Phoenix Collective: The Purity of Beginnings

phoenix rising eraoflightdotcomHello all.

Hello everyone listening today. We are the phoenix collective and we are pleased to be in this space with you even if you are not here with us at this time.

Whenever you hear this is when it is perfect for you. Today we would like to talk about purity. In our work, we have purity as the first step in our process and we use fire as the vehicle to purify and cleanse.

We notice that humans are very tuned into instant gratification and that is not the way the universe operates, my dears. We are sorry to say it is not. You cannot move forward into something new without cleansing the old. Think of it this way: when you wake up in the morning most of you will shower. You will shower away the night and the day before. When you come home from work some of you shower.

You are cleaning off what is on your bodies and in your fields before you move into what you are going to do next. And as you start your days, this is the perfect time to cleanse yourselves. If you don’t take a physical shower, some of you will meditate and that also cleanses your energy fields and your minds.

We have other rituals where we will sometimes exercise and do the things that prepare us to move into the next step in our journey or our day. When we are in the creative process, we need to think of it as that showering, cleansing step being the first and most important step.

The reason for that is twofold and possibly more. The first reason is the most important: What you create includes the ingredients that you bring with you. So as in your cooking, when you are cooking a dish, your meal is only going to be as fresh and healthy and delicious as the ingredients that you put into it.

So, if you’re thinking of a new creation, a new relationship, something new in your life that you would like to bring into existence, are you going to use old stagnant energy as the ingredient to create this new thing? Or as in cooking, would you like something fresh and healthy and new and clean that will give you a far superior product that is far more nourishing and enjoyable to experience?

So we would like to emphasize the importance of purifying and cleansing yourselves of the old stagnant energy, old wounds old thoughts, old beliefs from yourselves before you embark on a new journey.

Here’s something else that we would like to bring to your attention: Oftentimes you complain that even though you have a new relationship, the same problems will crop up that you have had in other relationships. This is because even if you’re entering into a new relationships, either you or your partner, or both of you did not clear out and shower off the old wounds, the old fears, the old beliefs, the old energy from your past relationships.

So that will follow into your new creation, your new relationship. That is obviously not what you want when you are entering into a new relationship. Here is an exercise we can give you and this is going to be using the example of relationships. But you can use it for anything in your life.

Before you take the active step to really begin something new. Before you actively go on that first date with someone new, before you even put out a resume for a new job offer or ask for a raise or more workload at work, whatever it is that you are thinking about creating and bringing into your life, please, please try this first and you will be amazed at the results.

Before you enter into that first step of your journey, set the intention that anything from your past that does not serve your highest good for this future endeavor be shed from your existence. You can set this intention out loud, or you can say it in your mind. It can be just a simple mantra you can write it down and put it somewhere where you’ll see it. Just say “May what no longer serves from my past fall away.” or however it resonates for you.

You are setting the intention to clear yourself of that old energy so that it doesn’t pollute your new creation, and you will be amazed at going forward what happens. So that is just one simple exercise that we would like to give you as you remember your power as the creators of your reality.

When we are working with people in our fire infusion system it is a five-step process. We bring people through two clearing processes: the first one is the initial clearing process and that is so key because we understand that when we clear away the old, that paves the way for the new to be born into a clean environment. So it is a process that we use ourselves. That is what we are born of. We are fire. We are purification, cleansing rebirth and re-creation.

But you cannot have a new creation with old energy, and that is what we wanted to bestow upon you today dear ones. We love you and we are so proud of you for everything you are doing at this time. We are your Phoenix Collective.

**Source **Channel: Dawn Phoenix