut down, closed off, lost in virtual worlds online, hyper-sensitive, disassociated, hopeless and without a vision.

All of this is the result of overwhelm from the energies of the present world, combined with chemical overwhelm.

In detaching, they are trying to build cocoons around themselves to stay safe and to ‘numb’ the pain of being human.

J: And you say they’re ok??

A: Yes. While it is important to understand that all is one, it can be helpful to separate the the 3D/4D experience and the 5D experience. They are 5D aligned, they are 5D ready.

Yet, they have to ‘get through’ this 3D/4D period in time and that is where the disconnect happens for them, even though they agreed to this in their soul contract and, like you, they are the strongest of the strong. Being in these energies is more challenging than most predicted, yet these are brave and strong souls; they can and they are doing this.

Having said all this, there are some steps you may take to assist your young people:

Validate their feelings. It is important not to see their behaviour as a ‘problem’, but to understand their behaviour as a result of the present crumbling culture, a symptom of the current energies. This immediately takes you from being part of the problem (because you see them as a problem); this moves you into alignment with them as you are not sending them another set of heavy energy that they have to protect themselves from. Validating their confusion and overwhelm – even if you don’t understand it – is important. They will feel the sincerity of this as an alignment of energies. Your empathy alone can have a profound effect.

When they talk, actually listen. Listen from your heart, not your multi-tasking head. Listen to understand, not to solve. This will give them more courage to begin to explore their confusion as well as their deeper knowledge. They may not talk to you, it may be a friend, a loved one, or a professional. Space to be heard matters.

Encourage and support creativity and friendship.

Encourage drinking water where possible.

Encourage screen-free time – time in nature is extremely soothing, as are plants (even a window box or pot plants), pets and breathing freely. Their immune systems are more robust, yet they are also more delicate, thriving when their diet is nutrious.

Every being is unique, and your young people will flourish as the energies on your planet lighten, and the systems evolve into alignment with them.

Trust them. They are the solution, they are not the problem.

J: Thank you.

A: It is always our pleasure to serve you, the bright souls who shine their radiant light throughout Gaia.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert